The one for me – Abhigya fanfic Part 10

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The ride to the cafe was eerily quiet, Pragya was not used to this quietness and to be honest it did scare her, she looked at Sid in the drivers sit who tightly held on to the steering wheel, it was clear that he was very angry, he did not say a word since he entered the car, and this was so unlike him, Sid was the type of person who always loved to make jokes, or argue with his father on small things just to get a reaction from his sister, but this time his full concentration was on the road, she knew that what Tanu had said had really affected him, she turned to look at her father in the back sit, who was doing nothing but uninterestingly going through emails, feeling extremely bored she decided to look out the window, watching the trees and the buildings, finding the trees and buildings boring, she took out her phone and began to play Tetris, she was so engrossed I the game that she didn’t notice they had arrived.


Giving her brother a quick kiss on the cheek and tapping her father’s leg to get his attention, she said goodbye to them both, got out of the car and stood beside the road as she watched Sid drive off really fast, even after the car was out of view Pragya still stood in the same spot looking towards the direction the car had drove to. Roshni was taking the trash out of the cafe as she was throwing out the trash, she noticed her only friend standing looking in the same direction, thinking of a mischievous way of getting Pragya out of her thoughts, Roshni held Pragya by the waist like one would do to a lover, without even looking at who held her, Pragya quickly turned around, pushed Roshni and hit her with her bag on the head.


“Ahhh!!! Stop it Pragya, it’s just me. ” Roshni shouted trying to stop Pragya from hitting he. Pragya finally stopped hitting her, when she head her voice, she was shocked to see that it was Roshni and being who she is she begun to apologize more than once in a minute.


“I am so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, oh god, does it hurt. ” Pragya asked concerned about her friends state.


“Do you know how stupid your question sounds. It’s like asking me, ‘Roshni what’s your name?  ’ when you just called my name. ” Roshni answered holding her head very tightly as it hurt.


“Sorry.” Pragya apologized again, earnings a deathly glare from Roshni, she hated it when her friend apologized, it was like the first word that Pragya said when she was born was sorry, she would say sorry for every little thing.


“Say sorry again and I swear, the next time you apologize is when we are both in heaven and the reason you apologize will be because I killed you, you will be apologizing to me because I killed you. ” She said quietly yet deadly.


Now that confused Pragya, “no, you are the one who is supposed to apologize to me if you kill me. ” She said. “Why would I apologize to you for killing me? ” Pragya asked, “ohhhh, no apologies between us, I am sorry I completely forgot. ” Pragya said smiling brightly as she remembered Roshni clearly telling her never to apologize to her again.




“And you just said sorry yet again. ” Roshni told her friend rolling her eyes.


“oh, sorry, I am sorry. Why can’t I stop saying sorry? ” Pragya asked to herself, while stomping her feet.


“Stop stomping your feet, I understand old habits die hard, it will take a lot of time for you to stop saying sorry. ” Roshni said, “now to the important thing, why did I find you here looking down the road like some distressed lover who lost her love all because she did something extremely wrong to him, and now she is hoping that he would turn back, tell her he forgives her and ask her to marry him, then they will have a Disney Princess marriage, with all the rats, frogs, cows, chickens, birds, dogs, goats even pigs present and then live happily ever after, you know like in those cheesy romantic movies, with the big puffy white wedding dress and all? ” Roshni asked her friend as she still massaged her head.


“Wow, that’s some way to describe the state you found me in. ”


“I am just saying, you looked like someone who had lost her love, for a moment I thought that Karan has broken up with you already. ” Roshni said with a shrug, not hiding her hate towards Karan, she didn’t know why, but she just didn’t like him, yes he seemed like a good guy, but something was off about him and she was determined to find out every single thing about him.


“And how has Karan suddenly been involved in this discussion? ” Pragya asked wondering why of all people she just had to mention Karan(Abhi).


“You will understand in the near future, now why are you standing here looking like a damsel in distress? ”


“Some friend you are, and for you information, that’s not my love from some cheesy romantic movie or Karan, I was watching my brother drive off, that’s it. ”


“Sid, why is he driving like a maniac? Does it have something to do with Tanu? Girl your sister sure does know how to party. She rocked the party at what’s her name? Sona, the mayor’s daughter. ”


“You know about that? How do you even know that? ” Pragya asked slightly surprised about how fast the news spread.


“It’s all over the net, whichever social media site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you name it, that’s what’s trending on social media. Your sis sure does know how to party. ”


“Yes it’s something to do with Tanu, now I seriously don’t know how my dad and brother will deal with this news. ”


“Hey, relax very soon something else will happen and people will forget about this, don’t let this stress you out, now come on, we need to open the cafe, before your boyfriend come. ”


“Which boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend. ” Pragya denied loudly.


“You do, you just don’t know it yet. ” Roshni said as she pulled her friend into the cafe.




Going through his clothes in his suitcase he wanted to make the best first impression, throwing everything across his one roomed apartment, he missed his mother because she always helped him pick out his clothes when going for work.

What does a personal assistant wear?  Abhi asked himself as he continued to search for clothes. It doesn’t help that I have a female personal assistant who happens to he in her late fifties, Abhi thought remembering his assistant, who happens to be his father’s former assistant, the reason why he was not given a young female assistant was because she would be a destruction, at least that was what his father thought and now he was stuck with a woman in her late fifties who suffered from partial deafness, and would always hit him with her umbrella whenever he shouted so that she could hear what it he was saying.


