My love My life My everything twinj ff part 21

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My love my life my everything twinj ff part 21
Episode start from sarna industry all were working rashmi is in kunj cabin only from hours discussing something Twinkle getting angry on her because she spends her half of day with kubj only there are many people who can clear her doubts like yuvi viren but no she only interested in kunj’s project but kunj think she is hard working and what’s big deal if she gets doubt its silly matter to him.
@kunj cabin
Rashmi and kunj discussing some important things about meeting twinkle comes there without knocking already kunj in angry mood because employees eating his head he wants every work to be completed fast and it should be perfect.
Twinkle- kunj…
Rashmi and kunj looked at her
Kunj-cant you knock and come twinkle?
Twinkle- what?
Kunj- leave it now tell me what made you to come here
Twinkle- why can’t I come here kunj without any work?
Kunj- damn it
Rashmi- twinkle dont feel bad actually we were discussing about important meeting so sir told everyone not to disturb him now so..
Twinkle- oh you just shut up ??? did I asked you anything?
Kunj- she said right Twinkle I am busy right now so asked you any work?
Twinkle- oh yes she willbe right always for you leave it after your work finish if you feel like talking to me or have time for me then call me ill come saying this she went out..
Rashmi started ber drama
Rashmi- did I said anything wrong ? May be so she got hurt may be ill ask her sorry
Kunj- arey no why you will ask sorry actually she should be sorry she talked rude with you leave it she is very nice girl only but now days she is behaving like this leave it we will concentrate on work now
Twinkle went to her cabin and just checking her work she already finished it but to kill time doing some work again
Yuvi comes to twinkle cabin
Yuvi – oye twinki what you doing?
Twinkle smiles at him
Twinkle- just checking files what about you?
Yuvi- arey are you fine? How can you give me straight answer yar I was expecting you to say “Iam dancing can’t you see dont you have eyes ” this kinds of replies I am use to from you twinki twinkle just smiles yuvi got to know she is upset
Yuvi- what happened?
Twinkle- nerthing
Yuvi- dont tell me you guys fight again
Twinkle- he dont have time to fight with me also now he only have have time for others and for me he hardly gets time that to goes in scoldings me leave it I am only childish and wrong in everyone eyes better I shut my mouth she said sadly
Yuvi-oye dont feel bad you were telling me its all common in relationship
Twinkle- not that actually I am missing all those things which is common in our relationship
Yuvi- twinki dont be sad really he is tensed about meeting snd project he is handling otherwise you know na you are his first priority
Twinkle- that all that time not now I think he got bored with me
Yuvi- shh dont talk like that dont be sad see you look like monkey when you are sad
Twinkle- awww how mean ill look beautiful in every mood you know I am punjabi phataka and beauty with brains
Yuvi- thats like twinkle
Twinkle- then tell me hows your love going on
Yuvi- love?? Not getting anything in it just got bored
Twinkle- I know mahi is boring only but how you felt it now suddenly that time tho you telling she is interesting
Yuvi- yes it is when she was messaging some times I feel like is she is same girl I loved once she dont know anything I mean the thoughts we shared
Yuvi- she dont say shayri also now for me that time sending me many now say sheis not interested in it
Twinkle- she and shayri and all no I wasn’t knowing she writes this all but her one of friend use to write it meet her sometime only
Yuvi – oh leave it dont feel bad because I’m saying this about your sister actually I think I should have taken time before telling in home about our relationship
Twinkle- hmm its ok your life’s important decision it is think about it again and I dont feel bad
Yuvi- feeling good after sharing with you ok then come lets have lunch
Twinkle – you go yuvi ill have later with my sadu you know na if i dont wait for him he will be upset
Yuvi- yes thats true in college also he was waiting until you come and join him to have lunch but now he is busy in work Twinkle you eat something lightly ok come with me give me company please yar
Twinkle- ok come yuvi having lunch twinkle having only juice
@ kunj cabin
Rashmi- lets have lunch?
Kunj- ill have with twinkle actual when we will be together we have it together rashmi fakes smiles
Rashmi- I saw twinkle going with yuvi sir may be she went to have lunch with him its quite late right?
