|OFA….AFO| Two Shot: Part -1

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It’s been five years since their brother…..brother? Did he consider them as brothers?

If he did, then why did he kill their father? Property doesn’t matter to them, until it matters to him. They were filled with theses questions since that unfortunate day.

They never even talked about this to their wives even. They were afraid to express what their instinct as they feel that they will embarrassed and be hated by others.

 So, they kept quiet, but now they feel it is time to express it among themselves.They were witnessing a fight with their heart and brain. They never expected him to do it, but they couldn’t hate him for doing it.

Their love for him was overcoming their hate for his actions. It’s like we never expect the ones we love to cheat us, but even if they do it, we have a soft corner towards. Especially, they knew Shivaay won’t do it without a reason.

But what they saw in front of them, what they heard from their dying father and the circumstantial clues were all against him. How can he do it? He considers their father as his role model, and then why did he kill him? Shivaay never valued things with money, then why now?

Their instincts are telling them, that their brother will never do it, since that day, but they ignored it. Om and Rudra are really confused with their thoughts.

Om couldn’t concentrate in his work even now. It’s been 5 years, these thoughts aren’t leaving him. Just then, Rudra comes in and says, “Om, I need to talk to you.”

Om looks at him. He closes his laptop and indicates him to sit with him. Rudra continued, “Om, I don’t know why it’s been 5 years since he came, but something inside me is telling me to not believe Papa’s words and Shivaay bhaiyya can’t do it. I know I shouldn’t think like this, but….As I ignore it, it’s coming again and again.”

Om couldn’t believe it, even Rudra was feeling this. Om looks down and says, “Even I am feeling so, I don’t I should hate him, but I couldn’t do it. I feel like we missed out something, but what is it?”

Rudra said, “We have to find out the matter, before he comes, there is only one day left for us. Tomorrow, he will come. I want to know why he killed our dad.”

Om nods and then says, “So, that day, other than Shivaay who was there, close to Shivaay. It’s not Annika Bhabhi anyway, then who?”

Rudra says, “Not me, you, dadi, Ma….then….Khanna…Khanna was there. When you asked whether it is true, his expressions showed that he was seeing someone else.”

Om widens his eyes, and says, “Oh…yes..! I did notice that. He was looking at someone else and he was nodding his head to someone else. I will call him right now.”

Om messages Khanna to come immediately, and Khanna being the loyal servant came. Rudra the says, “Khanna, are you loyal to us till now?”

Khanna looks down and says, “Yes, Sir.” Om goes and pushes his chin up with his finger. He then moves a little back and says, “So, were you hiding something from us?”

Sweat beads started forming in Khanna’s face, he replies, “N…no..noo…., Sir” Rudra understand that he was lying to them and asks, “Really???”

Khanna nods. Om then says, “Rudra, don’t you feel so cold here? But Khanna is feeling so hot, you can see him sweating.” 

Rudra smirks and says, “If you don’t say, then okay…we know everything. But we need to hear it from your mouth.”

Khanna then told everything as he badly needs to tell them the truth, but his Shivaay sir didn’t let him do it. He and Shivaay never had a boss – employee relationship, they were like friends or maybe, more close, which were made fun off by Omru, Prinyanka(Shivaay’s sister) and Annika by calling Khanna, his wife!

Khanna had tears in his eyes, but it was tears of happiness. He was happy that Shivaay Sir’s trust has won this time. Now he is waiting to tell this to Annika. He was about to when Om tells him to not to tell this anyone. He moves out of the room.

Om and Rudra was shocked. Their own father tried to kill them and their brother who was their cousin took all the mistakes on to himself! They were angry on their dad, who tried to break their relation with their dear brother, by using love and money.

True enough, as someone said, “Love and money are the most dangerous weapons. Once they are combined, it  destroys everything.”

They were angry at their brother too. He could have told the truth to them. He could have told that their so-called father was behind his miseries. He could have at least told someone in their house, but he didn’t.

So, they both made up a plan to act rude in front of him. They also made sure that Priyanka, Dadi and Khanna do act along.

[A/N: Annika, Gauri and Bhavya doesn’t know the truth that Omru and others know the reality. Also, Omru knows that Gauri and Bhavya has connection with Annika]

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