Abhi finally found something suitable to wear well at least that’s what he thought, he did see Purab’s assistant dress Like this, he decided a light pink dress shirt, with a charcoal gray pantsuit no neck tie. Once he was done, got out of his shabby apartment, got into the first taxi he could find and went to the cafe.


He quickly entered the cafe, where he found both Pragya and Roshni, Pragya said a simple hi to him as Roshni simply ignored him.


“So, looks like you are all ready for work? ” Pragya asked trying to make a small conversation.


“Yes, I don’t want to be late on my first day, I just came here to get some coffee for the big boss. ”


“Do you even know how he loves his coffee? ” Pragya asked knowing fully well that her father was picky when it came to coffee, he loved plain black coffee with no cream or sugar.


“I don’t know anything about his preference when it comes to coffee, but I was hoping maybe you could make him a cup, after all, you make the best coffee in town. ” Abhi said as a small smile found it way to his lips.


“Stop flirting with her, you perv. ” Roshni yelled from the other side of the room.


“Listen Rosh, I seriously don’t have time to argue with you, I have a busy day up ahead and I don’t want to waste my time arguing with silly people. ” Abhi said, he seriously didn’t know why Roshni didn’t like him, he has never done anything wrong to her, in fact he had never wronged anyone in his life so what was her problem with him?


“Pragya, he just called me silly, you heard him didn’t you? ” Roshni told her friend as she approached Abhi, anger evident on her face, Pragya took this as a sign as she quietly left to the kitchen, she knew the only way to stop an argument between the two is if one of them left, she still didn’t understand what problem they had with each other, they had only known each other for less than a day and already they were at each other’s throat, quickly making her dad and Abhi a cup of coffee, she left the kitchen hoping this time she doesn’t find them throwing shoes at each other, but what she witnessed made her wish they were throwing things at each other, Roshni with one shoe in her hand and one on her foot, chasing Abhi around the room, all the tables and chairs which were property organised were now upside down, anger was all Pragya felt at the time, these two people surely did behave like children, she wished that one of them would be the mature but looks like they both lacked in that department.


“STOP!!!!!!!! ” Pragya yelled on top of her lungs making them both stand still like some statues.


“Pragya, he- ” Roshni tried to say something but Pragya just gave her one look and it was enough for her to shut up.


“Roshni, start cleaning this mess, and you here is your coffee now Go!!!” Pragya said gaving Abhi his coffee using her eyes to point towards tge door, Abhi slowly walked towards Pragya, got the two cups of coffee and went out, feeling really embarrassed and scared, how was get going to get her number if he angered her like that, and in all honesty he was more afraid of Rachna, what was he going to tell her, if he told her that he was unable to get Pragya’s number, she will definitely get really upset and even if she was in another town, he was still afraid of her.






Entering Khurana Builders, Abhi was escorted to Raj Khurana’s office by Sid who looked rather beaten down, it was as if something was bothering him. Saying a quick thank you, Abhi knocked on the door and went in when he heard a faint come in.


“You are late. ” those were the first words that came out of Raj’s mouth as he kept looking at some file on his desk.


“I am sorry sir, but Sid asked me to be here at eight. ” Abhi responded very calmly, he was not going to let Raj intimidate him.


“Well, you don’t work for Sid but me, now you will listen to whatever I tell you, you are not to come here at eight, but you are supposed to be here before me. ” Raj said not even bothering to look up at Abhi.


“But how am I supposed to know what time you will be here every work day, it’s not like we stay together. ” Abhi said feeling slightly offended, if this us how he treated all his workers, then he should definitely be given the worst boss award.


“Where is my coffee? ” Raj asked completely ignoring Abhi.


Abhi took the cup I his left hand, luckily for him Pragya had already labeled it with the initials RK so he immediately knew that it was for Raj Khurana, he placed it on the desk in front of Raj, Raj took the coffee, took a sip, then froze, now this scared Abhi, his father used to freak whenever his assistant gave him the wrong coffee, I am definitely losing my job, that too on the first day, Abhi thought to himself as he closed his while eyes crossing his fingers, Raj found the coffee’s taste familiar and he immediately knew that his daughter made him the coffee,h e looked up at Abhi to say thank you only to see his eyes tightly shut, fingers crossed, his lips we’re moving but no words were being spoken, Raj simply smiled and took a picture of Abhi, when Abhi heard the camera click and felt the flash on his face, he opened his eyes only to see a Raj Khurana who was laughing hysterically while holding his belly, should I be scared? Abhi asked himself.


“Oh god, that was so funny, and there nothing to be nervous about, you are hired, and about the picture, I am keeping it with me, I think I will even keep it as my wallpaper, my daughter would really laugh when she sees this. Now go to Siddharth, he will tell you what you are supposed to do. ” Raj told Abhi, as he continued staring at his phone clearly still laughing at the picture.


Abhi worried for his life, these people behaved like anything but normal, first the son asked him, silly questions and hired him, the father seemed to be bipolar, from serious to happy, the only one who seemed normal was the mother and he couldn’t come to that conclusion because he had only met her once, Abhi simply brushed off his thoughts as he walked to Sid’s office, whether they were a crazy family or not, the job was good and the pay check was not bad either, he would still work for these crazy people.


Chapter ten’s done.

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