Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever) season-2 epi-219

Hi Guys !! How r u? 11months over? sorry I joined in college so couldn’t manage it!Here after I will try to update little regular!


The Episode Starts with! Ravi enjoys the party!Victoria Dances for Dewaani song!! She comes close to Ravi. Ravi gets angry But controls his anger!

On the other side! Richa gets full power from baba! And Does Pooja to Kaali maa! She laughs loud.. Everyone in the palace hears the sound! Victoria stops dancing.. Ravi wonders who is shouting?Raajamata orders guards to see who s it! Party continues! Ravi walks outside in corridor he sees explosion! And gets shocked.. He immediately tells Raajamata about it and leaves! Driver starts car but it doesn’t work! He then rides car!

Richa comes out and changes her attire ! And falls down unconscious! Ravi comes there and sees here! He tells guards to take her to hospital! Victoria comes there in car and shouts at Ravi who left the party at half!

Richa plays a trick in which Victoria falls down and gets hurt! Ravi does not get concern about her! Richa feels that he doesn’t care about her! So I should attack the person who is close to Ravi heart! Richa goes to hospital and takes medicine! Acts as if!she is injured!

Ravi comes there and asks everyone how they are? Victoria also comes there! She comes to Richa and asks her how is she? Richa whispers into Victoria ears!But before Ravi sees.. Victoria takes Richa to palace!

Precap: Richa does Pooja?☠!! Gayathri comes there!


Sorry For small epsiode! Now guess Gayathri character!! One more episode will be little bore?after that I will make it interesting! After long time I m writing so it will take time! For me so be patient ?

  1. Jasminerahul

    welcome back.Victoria dancing and getting closer to Ravi n he ignoring her was funny.oh richa is powerful..she hurt Victoria but seeing Ravi unaffected she played another victoria took richa to palace.what’s her plan?
    you are the first person to pair shakti drashti it’s happening for real

    1. Narendran

      Thnx alot?Haha I also thought the same when the promo was shown!! Blessed!Next episode today I will update! Soon end this track and start a new part of 10 episode which won’t be not at all boring for u all guys?

    2. Jasminerahul

      please update your other ffs also


    Cool update bruh…..after a long long time….u have updated it…..hope u will continue it frm now on

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