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Hey guys.. How are u all?? How was ur new year celebration??

U can read the previous episode here..

Episode 93Let’s peep into today’s episode..


The episode starts with Swadhu coming to the office.. She sees Sid waiting for her in the corridor.. Sid sees her.

Sid : Thank God.. U reached soon..

Swadhu : Do u know?? I came in the speed of a storm only for u..

Sid : Thank u Sweetheart.. Sorry for this.. Actually I brought another file by mistake.. And this higher official of mine,is overreacting.. We had an encounter this morning and I scolded him.. He is taking revenge..

Swadhu : Ok Sid.. U go fast.. Else he will scold u.. I will wait here.. We will talk later..

Sid runs to the conference room.. Arnav shows the file to Rakesh.. He goes through it and tell asks Sid to proceed with the work..
After sometime,Rakesh comes out and he sees Swadheenta.. He comes towards her..

Rakesh : Hello Swadhz..

Swadhu looks up and sees him.. She smiles..

Swadhu : Hey Rocky.. How are u??

She side hugs him..

Rakesh : I am great.. What about u??

Swadhu : I am good too.. How is everyone there??

Rakesh : Ya.. All are great..

Swashu : Why did u not come to my marriage?? I am angry at u..

Rakesh : Sorry yaar.. I was a little busy.. I am extremely sorry..

Swadhu : Is it so?? Did u see the pictures which I sent u?

Rakesh : Did u send me pictures?? I don’t know..

Swadhu : So,u did not see it,right??

Rakesh : Sorry.. So tell me,what are u doing here??

Swadhu : Actually my husband works here.. I too worked here before marriage..

Rakesh : Really??

By then Sid sees them talking and comes to them..

Swadhu : Rocky.. This is Sid.. Siddharth.. My husband..

Rakesh laughs on seeing Sid..

Rakesh : What?? He is ur husband?? (He laughs again)

Sid gets angry on seeing him..

Swadhu : Rocky.. Why are u laughing? Don’t laugh.. I will kill u..

Rakesh : U have a very bad taste Swadhz..

He laughs again.. Swadhu too laughs.. Sid is at the peak of anger.. Swadhu notices him and stops laughing.. Sid stares angrily at both of them..

Swadhu : Sid.. Sorry.. I forgot to introduce him to u.. He is Rakesh.. My cousin.. He was in Australia.. Now he has returned.. And don’t take this serious.. He always teases me by saying something..

Sid stares at Rakesh..

Rakesh : He knows me.. I am his CEO.. And do u know?? Ur husband gets angry often..

Swadhu : Oh.. That’s great.. U are right.. He gets angry at times..

Sid moves from the place angrily..

Swadhu : Sorry yaar.. He is in bad mood..

Rakesh : Ok.. No problem.. Shall we go for dinner tonight??

Swadhu thinks..

Rakesh : Bring ur husband too..

Swadhu : He is angry.. I have to convince him.. I will tell u in the evening..

Rakesh : Ok.. See u in the evening.. I have some work..

Swadhu : Ok.. U carry on Rocky..

She goes to Sid.. He was sitting angrily..

Swashu : Sweeeeeetheartttt..(pulls his cheeks)

Sid : U go home.. I have to do my work..

Swadhu : I thought u had to say something to me..

Sid : I had something.. But I am in no mood of saying it..

Swadhu : I have something to say.. Rakesh called me for dinner… (Sid stares) Sorry he has called us..

Sid : I asked u to go home..

Swadhu : Ok ok.. Cool down..(thinks) Let me convince him after he returns home..


Its evening.. Arnav gets a call from an unknown number..

Arnav : (himself) Who is calling me now??

He takes the call..

Shruti : (from the other side) Arnav .. Arnav.. Please save me..

Arnav : Shruti.. Where are u?? What happened to u??

Shruti : Arnav.. Arnav.. (Cries) I was returning from the shop.. Someone kidnapped me.. Please save me..

Arnav : Shruti.Are u serious??

Shruti : I am serious..(other side) Don’t beat me.. No no..

Arnav : Shruti.. What happened??

A man from other side talks..

Man : Arnav.. Listen to me.. Don’t act smart and call the police.. If u do,then u will not see ur wife alive..

Arnav : Hey.. Who are u??

Man : U don’t need to know about me.. U don’t have time.. Come to the beach resort within an hour.. Come alone.. Don’t tell anyone about this.. Remember.. Ur wife’s life is in ur hand.. Don’t do anything silly.. I am telling u again.. Don’t act smart..

He hangs up the call..

Arnav does not know what to do.. He goes to Sid and Abhi..

Arnav : Guys.. I have to go out.. It’s urgent..

Sid : Bhai.. Anything serious?

Arnav : No no.. Nothing.. Please complete the work and go home.. If possible,I will come again..

Abhi : Don’t worry bhai.. We will take care..

Arnav leaves with confused mind.. He goes towards the resort..


On the other side,Shruti gives some money to a man..

Shruti : Bhai.. U have done the job correctly.. Well done..

Man : Madam.. Why did u make me talk like this to ur husband??

Shruti : He is a very serious guy.. I want to give him surprise.. That’s why I made u talk to him like u have kidnapped me..

