Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-64

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Hi guys, i am back with the update. Hope you enjoy reading it. Here it is……



O’bros’ are in kitchen making plans to pacify Ishanya’s anger. Mostly it’s Shivaay and Rudra talking while Omkara is just makes faces at their very weird and inappropriate ideas.

“Send her expensive gifts.” Shivaay said earning a glare from Omkara and Rudra.

“Last time you gave the same idea to me for pacifying Soumya and we all know how it ended!” Rudra said glaring at Shivaay.

‘Just because Ishanya said that only he is her friend from now, he has become proud!! But what should I do! I can’t apologize to that pannika now, can I?”’ thought Shivaay to himself.

“Anyway Shivaay, she is not a fan of gifts and all. She hates all these stuff. You know her she is different.” Omkara replied gaining Shivaay’s attention.

“Why not try it her way!” said Rudra surprising them.

“What do you mean?” Shivaay asked.

“Asking your heart, while imagining you in the place of other!! Remember how Ishanya made me realize should I say sorry to or not! Try it.” He said getting excited.

“Dumb-bell, we are discussing about how to pacify her anger on me not about should I tell her sorry or not!” Omkara replied after slapping the back of Rudra’s head.

“O! This is not for you! I was saying it to Shivaay bhaiyya.” Rudra said rubbing the back of his head.

“Yeah, I forgot. Why was she asking you to apologize to Annika? What have you done?” Omkara asked Shivaay.

“Nothing unusual!” he replied.

“Really?” Omkara asked again while Shivaay was looking left to right uncomfortably.

“But anyway, you should once try the method Rudra was saying….” Omkara replied.

“But, what about me? Even if she forgives me she won’t regard me as her friend after what I did last night. What should I do to get back her friendship?” Omkara wandered out loud and sat on the stool.

Both of his brothers put their hand on each shoulder of his consoling him.

“I am saying to you, send her expensive gifts every girl likes them.” Shivaay said.

“Bhaiyya, she is not like other girls. She won’t fall for these charms.” Rudra replied.

“Oh! Don’t start it now Rudra. Stop behaving like a know it all!” Shivaay snapped at him.

“I may not know about all. But I definitely know slapping fairy well to know that it won’t work.” Rudra replied in the same tone.

“Oh please Rudra. Every girl likes to be treated special.” Shivaay said and Omkara who was almost going to explode because of his brothers’ banter looked at Shivaay with wide eyes in realization.

Seeing him, Shivaay questioned, “what? Now, what wrong did I say?”

“No, Shivaay. You just gave me the solution.” Omkara replied him.

Shivaay adjusted his collar and said, “I know, I am a genius.”

“Anyway, what’s the solution you found?” Shivaay asked Omkara.

“She is angry at me for breaking her trust and what better ways than making her feel special to make her trust me again!” He said with a glint in his eyes.

“That’s good but how?” Shivaay asked.

“Arranging a filmy romantic date!” Rudra exclaimed.

“Not bad, that’s a good idea?” Shivaay said looking questioningly at Omkara.

“Sounds good, but you guys have to help me in arrangements.” Omkara said looking at both of them.

“Yeah, that’s fine but how are you going to convince her to go to a date with you?” Rudra asked.

“I know how to convince her very well. Leave it to me.” Omkara replied.

“Okay then. Let’s get started.” Shivaay said and they discussed what all required for the date.

After finishing Omkara went up to Ishanya’s room while his brothers are making phone calls to do preparations for the date.

Omkara stopped at the door of her room which is open. He stared at Ishanya who sat at the window sill reading a book.

“Have you come to just stare at me or talk to me?” Ishanya asked feeling his gaze on her without lifting her head up from the book.

Omkara got stunned by it and was trying to say, “I….I……I…..” Ishanya cut him and asked, “will you talk with me by standing at the door only or have any idea to come inside the room?” now looking at him and sitting up straight.

Omkara was about to step inside but Ishanya stopped him by saying, “don’t you have manners? How can you enter a girl’s room without knocking the door and asking her permission?”

Omkara again got shocked but somehow managed to knock the door asking, “May I come in Ishanya?”

“No you may not!” Ishanya replied shocking him further.

Omkara took a deep breath and tried to focus on his plan which is going down the hill right now. Composing himself he said, “Ishanya I want to talk to you.” He said confidently looking at her.

“And I don’t want to.” Ishanya replied curtly turning her back to him.

“You don’t have to talk, Ishanya. You just have to listen to me. I will do the talking.” Omkara replied cheekily while stepping inside her room.

Ishanya turned to him being surprised by his tone and words. She raised her eyebrow seeing his smile.

“Oh! Really?! What makes you think that I will be interested in your talks?” she asked in the same tone.

“Because, it involves you…..it involves me…….actually us.” Omkara said as if he was thinking for the actual words.

“Look Omkara, I don’t want to talk about last night….” She was saying but cut in the middle by Omkara saying, “Who said it’s about last night?” he looked at her as if he is genuinely confused making her frown at him.

