Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun-Shefali go on a date

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preeti asks, why did you run? Did you see Salman Khan? Naina says yes. Preeti asks what? Naina says not Salman Khan, …Sameer, saw him. Preeti says you are possessed. Not possible. Naina says no, am sure. Saw him and ran after him. Preeti asks that if Sameer was here, he would have met Naina first. Naina says maybe he wants to surprise me. Preeti says how is it possible? Sameer wrote in his letter, he has been admitted to a delhi college. Naina says wait, let me call and check about Sameer. Preeti says Tayji and mom are outside. Naina says will use cordless. Preeti says we will get caught. Naina goes outside. Preeti asks to where? Naina says to jump, well to balcony to get clothes.
Flashback of Sameer and Naina seeing each other. Sameer sulks that coz of situation he was compelled to be away from Naina. BG- Meri jaan mujhko bahut sochna hai. Preeti and Naina pace in their rooms. Sameer is in tears.

Naina asks Preeti to go get cordless for her.

Narrator– Those days cordless phones were a blessing for lovers that connected lovers but coz of cross connections, got them caught too. Cordless phone din have good network but allowed to sneak outside to steal few minutes of love.

Preeti closes the door, Naina dials the number and gives Preeti the phone. Phone at Sameers place in Ahmedabad rings. Its a lady who picks up. Preeti asks to make her talk to Sameer. Sameer signals Poonam bhabhi to say no, he is not here. She says no on the phone. Preeti cuts the call and says Sameer is not here. She teases Naina saying, maybe he got married. Who was it bhabhi? Bhabhi says a lady. Sameer asks was it Nai..? Bhabhi says who was it, my sis in law? Sameer blushes. He says nothing like that. Poonam bhabhi says as such Sameer looks a bit like Salman. Lot of girls must be crazy about you. She laughs. Bhabhi talks of her cousin in Ranchi who too looks like him and girls were crazy about him. Bhabhi asks if Sameer has a special friend? A girl? Sameer blushes. Right then she is called by her mom in law and goes to tend to her.

Arjun is at the restaurant and asks waiter to clean up the table. Waiter asks for order. Arjun turns to check the menu. He is counting the prices. Arjun sees he has Rs. 50. Shefali arrives. Arjun moves the chair for her. Waiter comes and asks for order. She checks the menu and orders for sandwich for herself and samosa for Arjun. She then orders cold coffee for herself and coffee for Arjun. Waiter offers pastry/cake to order. Shefali is excited. She asks for flavour. Arjun says pineapple but Shefali says chocolate cake.

Narrator—Those days, purse had only cash. No debit/credit card. Youngsters only had pocket money those days. Those days had to think several times to spend. Arjun was stuck between bill and dil.

Arjun/Munna tell Naina/Swati that understand you wanna talk but why call us at doctors place? Compounder asks why do you boys get sick always? The boys say the girls are unwell. Swati says look they are the ones talking crazy. Naina says Sameer is in Ahmedabad. Munna/Pandit laugh. They tease saying heard people go nuts in love, now seeing. If Sameer was here, he would obviously have met you and us. Swati says told her same. Preeti said she sees Sameer everywhere and chitrahaar too. Naina says saw with my own eyes. Swati says we need to take u to an eye doctor. Naina says am sure about what i saw. She asks them to go to Sameers place in Ahmedabad and check in person. She says had called but he din come on phone. Munna/Pandit say no ways going there. Naina says then go get injection first, she calls compounder. They beg to be spared and Naina says on condition to visit Sameers place. The duo relent. Naina smiles.

Waiter brings Arjun-Shefalis order. Waiter asks anything else? Arjun is tense. Shefali asks the matter. Arjun says have only Rs. 50. Will wash dishes if need be. Shefali laughs saying you are so sweet. Thats why i love you. You dont need to pay the entire bill. I will pay my share. Arjun says but am the boy, its my responsibility. Shefali says no book says so. Boys only responsibility is to respect girls.