Kunj looks at time
Kunj- shit yes may be she is hungry so went let it be then ill complete this work then have lunch…rashmi taking files kunj goes to washroom
Twinkle comes there to call him for lunch looking at her rashmi opens her lunch box and keeps on kunj table
Rashmi- hey twinkle had lunch?
Twinkle- where is kunj?
Rashmi- oh washing hands we were having lunch here only I brought lunch box
Twinkle- kunj eat it
Rashmi takes her lunch box near twinkle tell her to take it twinkle says no I dont want calmy but she forces her twinkle takes bite
Rashmi- take more
Twinkle- no its spicy I dont want twinkle didnt push but rashmi pretends like twinkle throwed her lunch box it fell on floor kunj who just came out of washroom saw only Twinkle throw lunch box
Kunj- what the hell is this twinkle
Twinkle- I didnt do it she dropped it intentionally
Rashmi- if you dont like poor people food you could have said me twinkle but whats need to waste my food like this ?? why you are so rude with me Ma’am what I did to you? I just asked you also take it but you said I cant eat this food which is made by poor people like you yes I am poor but not my mistake why you showing anger on me
Twinkle- what? Just shut up stpp your nonsense stories you b*t*h
Kunj- twinkle just shut up why you use vulgar words for this poor girl what she did to you..say sorry to her right now
Twinkle- no kunj ill not say her sorry
Kunj- dont increase my anger now….
Twinkle- whatever
Kunj- twinkle you should clean this now you dropped her box right? Now clean it
Twinkle- no kunj I didn’t do it why are younot getting i just pushed spoon slightly but she purposefully dropped it
Kunj- ok then ill clean then you will be happy
Rashmi- ill clean it
Kunj- no who did mistake not expecting it and not asking sorry to and its done by my GF so ill do it and I am sorry rashmi
Rashmi- its ok
Twinkle-????? you want me to clean na ok fine you wil be happy if I do it right ok then she took her box snd filled the rice in it while she was crying slowly
Rashmi – let it be I cant eat that now
Twinkle keep box angrily on table and goes from there angrily
Kunj-twinkle stop she doesn’t listen to him and goes angrily closing door in thud kunj was going her behind
Rashmi- now I have to eat this only
Kunj- hey how you will eat it leave it . Iam sorry from twinkle side and I also behaved rudewith twinkle shit how much i try to control my anger but it doesn’t happen only I just wanted to say showing anger on food is wrong and she throw it so said like that today you come to canteen with me to have food ok just wait ill talk with twinkle
Rashmi (twinkle twinkle always twinkle wait now see )
Rashmi-kunj sir tomorrow only meeting is there we will check all required files once and then we can go for lunch
Kunj-yes you are right I gave some files to twinkle to work on ill tell her to get it now only that are very important
Rashmi ( I know thats why I took it from twinkle cabin and throwed it somewhere so you will scold twinkle)
Kunj checking other files and calls twinkle she dont receive it kunj gets angry because he needs file now only he goes to her cabin angrily
Kunj- oye angrily Twinkle gets scared
Twinkle- k…kunj
Kunj- cant you receive call haan I’m dying there in work pressure and you also will not leave any chance to make me angry
Twinkle- s..s..sorry oh i was j..just
Kunj- I dont have time to listen to you now give me files which I gave you to work on it ready now dont say you didn’t do I gave you 2 days time
Twinkle- I completed it wait ill give she is searching it here and there
Kunj screan quickly do fast
Twinkle- I kept it here only kunj but not getting it wait it is may be here only ill give
Kunj claps at her
Kunj- not getting or you haven’t done it only damn it
Twinkle- why dont you trust me kunj I did it
Kunj- no you dont you only waste your all time on doubting on me or you will be behind that poor girl I think you joined office to do this only so you can keep eye on me you don’t trust me thats why ..