Omkara smirked in his mind as he got her completely off guard now. He knew she will be thinking that he will do all the emotional talks and her forgiveness. That’s why he thought to behave normally as if nothing happened to get her attention and it worked.

Keeping the confused face intact he said, “I have already told sorry about that in the morning then why will I talk about it again?!”

Ishanya tried to hide her disappointment but couldn’t while saying, “Then what do you want to talk about?”

“I want to talk about designing.” He replied casually.

“What???!!” Ishanya exclaimed loudly as soon as she heard him.

“You want to talk about what?” she asked him still in shock.

“Designing.” Omkara replied in the same casual tone irritating Ishanya more. She looked at him for few seconds and then closed her eyes and took a deep breath running her hand in her hair, while Omkara openly smiled at her reaction.

“Ok, what do you want to talk about ‘designing’?” Ishanya said stressing the word.

“Well, I want to design an outfit for priyanka as a gift. So I want to learn the basic things and techniques.” He replied making Ishanya open her mouth in shock.

“But you do know them. You are an artist yourself!!” she said exclaiming to him.

“Yeah but I don’t know about the fabrics and patterns. I want to learn them so that I can design a master piece for my sister.” Omkara said dramatically making her raise her eyebrows.

“Ok then, when do you want to start?” she asked taking a deep breath.

“now.” He replied.

“Ok….after you.” She said showing the door to him.

Omkara walked out smiling widely while Ishanya followed him fuming silently.

‘How can he ask about designing when I am still angry at him? Shouldn’t he ask for the forgiveness, first? Did it not affect him at all??’ Ishanya thought to herself and then it stuck her. ‘Oh! So Mr. Smart is playing the ignore card now! I will also see for how long he would ignore the matter.’ She thought to herself.

After they reached the lounge Omkara said, “You sit here I will be back with my sketch pad.” With a sweet smile which irritated Ishanya.

He came back and Ishanya started to tell him about the drapes while observing him intently for any signs which can start the convo about last night but to her dismay Omkara hadn’t gave any as he wanted her to open the topic first.

After explaining everything Ishanya said, “That’s it. You can start the sketching of the outfit now.”

“I will do it afterwards.” Omkara said and stood up to leave making Ishanya to stand up in hurry saying, “Omkara…”

He turned to her after smirking. “Yes?” he asked.

“Don’t you want to talk about last night?” she asked frowning at him.

“I do. But it’s you who weren’t interested to talk about it.” He replied with a smirk which made her realize what she did.

She cursed herself for being impatient and not holding herself till he himself brings the topic. But now as she has already started it, she decided to end it too.

“I want to talk about it now.” She said without masking her emotions.

“What’s left to talk?” he said in disappointed at himself.

“What do you mean by that? You owe me an explanation.” She said trying not to cry.

“Whatever I explain, will it reduce your hurt?” Omkara asked looking straight into her eyes making her shift her gaze in discomfort. He continued, “Whatever I say, will it bring back the trust you have on me? No right? Then what’s the use in talking?” he asked honestly.

He waited for her reply while she continues to gaze at her feet. He expected her to answer in agreement to him, which can make him ask for another chance to make her trust him again but to his dismay she was silent.

He thought his plan got failed and turned to go from there not knowing what to say but Ishanya stopped him by holding his wrist.

He turned to her in surprise. Ishanya looked him with teary eyes and said, “I trust you Omkara. I still do.” Looking into his eyes shocking him completely.

“Ishanya, I ……” Omkara began to say but Ishanya cut him and said, “But I won’t forgive you. Not yet! Not so easily!!” she said while letting her tears fall by closing her eyes.

Omkara too got teary eyed witnessing the pain he gave her. Ishanya shocked him further by grabbing his collar while asking, “How can you? How can you Omkara…….” she sobbed closing her eyes and keeping her head down.

Omkara’s tears escaped from his eyes. She opened her eyes after composing herself and looked at him still holding his collar, “how can you keep all that in your mind? Why hadn’t you made it clear earlier? How can you be insecure? How can you call yourself unimportant to me?” she said all that not breaking the eye contact.

“How can you? How can……..” she again closed her eyes not able to control her sobs and hugged him unknowingly saying, “you are very important to me, Omkara.” in between her sobs.

Omkara got shocked for a moment and looked down at her who is now sobbing harder while hugging him. He hesitantly placed his palms on her back not knowing how to react.

After a few seconds her sobs got reduced and his palms went further making him hug her completely but gently. Omkara too closed his eyes letting his tears fall.

After sometime, no one knew how much time. Ishanya got conscious around her surroundings and pulled out of the hug making Omkara too come back to reality. She looked sideways. Omkara looked at her teary face and put his hand forward to wipe them but pulled it back in hesitation without her notice.

Ishanya wiped her tears while Omkara looked his sides in awkwardness. She looked at him and said, “I mean it when I said you are important to me,” without any hint of awkwardness in her voice gaining his attention making him look into her eyes.

“And I mean it when I said I won’t forgive you ‘easily’…..” she said not breaking the eye contact making him smile at her.

