Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 19)

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It’s morning

Krishna is discharged from the hospital.

Krishna – Sayyam you told me yesterday that my face mark will go.

Sayyam – Yes have some patience. Come let’s go. (They sit in the car and Sayyam starts driving)

Krishna – But where are we going?

Sayyam – Arre ha I didn’t tell you na. When I was in the college that time one of my senior fell for me.Her name is Richa (Krishna gets uncomfortable or in a simple way, she is jealous)

Krishna – Sayyam!!! I am not at all interested in knowing about your affairs. Come to point.

Sayyam – Hey chill!! No need to get jealous. I am saying that I didn’t liked her. She is now a famous skin specialist and a plastic surgeon. So she said that she is confident that she can help you get rid of the mark.

Krishna – First of all I am not jealous. And thanks a lot Sayyam.

Sayyam – I can do anything for you. Now come we have reached.

(They both got from the car and went inside Richa’s clinic)

Richa – (Runs and hugs Sayyam) Ooh Hii Sayyam. We met after so long.

Sayyam – (Hugs her back and enjoys Krishna getting jealous) Ya even I missed you a lot.

Krishna is standing there and watching the whole scene and getting jealous. She immediately clears her throat.

Sayyam – Krishna she is Richa and Richa meet my wife Krishna.

Krishna feels really happy to introduced as Sayyam’s wife.

Sayyam – So Richa this mark will go na?

Richa – Nowadays most severe marks are removed from the body with the help of plastic surgery so this is just a small one. Krishna come with me I will do the surgery of this mark.

(Sayyam gets scared hearing about surgery and holds Krishna’s hand tightly)

Krishna – okay so can we start.

Sayyam – (still holding her hand) But Krishna aren’t you afraid to do a surgery.

Krishna – No Sayyam it’s a small one. Am I right Richa?

Richa – Ya it will just take 2 hours. And I didn’t knew that Sayyam also gets scared.

Krishna and Richa go into another room and Richa operates Krishna’s Mark. Sayyam is waiting outside biting his nails and constantly calling Krishna. After some time Richa comes out.

Sayyam – What happened Richa? Is everything OK. Were you successful? Were is Krishna?

Richa – Ooho Sayyam so many questions. Krishna is fine and everything is fine now after half hour I will remove the bandages and then there will be your old Krishna.

Sayyam gets happy and is getting impatient to see Krishna’s smile.

After half hour Sayyam and Richa go to Krishna. And Richa takes out her bandage. Krishna slowly opens her eyes and sees her face in the mirror. She jumps with excitement and hugs Sayyam. He hugs her back. But soon when Krishna realizes her position she breaks the hug and look at Sayyam with confusion in her eyes. Her eyes were demanding for an answer that why he hugged her. But she soon forgets it and Thanks Richa for her help. They soon leave to go home.

On their way.

Krishna – (puts a hand on Sayyam’s hand whose hand is on the gear) Sayyam, I will never forget your favor.

Sayyam suddenly stops the car and looks at her sadly.

Sayyam – Today I really feel that you don’t consider me as your family. I know Krishna that things were not well between us. But when everything seems to get fine why you are creating such situations.

Krishna – (confused and shocked) Sayyam it’s nothing like that. I just wanted to Thank you.

Sayyam – (holds her hand) You really don’t need to Thank me. I never saw it as a favor. You have always been with me through my thick and thins and remember one thing I will always be with you no matter what the situation is. (He then looks straight and starts driving, while is still thinking about Sayyam’s words and keeps looking at him for some time.)

Krishna – Sayyam, can you please drop me at the beach.

Sayyam – Yes, but why?

Krishna – Sayyam, so many things have happened in my life since some days and in all that I haven’t been able to spend some time alone. Today I have got my life’s happiness because of you. Now everything is sorted out so I want to spend some time alone.

Sayyam – I can understand Krishna but it’s almost 6 I don’t think it will be a good idea to there alone.

Krishna – Sayyam please let me go.

Sayyam was not ready at first but agrees later and drops Krishna on the beach and goes to the BM. He tells them about Krishna’s face surgery. Everyone gets very happy but Suhani is upset at first as she was not willing to allow Krishna to do anything but she later gets happy as she just wanted Krishna’s happiness.

At the beach.

Krishna is sitting on the sand and looking at the deep ocean. She gets distracted as she watches a couple walking by holding each other’s hands and spending some cute moments. She then gets flashes of all her moments with Sayyam. She tries to get those thoughts off her mind but fails.