Man : Oh.. That’s good mam..

He goes.. Shruti sees Arnav coming hurriedly.. She hides and goes to his back and closes his eyes from behind..

Arnav gets angry..

Arnav : Who the hell is this?? Shruti!! Where are u??

Shruti did not answer and take him towards a table.. Arnav loses his patience and pulls her to his front..

Arnav : Shruti.. U here??

Shruti : Surprise!!

Arnav : What!! U.. Called me.. Here.. (He tries to connect dots)

Shruti : My dear hubby.. Nobody kidnapped me.. I played prank and u believed everything..I just wanted to give surprise to u..

Arnav : Stupid.. Do u know how much work I have in office?? U wasted my time.. It’s my mistake to have loved u..

Shruti : Hahaha.. That’s why I called u using my tactics.. If I had called u normally,u would have refused to come saying that u have this work.. That work.. Bla bla.. And one more thing.. Nowadays,I could not see ur angry face.. I get to see ur flirting face.. I wanted to see ur angry face and that’s why did this..

Arnav : U are really an idiot.. Do u know?? Our CEO has arrived today.. Abhi,Sid and me were working seriously.. But u spoiled everything..

Shruti : Oho.. I thought of telling u something which I had to say for days.. U can go if u want..

Arnav thinks..

Shruti : Why are u thinking?? U can go.. U have work nah?? It’s getting late.. Go..

Arnav : No.. I don’t want to go.. I will be here with u..

Shruti : Hmm.. Ok..

Arnav thinks again..

Shruti : Again what are u thinking??

Arnav : I think I should have gone.. U won’t say it as u did that night.. U will say only a part of it.. And then will say some silly reasons.. Am I wasting my time??

Shruti : I don’t know.. (Smiles)

Arnav : Hmm.. Whatever.. I will wait and see what u have to say..

Shruti : Ok.. Tell me where I stopped that night..

Arnav : I don’t remember.. But the over all summary is u fell for my smile,isn’t it??

Shruti : Hmm.. Very good.. U caught my point..

Arnav raises his collar and gives a proud smile..

Shruti : I usually get friends easily.. And all the men I have seen talks to me so nicely and some would flirt too.. I ignore them.. But,u were different.. U ignored me when we first met.. I have never seen u talking to anyone except Karthi Anna.. I thought how could someone be like that.. My fate made me land in trouble in the form of u..

Arnav : So,u say that I am ur trouble,isn’t it??

Shruti : Of course..

Arnav : (thinks) if I say something,she will stop this midway.. Let me be quiet and listen to her..(to Shruti) U continue..

Shruti : Hmm.. That’s my boy.. I don’t know when I exactly fell in love with u.. But I was in confusion whether it’s love or not.. When u left for US,I used to stare at ur pictures whenever I get chance.. Then I thought u might have got married by then.. Later,when I first met u in office ,I felt happy and my feelings for u started developing again.. And do u know,when I realized my love for u??

Arnav : Hmm.. Tell me..

Arnav sits resting his head on his palms..

Shruti : Its when Sanjay proposed me..Whatever he said,suited with us.. The very moment I realized my feelings for u.. I admired u secretly till that night came.. I was in trouble as my parents threw me out of my house and I was living in Abhi’s house..U convinced me..

Arnav : Wait.. I will tell about it.. Ya.. U were lost in thoughts always and I did miss ur pranks and ur laughs.. I called u and asked the reason.. U told me everything.. I consoled u and we were about to kiss.. And don’t talk about the next day.. I am extremely sorry for what I did that day..

Shruti : That night made me realize that u too have feelings for me.. And the next day I came to meet u with a bouquet and greeting card..
Arnav : I have that card u know??

Shruti : Really??

Arnav : I pasted it after u tore it that day..

Shruti : How sweet!!. So,then our marriage happened with Sid’s help.. Then I came to know everything about u and now.. I am sitting in front of u.. Only to say that.. I am madly,deeply,truly.. in love with u..

Arnav : Wah.. Finally u told..

Shruti : This is how u react when I say that I love u..

Arnav : Oh sorry.. Don’t fight with me again.. I love u too..

He goes and hugs Shruti.. Shruti smiles..

Tu aata hai seene mein

Jab jab saasein bharti hoon..

Teri dil ki galliyon se,main har roz guzarti hoon..

Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu,main ret jaise udti hoon..

Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega,jaise main karti hoon ..plays..

Unnaal unnaal un ninaival ulagil illai naan dhane

Ulle ketkum osaiyile unnai unnai ketene

Unnodu serndhu nedudhoorangal kaalara nadandhu midhandhene

Unnidam thandha idhayathai thedi unnil ennai tholaithene.. Plays..

PRECAP : Ritika’s father comes to see her.. Sid and Swadhu’s cute argument..

Happy weekend guys.. Will post the next as soon as possible.. Take care.. Drop ur likes and comments..

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  1. Lovely episode dhidhi..❤??????..finally shruthi confess herlove to arnav…I too like his angry mood ??. ..6 more to hit…century ????❤?…love u baby..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear.. Love u d.. And 6 more to go..

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