Prithvi Vallabh 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikramjeet attacks Prithvi

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Prithvi Vallabh 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vilas tries to see the scripture, but Bhoj stops her and asks her to wait till artiste makes scriptures. Vilas says she wants to know if he is trying to cheer the people or really believe in scriptures. Bhoj. She says you don’t have much time. Bhoj says everyone is harsh here, who will try to cheer them. Vilas says not everyone is harsh and gets upset with him. Prithvi comes and scolds him politely for making Vilas upset and asks her if she will hurt her friend. He asks Bhoj to cheer up his friend first. Satyashrah sees them together and gets jealous.

Vilas comes to Mrinal and says scriptures will be done soon. Mrinal says it might be my idol only. Vilas says it is of a man and asks her to tell who could he be. Mrinal asks her to have patience and says let it be made, but it is decided that it will be broken. Mrinal asks her to go and says she needs to talk to Sulochana. Sulochana says she was resting in her room when her spies told her that it was someone from the rajmahal who conspired that day. Mrinal looks on. Tailap gives something to Vikramjeet and asks him to be careful before drinking. Vikramjeet asks are you alerting me or threatening me. Tailap asks why did you tell me that Prithvi’s few moments are left. Vikramjeet tells that I didn’t mean that, and says I mean that he shall not be here for much time and says they shall kill him. Tailap says according to my spies, there is someone else who conspired to kill him. Vikramjeet says he will attack Prithvi from front and says once he dies, then they will win Malwa. Tailap says we can’t kill him here, Akka said that we will kill him in war place and I agree with her decision. Vikramjeet fumes angrily.

Mrinal and Sulochana comes to the place where Prithvi is making scripture. Prithvi sees her. Mrinal says I came to warn you that your efforts will go waste, this idol’s destiny is to mix in soil. Prithvi says everyone’s destiny is same, to get in the soil. He says this idol can make us friends again. Mrinal gets angry and threatens him talking about his family’s murder. Prithvi says my anger is not listening this, but my love, else everything would have been ruined here. He says you will happy to see the idol. Mrinal says I will happen to destroy it. Prithvi says time will tell if you will destroy it or it will destroy your anger. Men helping them comes out, Mrinal asks them to go to Malwa and there is no place for them in Manyakheta. Prithvi asks them not to be scared and says she is joking, this idol will write a new history and smiles.

Vikramjeet comes to Prithvi’s place and asks his men to catch all the men helping Prithvi. Prithvi is not there. Vikramjeet asks his men to take everyone and says I will see how you will make the idol. Old man sees everything and thinks to inform Prithvi. He goes to Prithvi. Prithvi asks what happened? Old man this city’s soul is dead and tells that Vikramjeet came and took all artiste with him. He tells where Vikramjeet took them. Prithvi says I will go there. He goes there and asks Vikramjeet to release the men. Vikramjeet refuses. Prithvi tells him that if a king has permitted something and if someone goes against his wish then he will be punished. He asks him to free them else he will inform Mrinal. Vikram jeet is about to stab a man, but Prithvi stops him. Vikram jeet hits on his head and he he falls down.

Jakala breaks the glass in her room and asks where did that kosha and mausi went? Lakshmi says they were last seen in shivar and shows the earring. Jakala says but we didn’t see anyone. Lakshmi says may be they took job there, or Prithvi gave them shelter. Jakala says if this is right then. She says I will try to find out. Prithvi is held captive by Vikramjeet and his hand are tied. Vikramjeet says you can’t return now and go back, and marry Mrinal. Prithvi uses forces and breaks the iron rope. He holds Vikram jeet’s neck and his men to free the artiste. He says you are waste of time and invites him to see the scripture. Vikramjeet thinks to cook up fake story. Some men enter Prithvi’s Shivar.

Mausi sees men entering there and hides with Kosha. Prithvi comes there and stabs the man. He asks his guards who is he and how did he come inside. He apologizes to Kosha and Mausi and says he will make the security more tight.. Kosha thanks him and says they will go to a near by village, and was waiting for his permission. Prithvi says if you have taken a decision then I will not stop you, but I will tell you something. He tells that if she don’t fight for her rights then it will be injustice with her baby. Kosha thinks she shall tell about her pregnancy to Tailap.

They come to the palace, but they are caught by Jakala’s men. They plan to kill her. Mausi throws fire bowls on them. Kosha asks her to come to Tailap’s darbaar. Tailap sees Kosha and gets emotional. Mrinal asks who are you? Jakala gets angry. Mrinal asks soldiers to let her come inside. Tailap looks at her. Mrinal asks why did she come here. Kosha tells that she is Kosha and is pregnant with Manyakheta’s royal blood. Everyone is shocked while Tailap gets happy and emotional. Lakshmi and Jakala looks at each other. Mrinal lets them stay in the Palace and says they will talk after Sabha ends. She says until I permit, nobody can meet them. She ends the Sabha.

Later she scolds Jakala when she comes to know that she tried to kill Kosha. Satyashrah asks what is the proof that the pr*stitute was saying truth. Mrinal says it is Sulochana info. He tells that Maharani shall be an example for the people. She says I am not giving your Maharani position to you and says if anything happens to her then you will be blamed. Tailap stands silently.

Kosha thinks about Tailap. Tailap comes there. Kosha says you couldn’t meet me now. Tailap kisses on her forehead and hugs her. He apologizes to her for Jakala’s behavior. He thanks her for protecting his baby and apologizes saying that he couldn’t search her. Kosha asks him not to apologize. Tailap says it is my responsibility to take care of you and baby. She says Akka don’t want me to meet you. Kosha looks on. Vikramjeet thinks tomorrow is diwali and Amavasya shall be last for him.

Precap: Prithvi shows the idol representing his love. Mrinal asks how dare you to think about this and asks soldiers to arrest him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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