Twinkle- what you telling kunj???? ask yuvi if you want I did that work. Yesterday whole night I didn’t slept to do that work kunj because you said its important
Kunj- oh so now file got legs and ran somewhere I think..see now do that work complete it now only otherwise ill FIRE you and he goes from there angrily……. Twinkle search file everywhere crying she did it where it can go
Kunj and rashmi goes to have lunch kunj thinks she already had lunch with yuvi and he is anvry on her for not doing work properly
Twinkle start to do it again crying she is also angry on kunj and hurt because of his behaviour and not trusting her she is hungry but didnt had anything busy in working
Next scene
@ Mumbai
Some rowdy’s are chasing girl that girl is Ananya some men held her
Ananya- how dare you people to touch me leave me otherwise see what ill do
Man – hahaha what you will do beautiful
Ananya kick him there he falls on ground wincing in pain for other man she gives punch and screams for help some people’s comes there to help her and beats that rowdy Ananya goes to her home she is living alone now as her parents have gon to london and they were not knowing she got kidnapped too .
Ananya- mahi??? wait dear ill come and break your teeth..ananya you should go there fast what if she marries my yivi saying she is that girl hey bhagwan first ill call mom and dad then ill get ready to go there
@ amritsar
Yuvi- twinkle look at your state stop crying baby or stop working why you doing this with you
Twinkle- ??? he tells me i dont trust him and ill not do sny work here ill come to keep eye on him ??? you checked that file right yuvi .. I did it right
Yuvi- yes you did ill tell him ok please dont cry drink water atleast
Twinkle- no I dont want anything leave me alone please ill complete this work then only ill go from here what he thinks of himself I cant do anything huh????
Yuvi goes down and looks at kunj who is busy in having food
Yuvi- kunj angrily
Kunj- what happened bro?
Yuvi- you have to tell me that what is wrong with you man how you can behave rude with twinkle
Kunj- see she complained to you now instead of expecting her mistake yuvi ill ignore her mistake always if I continue this she will not work she didnt do work so I scolded her what wrong?
Yuvi- she worked on that file I only checked it at morning and you are having here lunch alone you didnt called her to have lunch with you
Kunj- she had with you right
Yuvi- no she was waiting you to come and join with her for lunch and I forced her to come with me simply so she finished her work and came with me but she didnt eat anything and you didnt ask her once also is work that important than her health
Kunj left his lunch washed his hand and goes to look at twinkle
Kunj- twinkle
Twinkle busy in work
Kunj- lunch? Come lets have lunch why you didn’t told me that you were waiting for me I thought you finished your lunch
Twinkle- haan this days you think so much kunj leave it I dont want lunch Iam already full by some words and dont worry today ill do this file again as you think i didnt do only
Kunj- please understand me I was in work tension
Twinkle- haan I understood I am wrong now happy tell me what I have to clean now jaake saare plates wash karu canteen mey
Kunj-twinkle…. sorry I am extreamly sorry but you did wrong by throwing her food na
Twinkle- loudly just shut up yes everything I did Iam mad stupid idiot now please let me work leave me alone ill finish your work go and look at your important meeting her eyes were red due to crying continuously
Kunj- twinkle calm down I am sorry ok i did mistake ok I am sorry baby please have something Twinkle drags him outside and push him to go outside her cabin and close the door kunj tries to open it but cant he also sit there only worried about her she haven’t shouted this much on anyone
Its night all went back to home kunj waiting for her twinkle open door she looked so week she kept file or say throw file on kunj and went outside taking her bag kunj who got up when file hit him he looked at twinkle leaving ran behind her stopped her twinkle gave him angry glare kunj gulp in fear
Twinkle- leave me
Kunj- sorry
Twinkle- keep it with you only
Kunj- come ill lift you in bridal style
Twinkle- what? I am i looking like chotu saa baby to you I can walk
Kunj hugged her tightly she is hitting himand pushed him with so much of force kunj acted like he got hurt
Kunj- ahha my hand no my leg got hurt
Twinkle worriedly “sorry dardh ho raha hey”
Kunj held her and pulled her came on top of her
Twinkle- you cheater kunj winked at her and kissed on her cheeks after some time she became calm kunj toom her to resturent to have food he feeds her food by his hand they spend some time and went to respective home
Rashmi all plans getting flop in middle like this after some day kunj going on business trip he and his project team can go there he thinks to choose members for his project giving them task to complete so it will be fair decision when twinkle presenting her presentation it changed to tom and jerry cartoons
Kunj- what is this? Twinkle
Twinkle- really I dont know Kunj
Kunj- get out (from conferrence hall )rashmi smirked at her
Other employee friend of rashmi started to tell he will take twinkle in team because she is his girlfriend and all
Kunj- shut up you all
Some other senior members involved in project scold kunj for this
“What is this mr.sarna you called us here to look at tom and jerry ”
“Why you keep employees like them?” Just because she is your girlfriend haan we are going from here as this task is all nonsense and simply telling us to choose team for our project you already choose her righ”
Kunj- sorry sir for this act . And rules appies for all I am not taking her in team for this funny act ill not entertain such people looking at twinkle
Twinkle- beleave me please I dont know how it came ill check it again please
Yuvi – be calm twinkle and sir sorry for that but she didnt do it purposefully
“Whatever ”
Kunj- sorry sir please forgive me I worked hard for this project. Ill leave this task team selection on you people only to decide and I assure you I am rejecting miss twinkle taneja from it for this behaviour
Twinkle- kunj…
Kunj- get out she stood there only kunj scream again GET OUT RIGHT NOW Twinkle ran outside crying
Kunj calls her in cabin
Twinkle- kunj really I dont know how it happened?
