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@night @collage
One girl is shown who is crying badly…many people passses her way but didnt care abt her

@next day @office
One guy is shown who is jumping happily after seeing his friend..guy and friend character is revealed as sanskar and laksh
San:omg its been 3 yrs..how r u??i missed u and our frds by saying he hugs him
Lak:(smiles)wat to do??after collage everything changes..responsibility and all
San:nods,wat abt others
Lak:dont know..due to business issue i came here and got a chance to meet u
San:after cing u i want to c all our friends tara,sid,karan,kavitha and most importantly our college
Lak:me too
San:then shall v plan a get together on this weeked..plzzzz…i want to c u all
Lak:k lets try but which place?
San: definetly in our college(and immediately both called their respective friends and their plan got succeeded)
Sanlak:atlast v did it (both smiles eachother)

@sunday @xy college
San were eagerly went to his college after 3 yrs and smiles with moist eyes by seeing all his frds and most importantly his college and all his memories came infront of him…
And they spent a quality time with them…all bid bye and went…
When he abt to enter ino the car,he saw a girl who is crying badly
San:(goes towards her)madam is there any problem?
Girl:looks at him
San:(lost in her innocent face and his heart pain a little to c tears in her eye)wrdly may i help u
Girl:nods…i lost my address/bag..i want one protective place to stay for tonight
San:if u r comfortable ,u can use my house..dont wry my mumma and dad r there
Girl nods silently and went with him

@sanskar’s house
As soon as they entered into the house
San:ma this girl missed her address,she is going to
Suj:(cuts him)wat r u speaking?
San:(goes close towards her)plz ma..i feel pity by seeing her
Suj:sanskar y r u playing prank again?which girl r u talking?there is no one here..
San:(shocked)ma r u serious? R u not seeing anyone beside me(he looks at the girl)
Suj:stop ur stupid prank by saying she went
San:(panicks)goes to kitchen and brings a servant and asks him whether he is seeing a girl or not..when he said as no..immediately he got giddiness and felt down when the girl approaches towards him….

@sanskar’s room after 30min
When sanskar slowly opened his eyes got panicks and scans the room to confirm whether she is der or not
Suj:(wrdly)wat happen beta
San:nods as nothing ..im fine ma..u dont get wry(acts to b normal)
suj:r u sure
San nods.

San to himself may b i dreamt lik that or else is it my hallucination, am i got any neurological disorder (when he is fighting with his thoughts)he suddenly feels someone presence beside him,when he abt to shout she immediately covered his mouth…
Girl:(in cracking voice)plzzz..i wont do any harm to u ..plz believe me..plz (with moist eyes)
San:(eventhough he is scared, his heart sinks to c her worried face)nods as k
Girl:i dont my name ..i dont know how i died also ?(cries)i was waiting in the college abt 3 yrs..without knowing anything ..plz help me (cries badly again)
San:hey plz dont cry..i will sort it..i will help u
San:nods but im having one doubt?im cing u right but y others r not able to see u…y me??
Girl:even i dont know
San:how is it possible for me?give me some clue .
Girl:i studied in that college…this only i know now
San:omg really even i tooo studied there only ..but i didnt c u b4
Girl:face fell suddenly
San:dont wry v will identify everything tmrw..u sleep here ..i will sleep on sofa when he abt to stand …she holds his hand(both had a eyelock)
Girl:u sleep here ..i will go outside..i know u r scared of me(painfully)
San:(felt bad)no no im not scared ..seriously u sleep here itself by saying he slept on sofa
Girl: lies on bed by seeing sanskar’s cute sleeping face

