On a Valentine’s day part-1

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Hi guys, here is the part-1 of the story. Depending on the response i will decide to continue or not.



Sanghavi reached her room while sobbing and threw her handbag on the side table and fell on the bed on her stomach. Her sobs increased and she was crying openly. She is crying on her fate.

‘This pain of rejection is unbearable for me. Why is this happening to me?! Before, I just wanted a chance to fulfill my dreams, even after my mother’s warnings that all these things will only make a women’s life complicated not better. I didn’t listen to her. Now, because of my stubbornness to fulfill my dreams my life became a mess and my parents are also suffering cause of me. I may deserve all this but not them.’ She thought while sobbing

It’s entirely my fault. It’s all because of him and that one date! If only I hadn’t met him that day and went to that date with him, this all wouldn’t happen and I would have been happily married to Vasu by now. I have made Vasu too suffer by doing all this. In fact I kind of ruined his life. But out of all people he hadn’t blame me for anything and always been patient with me never spoke a word against me! Speaking of Vasu, my mind went to the day I first met him.

4 Years ago

“Ammaa, I am getting late. Please give me prasad soon.” Sanghavi yelled from the central room.

“Coming, thalli.” Sanghavi’s mom replied coming from the puja room.

“Here, have this. All the best for your results.” She said to her daughter giving prasad.

Sanghavi hurried out of her house and unlocked her pink cycle. She was about to start her phone rang. She looked at the name flashing “komal”. She ignored it and started for her college.

In the way, she again got the call from her friend. This time she received it balancing the cycle with one hand.

“Hello komal, had cyclone came or what? Why are you calling me continuously?” She fired at her friend keeping the phone between her ear and shoulder.

“Cyclone will come if you won’t be here in the next 10 minutes. Results are going to be on the notice board anytime.” Her friend replied in the same tone of her.

“Then let it be. What’s the hurry? They will be there for the whole day and tomorrow too. So, I don’t understand this hype of seeing the results as soon as they get announced!” She replied.

“You don’t, because you will be in top 3 as always. But it’s very difficult for commoners to worry about the results. You shouldn’t stop us.” Komal said to her

“And isn’t it why I am hurrying towards the college even if I didn’t want to. Just to support you, my best friend.” Sanghavi replied.

“You have to. You know that you are my lucky-charm, aren’t you? I am not going to see the results without you beside me, so you better hurry up.” Komal said.

“I will if you cut the call now so that I can speed up my cycling.” Sanghavi replied.

“God! Why doesn’t your father give you a scooty? He does know that you are 21, not a school kid that you ride a cycle, didn’t he?” Komal asked in amusement.

“Yes he does know my age and thinks about my safety better than you and me. So whatever he does, it is for my own good.” Sanghavi said with a smile but laughed hearing her friend sigh on the other side and said, “Ok now, let’s don’t start this discussion. I am hanging up now. See you in college.” And cut the call.

Busy in conversation, Sanghavi doesn’t notice a twig on the road which resulted in flat tyre of her cycle. As soon as she cut the call she noticed it and got down from it.

Cursing her luck she took the cycle to the nearby garage.

“Anna, Check the cycle. It got flat tyre.” She said to the mechanic.

He came to her cycle leaving the work he is doing. He checked it and said, “The tyre needs to be changed.”

“How much time will it take?” She asked.

“Max. 10 minutes.” He replied.

“Ok, you do it. I will wait here.” She said.

“You can sit there.” He said showing her place.

The garage is empty no one was there except for the vehicles and her. She went and sat on the place the mechanic showed to her while looking around.

“God! Nanna says it is a bad omen to have flat tyre while leaving for some important work. Is it true?” She wandered out loud.

“I hope it isn’t an indication. You know how my bad I am with economics, and the paper went equally bad. I really hope I don’t fail this time. Please help me like you always do and make me pass in it.” She said folding her hands and with closed eyes.

“Please, please, please god! I will offer you the coconut as prasad. Please help me.” She was continuing her prayer without noticing that a man is coming towards her.

The man came and stood infront of her. “You prayer has been heard my dear, don’t worry!” He said holding his palm up as if blessing her.

Sanghavi got surprised hearing the voice and opened her eyes to look at the source and frowned seeing the man with the blessing pose. She put down her hands and placed them on her lap and continued to look at them trying to ignore his presence.

“Relax, you will get passed if you did your best. But if you hadn’t prayers won’t help you!” He said surprising her. But she hasn’t looked at him and continued to look at her hands.

“Did your Nanna said looking at boys is also bad omen or what?” He asked her cheekily.

She hadn’t answered him nor looked at him.

“Oh! Now I got it! You are scared that if you look at me, you will fall in love with me, right?” He asked in the same tone making her angry.

“Mr. What do you think of yourself? Hrithik roshan? That girls’ will swoon at you and fall in love with you in just a glimpse?” She asked now looking straight at him.

“I think so. Why? Amn’t I right? Don’t you find me handsome?” He asked wriggling his eye brows.

“Ah! Such a shameful man! Don’t you have manners to ask a girl something like this?” She said looking angrily at him.

“You are reacting as if I had said some swear words to you! Relax lady! Stop getting hyper.” He said shocking by her reply.

“What do you mean by I am getting hyper? It’s your mistake. A good boy doesn’t talk like this with girls.” She said with anger but with so much innocence that he couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” She asked in the same tone. He just nodded in nothing.

“Can you tell me what does ‘good boy’ mean in your dictionary?” She asked not able to hide his amusement.

“A boy who respects elders and women, one who helps others and don’t hurt others and behaves well with girls and treats them like his sisters. Understood?” She said smiling at him while he was trying not to laugh.

“If I treat everyone like my sister how will I get married?” He asked holding his laugh.

