|OFA…AFO|Two Shot: Part – 2

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Shivaay stepped out of the car, with a lot of thoughts rewinding the memories he had in the house. But the moment he reached, he got nervous. What if they don’t trust him? For that moment, they may get justified, but what about now? What if..? No need, he won’t get inside.

He moved back. Just then, his hand was caught by Annika. She looked at him and nodded indicating him to enter. But he nodded back by saying, “He can’t”

She then told, “What if they forgave you? What if you are mistaken? What happened to your trust on them? Don’t you trust your family who took care of you till now? Don’t you trust your brothers, who were with you thick and thin?”

He replies, “Annika, I trust them, but I am getting scared. What if it is the opposite?”

She then says, “You shouldn’t think negative now. Past is past. We are meant to forget. If you keep holding your past, then we won’t be able to move forward. Leave it here and come with me. I will hold you and will never let you leave me.”

He looks at her. If it was before, he would have smiled, but now, he didn’t have the confidence to smile even. Sometimes, we may think why should he feel guilty to kill his uncle, when he is right? But a person whom he considered as his role model is the one whom he killed. He killed one of his loved ones for his loved ones.

Annika entered the house holding his hand. He examined the house. It’s the same as before. That’s when she pressed his hand. He looks straight. He saw them starring at him angrily. He knew it was as per what he was expecting.

Do you think they can stay like that? No, they couldn’t! Seeing his face, Dadi forgot that she had a pact with others that they would act!

She immediately hugged him and cried. Everyone except Om and Rudra went and hugged him tight. He was happy to be there. He understood Annika was right. They can’t stay angry with him for a long time.

They looked at him angrily and went. He looked at them. Maybe, they couldn’t forgive him. Annika didn’t expect Dadi and others to forgive him. She was in fact surprised by their reaction.

She immediately went in search of Om and Rudra and saw them in Om’s room with tears in their eyes. She sits beside them and says, “Are you angry with him, even now?”

Rudra looks at her and said, “Yes, we are angry with him, because he killed my so-called father with his good hands. We should have killed him. We are angry with him, because he hid the truth.” Annika was shocked by revelation.

Om looked at her and said, “Yes, Bhabhi. This is the truth. That’s why we all were acting angry at him for doing it. Why should he sacrifice himself for us? Did he forget about us? He could have told the truth before itself? We told Bhavya and Gauri, today morning. I told them not to tell. You know only Khanna knew the truth and Shivaay had told him not even tell this to us or you!”

Annika couldn’t react after hearing this, why was he acting like a hero who is ready is to sacrifice his life for his loved ones? When the hero sacrifices, what about the loved ones? They wanted to kick, punch, shout at him in anger telling him that they don’t need a hero, they need him.

Annika, Om and Rudra went to his room and saw him sitting in the couch. Om and Rudra hid behind the wall to see his reaction. She then says it a little loud, “He thinks he is hero, who does everything for the family and his family doesn’t care about him.”

Shivaay looks at her. He turns to the other side. She goes and sits beside him. She smirks and says it again, “He thinks he is hero, who does everything for the family and his family doesn’t care about him.”

He was not in a mood to have fun, as you all know why. How could a man in his guilty state have fun? He then says, “They didn’t trust me.”

She looks at him, “You think they won’t trust you?”

He nods his head. That’s when Om came out of hiding place and said, “I thought he believes that we trust him. Now he doesn’t believe in us, what should I do Bhabhi? I am going.  Rudy, you also come with me. We will go. He should have believed in us too. We trusted him. We followed our instincts even after 5 years to know that he didn’t do it purposely. Then, why should we be with him? He don’t even care for us.

Annika turns to them and indicates them to stop. Shivaay looks at them with teary eyes. They all went and sat with him. Slowly, they all hugged him tight and starts crying.

Rudy says, “You thought we will never believe you. Our brain will force us to believe what we saw, but our love for you will not..”

*****THE END*****


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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Loved this TS.. Every thing is perfectly handled.. Give us more such beautiful stories achu..

    1. Agga4102

      Sure, di!!!!!!! Will try all my best!!!!

  2. Aniriya

    You know it will be good because you have the capability to properly handle and beautifully elaborate and express it so story is gonna be amazing.
    Keep writing and don’t forget to smile

    1. Agga4102

      Sure, di!!!1

  3. Surbhifan

    Good writing…. Keep pursuing….

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much, dear!!!

  4. Astmasiddika

    This was amazing plot? Agga all the parts were nice I felt this would have been in the serial ?? you are having a amazing writing skill dear???

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much, dear!!!!!!! Feel so happy to hear out your comment!!!

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much!!!

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