@mrng @HR OFFICE in college
Sanskar is seeing the register carefully and the girl is looking at him expectingly..when he closed the register
Girl:did u get it
San:yes ragini
Girl:ragini? Is it my name?
Rag smiles happily and hugs him…my name is ragini…very nice name na
San:smiles and nods..cum i got ur address too cum v will go there and check wat happend in ur life
Rag nods
When they abt to go,she holds his hand
Rag:after showing my home u will leave me na
San:looks on
Rag:(tears formed on her eyes)do u know i loved my senior during my collage days?its just a oneside love story..i didnt have a guts to tell my love to him..when he finishes his collage at that time i realized how much yrs i wasted without telling my love towards him?when i abt to propose him on his farewell day..i got accident and..(cries)i came here without knowing anything i stayed here,for damn 3 yrs..i got my memory yesterday ..i got to know each and everything abt my love after seeing u ..because u r the one whom i loved infinetly ..(tears started flowing from her eyes)im happy today atleast god has showed this much faith on me By saying she hugs him tightly
San was hell shocked..didnt respond to the hug
Rag:(breaks the hug)dont think i fooled by pretending as i dont know anything..becaz after cing u i came to know only my love towards u nothing other than that (her name /her address and all)
Both looks into each other (fb shows how ragini got frozen by seeing sanskar in college cultural…and how she got mesmerized by his helping nature and how she started loving him by seeing his friendly behaviour and respect to other girl and atlast her accident when she decides to propose him)
Rag:i know its wrong to confess now..as im not destined to u but i waited for this moment for past many years ..im sry ..sry by saying she turns to leave but sanskar immediately back hugs her
Rag’s heart skips abeat
San:(in cracking voice)dont leave me
Rag cries

@ragini home
San is sitting infront of ragini’s parents
San:actually im ragini’s bestie..i want to know how is ragini died?
Shek:(before he completes )grabbed his collar and shakes it vigaraously (angrily)how dare u? How dare u say my ragini is dead? She is just in COMA
Janaki separates him
San:it means(excited)
Jan:v also thought when v saw her (fb shows how ragini is liying in the pool of blood) but thankfully (cries)
San immediately rushes to hospital along with ragini

San immediately fell on his knees and cries badly by seeini ragini’s body with ventilation and by revelation of doctor that v cant save ragini’s life
Rag’s soul:pats him
San:hugs her and cries…y its happened lik this?i Want to live with u
Rag’s soul:do u love me?(stammering voice)
san:after knowing ur love…i fell for u
Rag’s soul:but v r not destined
Ragsan looks at eachother with tears eyes
Immediately sanskar goes towards the ragini’s body and shakes her
San:ragini plz open ur eyes …i cam..ur love on me pulled me towards u..dont u want to propose me (cries)
Rag ‘s soul cries by seeing him lik this and teard formed in ragini’s body cheek too
San smiles by seeing the response on her body ..he immediately placed his lips on hers and started kissing her
After a min
Ragini(in bed wokeup and pushed him,,guys she came back from coma )
San:looks at her
Rag:widens sanskar
San:smiles and happily hugs her

Leap of 3 mnths
As soon as sanskar enters the room, ragini back hugs him
San:oh my GG??missed me this much
San:GG by saying he pulls her front..he smiles widely by seeing his sindhoor and mangalsutra on her
Rag:i dont like u calling me as GG
Rag:how do i lik it when u r calling me as GHOST GIRL?
San chuckles
Rag pouts seriously wat u said is true or u just pretending so that u can call me a lik this (pouts)
San:kissed on her pout…seriously ur soul only joined us ..(actually ragini forget everything wat and all her soul did?? After she came from coma she was shocked sanskar came to know abt her love when she enquired sanskar said watever happened)
Rag:for that u r going to call me lik this throughout our life.
San:smiles kk if u dont lik i wont.
Rag:actually i too lik it becaz whenever u call me like that..my heart flutters …it shows how much my love towards u..c wat and all my soul did to get u(smiles proudly)
San:passes his hand on her waist and pulls her on him…(huskily)then y u didnt propose me b4.itself?
Rag:(in stammering voice)im scared ..
San:kissed on her neck (huskily)scared of what
Rag:wat if u rejects me(in stammering voice)
San:looks her,do u think i will reject u?how anyone can reject a pure soul lik u
Rag smiles and hugs hin
San:kissed on her shoulder ..GG mom is asking for grand daughter
Rag:blushes and hides her face on his neck and curls her toe on his toe
San:wat it implies GG?(teases)
RAG:sanskar plzzz
San smiles and carries her towards the bed…

The end

Hope u like it..and the concept (body and soul)is based on one english move but not the story…

Ishu:i will try to provide epilogue for my previous os
Pinky/jasminerahul:even i dont know wat to made laksh to say k for the marriage…i dont know whether to show him in positive or negative side thats y i didnt clear that thing
Mk:i know ragsan scenes were less but story is lik that..i will try to provide epilogue

And guys im going to quit writing ..it may b my last one or may b that epilogue

Thank u for ur support and love….i will miss u people alot????????

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