Kunj- shut up dont give me explanation here dont come to office from tomorrow get it . He called some employee and told teen should be ready quickly they are leaving for business trip tomorrow only they are going to hossar yuvi comes to speak with kunj
Kunj- stop there yuvi be readywe have to eave dont waste time on people who dont care about our work daily this only happening I am fed up now and what are you waiting for twinkle go from here GET OUT BECAUSE OF YOU I WAS ABOVE TO LOOSE PROJECT ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU I HEARD SO MANY THINGS CANT YOU CHECK BEFORE COMING YOU WILL NOT YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT WORK BUT IAM GOT IT
Twinkle- thank you kunj …. bye she wiped her tears and left from there……
Kunj and yuvi or rashmi left for hissar for somedays there projects approved they got profit and everything all congratulated kuvi for it. Kunj calling twinkle daily after that incident but twinkle dodnt received she was very very upset she know he loves her and in office matter he is strict and after screaming on her he came to TM to talk with her but she closed door on his face he waited in balcony whole night and told her I love you but in office you are only one of employees Twinkle didnt cared to him after sometime he left from there and went to hissar
After he comes from hissar all family member said twinkle to forgive him jeevika convinced her so twinkle said ok but she is not fully agreed kunj to trying hard to make her smile but not happening and after sometime everything become good between them but they weren’t aware of upcoming storm
Twinkle going somewhere saw rashmi with boy she is telling something to him Twinkle goes near them as she heard kunj name but that poor soul wasnt knowing its there plan to plot her in it. Rashmi looked at twinkle
Rashmi- twinkle meet him he is my future husband why you standing there come here Twinkle went there in relief she is comitted then dont come behind kunj they talk for sometime that boy meets twinkle afterward and talk something simply exchange number too twinkle dont wanted to give but he took it saying he can ask her help for job to work with RT
Next day
Twinj love anniversary the day when kunj proposed her and twinkle accepted the day when there beautiful relationship started
Twinkle makes some of his favourite food in sarna mansion and decorate his room very beautifully placing some gifts everywhere
Kunj also finished his work fastly and looked at gifts he brought for his siyappa queen
Rashmi comes in his cabin fastly and throw something on his table Twinkle photo falls down kunj got angry on her
Kunj- you idiot cant you see
Rashmi- I only broke her photo she break my home its enough now tell something to your girlfriend dont she have brain
Kunj- shut up how dare you to speak about her haan he slapped her
Rashmi- first see what she did because of her my boyfriend left me my engagement got cancelled
Kunj- what?
Rashmi- yes she said bad about me to him abd said I went to hissar to entertain everyone and i have affair with some of employees
Kunj- she cant do this
Rashmi called her boyfriend his name ajay
Ajay – twinkle told me rashmi is characterless and i think you also have affair with her thats why your girlfriend said me this to keep my girlfriend sorry ex gf away from you
Kunj- I dont beleave this get out you both
Ajay showed him Twinkle messages kunj got shocked looking at thise messages where twinkle talked ill about rashmi he ask forgiveness from them that boy day kunj to keep rashmi also with him
Kunj angrily goes to home his eyes are read
Usha- know twinkle
Kunj – twinkle where is she today ill not leave her?? he called her Twinkle phone rang there only
Twinkle- kunj I am here only happy..