Tayji-Pralay are walking near the cafe where Arjun-Shefali are there. Pralay says want to eat cake. Tayji tells will feed you dhokla at home but Pralay insists. They enter the cafe and Arjun sees them. Arjun hides under the table. Shefali says you can come outside. Arjun says if Tayji saw us, will be dead. Tayji asks if cake has egg. Waiter says no. Pralay sees Shefali and greets her. Shefali says am here waiting for my friend. Pralay sees someones shoes peeking from down under the table. He says someone is there down under. Shefali says lost an Attani, waiter searching. Tayji asks him to search carefully. Waiter steps on Arjuns hand while giving Tayji the cake and says its for Rs. 12. Arjun controls his scream by biting his hand. Tayji refuses to pay Rs. 12 and returns the cake. Shefali asks to increase her fees but Tayji says lot of pending work at home and rushes away.

Arjun asks she left? Shefali says yes and you can come outside. Arjun comes outside. He laughs shyly. He says got saved. Shefali asks what? Promise you wont repeat this again. Arjun says lets eat. Shefali says no lets order something more. Arjun tenses. Shefali laughs.

Narrator– Those days they were saved from Tayji but the smell of love is stronger than smell of samosa.

Arjun-Shefali enjoy their date.

Sameer is going outside on his bike when he spots Munna/Pandit. He goes and hides inside. Poonam sees them and asks who they are. They greet her and introduce themselves. They ask about Devang but she says they have gone outside. They ask about Sameer. She is about to reply when cook calls her inside. Mami sees Sameer hiding and asks why hide? Sameer fakes that they have fought with him and so he is not speaking with them. He asks her to send them off. She goes to them and asks why here? They say here to meet Sameer. She says he is at Delhi. They ask if he never came back? She says nope. The duo say true. He would have met us first. She says how? Apparently you fought with him. Poonam returns but before she can talk.

Something is amiss. Munna/Pandit notice Sameer reflection in bikes mirror and freeze.

Precap — Naina-Preeti are trying different looks for college. BG-Khud ko kya samajhti hai. Finally they dress up like school girls.

Update Credit to: Armu4Eva

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  1. Lokesh

    Thanx for the update armu, we welcome u here, lovely episode , sherjun were awesome

  2. Thanks for the update Armu
    Good episode. Munna- Pandit are so amazing??. Shejun are also very cute. Their date was also nice.
    Precap- poor Naina and Preeti???

  3. Thx armu. …shefali and arjun acting fine. ..arjun voice modulation superb……precap. preeti and naina dressing for college is awesome..

  4. Shejun so cute. Now mundit will become a savior for samaina’s luv. Precap so funny ???

  5. Thanks Armu! Hope Hasan is well. Hasan used to upload the updates. Thanks everyone for your comments. As you can see from the lack of comments either ppl are liking the tracks or are disengaged. My personal opinion isthat the show is not garnering the same magic. SAmeers acting is pretty laisefaaire . CHemistry and intensity of feeling and emotional connect is lacking .

  6. Hi all
    Saw that TRP is low. A you tube video I saw posted by wing news. Then started watching their posts. What I saw- My opinion: Wing News is all seemingly pro Sameer aka Randeep – media. They are the ones who are promoting the news about low TRP; all about how good Sameer/ Randeep is as a “hero”. Um! Seemingly One sided. It covered both his personal and screen life- good for him.
    A show is a team work. Possibly paving for his Apparently upcoming movie – exit and hence the coverage for the same? Just a thought popped up. See all Wing News videos/ you tube. I hope I am wrong. What are your thoughts?

  7. hi Deb,

    happy to hear from you, Nowdays the episodes are ok ok type, letz have a healthy comments after this week- Hope to see the samaina’s reunion this week keeping our fingers crossed.

    1. Hi Devi
      Yes I do agree with you all. Good to hear and read such positive hopeful reviews. Hopefully my mind will tune into it one day. Keep commenting. I will keep reading. I am sorry that my comments came across as ‘unhealthy’. If I ever comment, I shall try to just keep my comment ‘neutral’ on this forum.

  8. Hey!! guys vote for yudkbh on efeed awards …Awards’ are meant to be put as ‘titles’ for best TV show, best actress pair etc. no real awards are going to be give..But why not make our show best show , samaina best jodi and ashi best actress …
    url for voting…. “”
    The last voting date is 29 may and on 30 may results will be declared and you can vote multiple times also.. just refresh the page and vote again..keep voting guys..

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