Krishna – What is wrong with me. Why am I so lost in Sayyam’s thoughts. Today when I am seeing this couple, why I am getting the flashes of all the moments spent with Sayyam. (She closes her eyes and tries to listen to her heart. She feels as if her heart was beating only for one person and that’s Sayyam. She remembers how in every situation, in her every decision and in her every problem he was with her.)

Krishna – (smiles broadly) Today for the first time I understood what my heart wants. (She up from the sand goes towards the water and the sun starts setting ) I hope our love will be as deep as this ocean. And may our relation be as beautiful as this sunset. (Shouts at the top of her voice) I LOVE YOU SAYYAM. (She feels shy and blushes) But how should I tell him, does he loves me, and what if he doesn’t. No Krishna think postive (she speaks to herself). I need to tell him. If I don’t do it today, I won’t be able to do it ever again. Even if he doesn’t love me back it won’t matter, my love will be enough for both of us. But how should I confess? I can’t confess it face to face. Wait I will send him a long love letter through message. Isn’t that romantic (She blushes hard and and slaps her head slightly)

Message –

Sayyam I don’t know how to tell you about this so I am going to tell you what my heart feels. We have been through so much in our relation. At the start it was a forced relation but some things get better with time and so did our relation. You have always been with me. You gave me the strength to overcome my weakness and discover myself. Without you I would not have been able to find the truth. Today while thinking about all the happenings of the recent days I came across the fact that we have got very much close to each other. I don’t know how it happened, when it happened but I just know that it happened, I have fallen in love with you Sayyam. It’s everything about you that has forced me to fall for you. I don’t know if you have the same feelings for me as I have for you. But somewhere I saw love hidden in your care. I would have never been able to confess my feelings for you while making a eye contact. So I am sending this message. I will be home when all you will sleep as I don’t want any embarrassing moment. I would love if you give our relation a chance.



(With this she ends her message and sends it to Sayyam and sits there still thinking about him)

It’s 9 pm

In Kriyam’s room

Sayyam is doing his work and doesn’t notice the time. 5 minutes later, his work is completed and looks at the time. He gets tensed as it’s too late and Krishna has still not arrived. He checks his phone to see if there is any call from Krishna and sees her message. He checks it and gets a mixed feeling of shock and happiness. Tears of happiness roll down his face as he had never thought of Krishna being in love with him. He quickly thinks something as leaves his room.

Time skips to 11 pm.

Krishna was still sitting there and notices the time. She leaves from there as it’s quite late and everyone in the house must have slept. It takes her about an hour to reach BM.

At 12

She slowly opens the door and gets inside the house as quietly as possible. As soon as she reaches in the middle of the hall, she feels having kicked something, she tries to look in the darkness but she is unable to see anything. Suddenly all the lights are switched on and she comes to know that she has kicked a small papermint box which is again falling on another and so on. This forms a heart and Krishna is just standing there shocked. She hears Sayyam’s voice and turns behind and finds him on his one knee holding a frame made of heart shape in which there are all the photos of Kriyam, which are conveying their journey. Krishna takes the frame and makes Sayyam stand. As soon as he stands she hugs him tightly and he too hugs her back. They were now relaxed and happy and satisfied and much more.

Sayyam – I love you Krishna. I will always love you. I realized it when I was about to lose you.

Krishna – (still hugging) I love you too Sayyam. I was never good at recognizing my feelings, your care towards me made me realize my feelings for you.

Suddenly they hear claps and flower petals fall on Kriyam. They break the hug and Krishna sees that the whole family is present there. She feels so embarrassed and shy that she is unable to lift her head. Everyone understands this and they congratulate Kriyam and leave them alone.

Sayyam lifts Krishna in Bridal style and takes her to their room. In his way to room he is constantly looking at Krishna but Krishna is too shy so she buries her face in his chest. As they reach the room. Krishna sees that there are beautiful decorations made with rose and on their bed rose petals are put. Sayyam puts Krishna down.

Krishna – Sayyam I love you.

Sayyam – I love you too Krishna and today I will make you mine forever.

He holds Krishna close to him. And brings his lips close to her and kisses softly but Krishna closes her eyes. He then looks at her, asking for her permission to go further. She blushes hard and Sayyam takes it as a signal and lifts her and takes her to the bed. He switches off the lights and pulls blanket upon them. They soon become one

Precap – Happy moment for Krishna but Sad and painful one for Baby. Will this tear them apart or they will be able to maintain there newly formed bond.

Sorry for updating late but I was out of station and I didn’t get much time to write. I am sorry if the confession was boring but I wanted it to be realistic. A shy girl like Krishna would definitely find it difficult to confess her feelings face to face. But still I am very sorry if you don’t like it.




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