We are one in heart (an ishqbaaz ff) Chapter 10… virat meets siblings

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Krish :- master .. how cheap he is??

HM:- who are you to judge him..
You’re the competitor or relation of some competitor…?

Shivin :- we are ..

Kr:- don’t explain him bhaiya …

HM:-  you don’t know how to behave with elders ..

Sh:- don’t speak much krish ..
Sorry sir..

HM:- ?? before starting competition you guys are starting beat professor .. if we allowed you or your relative to competition then how will it happen peacefully..

Krish and shivin became shocked ..

Sh:- No…No.. sir please forgive us..

Kr:- don’t say sorry to him..
i explain everything ..
your master only have false ..
he tried to attack a pregnant lady who cheated by him…

HM:- what rubbish is this .. you’re again lies to me to save your self..
he is now    harried to hospital because of your attack so you make story as your wish..

“That is not a story sir.. that’s a true…watch this ..”

Virat enters the place with some video that capture by his phone ..

Virat :- this is the video that capture by my  friend when he records our dance practice in outdoor to upload social media..
But fortunately your master misbehaving also recorded in this..
I know this master this is his wife..
he applied divorce with her but she still love him..
i think he got fight with her..
He is our team’s master and when we practice this fight happened ..
that why i also go with friends to lift him into ambulance ..
when i return i hear this conversation so i want to help them..
they are not have any wrong sir…☺

Shivin in relive ..
Krish looks angrily at HM..

HM apologize to them ..

HM:- I’m sorry but fighting is not good habit.. I’ll also make master to clear this.
Ok now leave everyone ..

They leave ..

Shivin looks krish and sing to watch virat ..

Krish :- thank you.. bhaiya ..

Virat :-(smile)  it’s ok.. i want to thanked to you personally boss ..

Krish :-(confused) why??

Virat :- we are goa college students ..
when we are coming to competition our master got sick.. so he appoint this man personally as our master ..
Every day when we practice,
her wife come here and fight with him for her unborn child future ..
he Always behaved rude with her ..
I control my anger because of my promise ..

Krish :-(confused) promise ..

Virat:- yes.. i always got angry that why mom done this with me..
When you beat him i enjoyed a lot boss..
when i lift him to ambulance i notice his wife in with him that why i come here to help you… how he cheat her like this when she love him most..

Krish :- many people in here like heartless to leave their loving one..

Virat :- yes true..

Shiv:- but violence is not good..

Krish look at him annoying ..

Krish :- I’m sorry boss.. you’ll have problem if he know you help us..

Virat :-(smile) don’t worry he’ll stay hospital maximum three week because your super man punches .. great one..

Virat and kk make HiFi..

Shivin looks them like they guys are impossible ..

Shivin :- you guys are same but what about your practice how’ll it happened without master ..

Virat :-that’s will never spoiled our master come tomorrow ..

Kk :- perfect timings na.. I’m great..

Shivin looks him irritate..
Virat chuckle ..

Virat :- who’s your relative here..

(Shivin is about to tells kk notice shuhirth is talking with some ..)

Kk:- dude.. we want to leave know.. I’ll see you latter… bye..
Come on shiv..

Virat :-bye..

Kk runs with pulling shivin ..


In car park..

Shivin :- what happened …

Krish :- shuhirth come towards us..
if shuhirth now our fighting then he’ll kill us..

Shivin :- not our fighting .. this is your fighting ..
you know na this is his wish to win the competition because always shivay papa wants his winning that why he work hardly to win every competition to fulfill papa wish..

Krish :- i know everything but i couldn’t control my anger if anyone hurts who loved them or helpless people .. (sad)

Shivin :-(smile towards him and hold his face) i know you’re not a angry person like shuirth but some time this happened so don’t thinks much about past come …


In shivika mansion ..

Sruthi :- how’ll we find the reason behind sivu papa leaved OM mansion ..

Karan:- i also don’t know full reason..
shivay papa was everyone’s favorite in our family ..
When i six ..
Suddenly one day tej dada and shivay papa flighted angrily ..
mom got you, me ,suhi,shivin, krish and karu di in the room .. after
Some time when we are reached hall everyone were silent .. virat, anshi ,shivay papa,and ani ma not in their room they leaved the mansion already ..
Elders never allowed anyone to interfere in this so we keep quite ..
After that when if this chapter began everyone start fighting .. so dadi request everyone don’t talk about this until she died ..
(He became sad)

Abi and su in shock with sad..

Abi:- why omi papa also allowed shivu papa go away?

Ka:- because ru…
(He looks at abi.. so he didn’t want to talk about rudra it’ll remember him, his papa’s death )

Abi:- bhaiya

Ka:- because baby ru.. don’t anyone want to remember past so om papa also don’t make affect to join with shivu papa..

A:- shivu papa is not our past.. he is also one of us na..

Ka:- yes .. but we are don’t know elders mind their añger their situation or reasons but one thing is true..

Su:- what?

Ka:- our super dadi’s wish is meeting shivay papa.
So this is our wish to fulfill our dadi’s wish..
our elders ego stop them to fulfill dadi wish if they meet each other then sometime they will unite na..
Whatever our aim is fulfilling our dadi wish..

Abi:- so first we want to now about shivu papa’s reason ..

Su:- what how?

Ka:- we’ll discussed later about it but first we should hide our identify from papa else he’ll never allow us to lie our family or convince..
he is very clever than us.

Abi:- yes.. come now go for the dinner .. I’m hungry.

Su:-me to..

They smile and going to dinner …


In oberoi industry ..

Karuvi in cabin ..

Ka:- ria.. plays CCTV footage ..

Karuvi check OM cctv footage carefully ..
Suddenly she find karan took some photos from store room..

Ka:-zoom the photos ria..

Karuvi is in shock to looks the screen that have shivay face..

Ka:- shivay papa…….
Their going to meet shivay papa..

She in full shock ..


Be continue …..

Precap:- khanna find something falls from abi’s pocket and shocked to looks that????

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