Kunj- shut up he drag her in middle of hall everyone surrounded them
Twinkle- ahh kunj my hand you are hurting me
Kunj- you are killing me by your work
Jeevika- kunj leave my sister what is wrong with you?
Kunj- please bhabhi first listen what your sister did she chey because of her rashmi engagement cancelled she sent ill message to her boyfriend he cancelled there engagement tell me why you did this ?
Twinkle- what is this nonsense kunj why ill do that haan
Kunj- so you dont know that boy?
Twinkle- yes I know him but..
Kunj – I got it twinkle you know him you took revenge on her like this haan
Twinkle- shut up how can you say like this what proof you have
Kunj snatch her mobile opened it there were messages actually twinkle lost her mobile before sometime when she busy in work she didnt look at mahi messaged him as rashmi said twinkle shocked to see those messages
Twinkle- really i didnt kunj no i didnt do it
Kunj tells her much ignoring her tears twinkle gets angry
Twinkle- tell me one thing you support and trust that b*t*h rashmi more than me
Kunj- dont say that word
Twinkle- oh ho if I say her b*t*h it hurts you kunj yes ill she is b*t*h only ill say this only and you are big fool who come in her words easily sometime i feel you loved me or her?
Kunj- mind your tongue just shut up now
Twinkle-why i should shut up always..may be you are interested in only her so you gove her more importance what she gave you kunj
Kunj- just shut up gritting his teeth
Twinkle- may be that b*t*h entertained you nicely so you cant listen against her right you scold me for her she is more than me now what she gave you something special haan oh now i get it to spend some free time with her you fired me from job and didnt took in your team too right if i speak this all it hurts you right you know what I am going though all this day no you care about only that b*t*h I dont know what she is giving you
Kunj couldn’t control his anger he slapped twinkle hard making her lips bleed twinkle fell on foor holding her cheeks all got shocked
Kunj- how dare you to speak ill about me I think its my life biggest mistake to choose you just leave me
Jeevika- KUNJ how dare you to slap her twinkle get up
Usha- twinkle puttar what you telling haan ill scold kunj ok
Twinkle- no mummy ji sorry usha aunty may be I am not lucky to become DIL to you thank you for everything thank you for your love I always craved for mom love but because dome reason i didnt got but i got it here all but not lucky enough to keep it forever with me then person who made this all possible who became my world he dont want me now and i also have some self respect so better i go from here
Kunj was shocked listening her words she is leaving him?
Twinkle left from there crying ran to her room crying leela and rt shocked to look at her state then banged room door only her crying and shouting they heard she is breaking everything in room behaving like mad
Twinkle- why he is behaving like this why he dont trust me . I didn’t do anything anytime but only i have to get punished
Leela- twinkle open door
Rt – beta
Twinkle- just leave me you people also same left me for hostel everything my mistake i should not leave then he will be happy and i also because i cant stay without him and he says its his mistakes to love me what i did haan i should not give him more trouble so better ill leave world she looked at mirror she imagine how kunj slap her and his words echo in her ears she breaks mirror she takes sharp piece of it and twinkle ends up slitting her wrist Drops of blood begin to fall on the floor. She drops the glass piece and falls on the floor.
Twinkle – i….i. .love … dont leave me trust me saying this she fell unconscious in pool of blood
Leela scream being scared hearing her voice and breaking sounds
Leela- meri beti kuch kijiye na ji they try to open door but not happening kunj comes to taneja mansion
Leela- what you did kunj Twinkle closed door not opening he too calls her name no response he breaks room door shocked to see her in that condition…..
To be continued….
Precap or promo – ananya in amritsar
Twinkle in ICU
Twinkle – I hate you go away from me
Ananya and twinkle in ward
Ananya- “trap the one who trapped you and dont forgive anyone easily I am with you”
Twinkle- and I am with you ill make you and yuvi one

Uff finished it finally dont forget to response in busy schedule I am writing this
How is todays episode is it ok ok readable tryed something do you guys liked it…sorry if any mistake no proof reading

Thank you for likes comments or dislikes share me your views via comments thank you for reading bye….love you all…

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