“I said to treat them like your sister not asked to make them your sister that you have to worry about your marriage.” She replied stunning him.

He made an expression and hand gesture saying, ‘What a well said line!!’ While she smiled broadly at him.

“But I am still confused, dear.” He said wiping out her smile and making her angry again. “I have just asked you a question, how does it make me bad?” He asked expressing his confusion genuinely.

“See again, how you are talking! You really don’t have manners.” She said fuming at him.

“Now what have I did?” He asked in surprise.

“You called me dear! How can you?” She said in the same tone.

“Now saying dear is also bad to you?! God! You are really something, girl!” He said and started laughing.

Sanghavi looked at him in irritation and went to the mechanic saying to speed up his work as she doesn’t want to stay there any longer muttering, ‘such an ill mannered guy,’ to herself.

Much to her happiness, the tyre got changed and the cycle is ready to use. She gave the mechanic money saying ‘thanks’ and took her cycle and was about to leave, the man said from behind, “Rather than offering coconuts to the idol of god. Help some poor children by buying books for them. God will be pleased.” Sanghavi got shocked for a moment but then went from there without turning back while the man is smiling at her innocence.

That day evening at her house.

“Annapurna, did you called her? What is taking her so long? Why hasn’t she home yet?” asked Ramana Rao, Sanghavi’s father.

“I have called her but her it’s saying ‘switched off’. I am worried she hasn’t stayed out without informing us like this ever. I hope she is fine.” Replied her mother.

“Relax, Annapurna. She will come. May be she is celebrating with her friends. But she should have informed us. When she comes back make her understand it.” He said instructing her while she just nodded.

Just then Sanghavi entered the house making both of them smile in relief seeing her. As soon as she entered, she hugged her father in happiness.

“Guess what nanna, I became college second ranker! I even got good percentage in economics.” She said in her excitement.

“I know that my daughter will top. I am proud of you thalli.” He said and kissed her forehead in affection.

“I’ll bring sweets.” Her mother said in happiness and went into kitchen while the father and daughter sat on the couch.

“But thalli, what took you this long? We were worried for you.” He asked her in concerned tone.

“Sorry nanna, I had to stay in college for campus interviews……” She was saying but got cut in the middle as her mother came with her favorite sweets.

“here have it bangaram.” She said making her eat the sweet and kissed both of her cheeks. Her father too made her eat the sweets.

“So let’s celebrate it. Tell me where do you want to go for dinner?” he asked Sanghavi.

“Spencer’s. I know it’s a bit expensive but it’s time for double celebration so we should go there.” Sanghavi replied happily.

“Double celebration?” Her mother asked in confusion.

“Yes, me topping the college and also getting the job.” She said in the same happy tone.

“Job?” Her father asked.

“Yes nanna, as I was saying today some companies came for the interviews to our campus it was a surprise for all of us. The companies thought that they will get to identify the talent of students more accurately if they conduct interviews uninformed.”

“As we doesn’t have time to prepare we were busy in preparing till we got our turn that’s why I hadn’t got chance to call you and inform. I have attended 3 interviews and got selected in one.”

“As an assistant manager in an even managing company.” She finished telling every detail to them.

“But what was the need to attend those interviews?” Her father asked confusing her.

“Nanna! I have to give interviews to get a job, right?!” She asked innocently.

“But what is the need to do the job? And who gave permission to do job?” He asked now getting angry.

“But nanna! I thought I should work as I have completed my graduation and doesn’t have any plans for masters.” She said expressing herself politely.

“If you want you can go for masters but not job!” he said in serious tone.

“But why? All my friends are trying to find the job even komal got the job.” She asked in the same kiddish way.

“I don’t know about your friends but you are not going to do any job, that’s it! He yelled at her making her teary eyed.

Sanghavi looked down allowing her tears to come out. Her mother came to her consoling her . seeing her tears her father mellowed down and said, “Look bangaram, even if I allow you to work now, what will happen when you get married? What if they don’t allow you?”

“But nanna! I am not married yet, so why should I think about it now?” she asked innocently.

“You are not understanding, thalli. We are starting see alliances for you and if you start working it can affect your image. People will think that you won’t give time for house or settle as a house-wife which can drive away the good alliances as any good cultured family won’t like their daughter-in-law work. So, understand thalli. I am saying it for your own good.” He explained sweetly to her.

When she was about to ask something he stopped her saying, “It is final, that you are not going to do any job. If you want I will admit you to any P.G college. You can study till your alliance gets fixed.”

“Arey, why to waste money and time in college! She will stay in home and learn all the house hold things and stitching sewing etc. she should be ready before her marriage gets fixed.” Her mother who was silent till now said to him.

“Yeah, this is also necessary. But let her decide. She knows cooking and other house hold things well enough. If she wants to study let her. You can train her in other things when she have free time from college.” He said looking at Sanghavi while she just looked blankly at them not knowing that she should open her mouth and say that she wants to work or not!

After looking at her parents who are planning her marriage now itself she chose to stay quiet and go with their decision thinking ‘after all they will think about her happiness only, right!’

Please tell ur views honestly.

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  1. TUFriendsForever

    Simple and superbb story the things which happen in typical family’s
    I guess u are a Telugu speaking one as bangaram is Telugu and nana is also
    The start was quiet shocking I think the one she met in garrage is her soulmate
    Komal is so cute and I say the exact dialogue to topper that u don’t have to worry but commoners like me should that so was so apt and perfectly fitted there what Vasu said was true we can help poor with that but the bad omen thing I don’t beleive in them but many still do
    U did a perfect job in depicting the real thing which happens
    And the last part was like typical families who still beleove it will spoil a girls image
    But she can still work
    It’s her life
    And she should raise her voice for herself
    But good job u wrote it perfectly
    Keep writing

  2. Fenil

    Superb !!

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