“Even I don’t want you to.” He replied still smiling at her all the awkwardness vanished between them.

“Let me work hard for it. Let me try to impress you all over again…….” He said looking into her eyes.

‘Let me make you fall in love with me.’ He thought to himself.

“So when are you planning to do that?!” she asked bringing him back from his thoughts.

“Huh! What!” Omkara said in surprise.

“Impressing me!!” She said narrowing her eyes.

“Get ready by 6:00pm. You will get impressed by me before we return.” He said smirking at her.

“Before we return….? Are you asking me out for a date?” she asked him directly while raising her eyebrow.

“Yes, my pretty lady.” He said trying to imitate Rudra.

Ishanya smiled looking down a slight blush crept on her cheeks. But she covered it before Omkara notice it and said, “Ok.” While looking at him.

“Ok then, I should take your leave now as I have to make many preparations to impress you my pretty lady.” Omkara said dramatically make her smile at him and they both went in opposite directions while smiling.

After going little forward Omkara turned back to look at her who was going towards her room. He smiled broadly at her back and turned to go while she turned and looked at his back smiling before going to her room.

Down at the central hall shivika were having their moment but got disturbed by some one’s footsteps.  Shivaay left Annika’s hand and looked at the source and found Omkara walking lost while smiling. Annika left from there seeing Omkara there.

Shivaay went to Omkara and tapped on his shoulder making him turn to him. He asked ‘what?’ with his eyebrows and just got his smile in reply.

He asked, “what?” this time by mouth but got irritated as he met with the same reply.

“What happened Omkara?” he asked getting more irritated by his constant smiling.

“Ishanya……..” he said dreamingly.

“What did she said?” he asked curiously.

“She trusts me…..she…she said…..she said she won’t forgive me easily……she is angry at me……..she is disappointed by me……she…..she even blushed for me……and I….. I ……. I am important for her……and most importantly she cried for me!!” Omkara said dreamingly.

“Gosh! Omkara! Say it clearly. Is she angry at you or is she not? You are confusing me.” Shivaay asked.

“She is angry at me.” He replied still smiling.

“And you are smiling?” Shivaay asked.

“Because I am happy!” he exclaimed.

“You are happy?” Shivaay asked in confusion.

“Yes because she is crying.” Omkara replied smiling widely.

“It’s official! Omkara you have turned crazy! Ishanya had made you mad!!” Shivaay exclaimed getting irritated by him.

“Yes, she made me mad.” Omkara replied while smiling at him.

“Ok now, if you don’t get back to normal. I am going to slap you to get out of this shock!!” Shivaay said.

“Shivaay I am fine. I am happy.” Omkara said trying to making him relax.

“For making Ishanya cry?” Shivaay asked in disbelief.

“Yes, Shivaay.” He replied.

“om……..” he was going to say something but stopped by Omkara asking, “tell me how many times have you seen Ishanya crying for something?”

Shivaay was going to reply but again Omkara stopped him saying, “let me rephrase the question how many times have you seen Ishanya crying for something other than her past?”

Shivaay thought for a minute and said, “zero! I haven’t seen her crying for something other than her past! She is not a cry baby like other girls.”

“Exactly!! She doesn’t cry at all. But I made her cry! Do you know what it means?” he asked Shivaay.

“What?” Shivaay asked in return.

“It means I made her feel. I made her feel the emotions which she closed and buried deep in her heart.” He said explaining him.

“emotions??” Shivaay asked raising his eye brows.

“Yes emotions like ego, disappointment, anger, hurt. Very soon I will make her feel love too. My love…for her.” Omkara said smiling and dreaming while Shivaay just looked at him trying to understand him.


So how is it? Shocked? Surprised? bored? what is your opinion? please tell me in the comments. I am happy that silent readers are being vocal now but i am sad that i am losing my old readers. please guys, if you feel disappointed with the story let me know but don’t leave just like that. i am ok with the criticism and if u no longer wish to read the story let me know before leaving. I am really upset with the drop in comments.

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    Fabulous update…loved it

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    Awesome …..Omkara & Ishanya scenes are emotional ….Loved how om ask for the date … Waiting for next chapter eagerly ….Update soon & love u ?

    1. Veera

      Thanks dear. I am glad that you liked it. You have to wait a week for the next update. Love u too.

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    It is amazing

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    1. Veera

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    Oh my god it’s so good . You’re an amazing writer. Keep writing more and more .


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    rudra is more sensible than shivay in understanding girls. expensive gifts cannot please ishaniya.loved om casually talking to ishaniya irritating her.when she said about talking about last day he reminding her the it was she who told him that she doesn’t want to talk about it n when she insisted he asked her if it can bring back her trust in him…if not what’s the use of talking about it.what dialogues!ishaniya’s reaction…tearfully she saying how important om is for her n the hug were emotional and beautiful .om is so happy.how he presented it to shivay n shivay misinterpreting om’s excitement was funny.waiting for the date.nice banner.is it edited by you?

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