O Gujariya 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Vaibhavi sees Suman talking to Ada and goes…Ada thanks…Suman ….Suman asks her name..She replies “Ada”..tells it is a very beautiful name like her….Tell her parents kept a very nice name…Ada says her mother is expired..Suman says she cannot take her place but will try give lots of love…Both Ada and Suman hugs each other…In next Scene Natasha and Kabir simultaneously washes face in washroom…Natasha thinks about kabir..how she said him all truth about his uncle..tells that she has changed from before…tells that finally she found her true love ….Kabir says that there is no place of committnent in their life….Samar sits on steps and studies…Watchman comes and tells that time is up…as he have to close gate…Shaurya comes and asks Samar How would one identify if anyone broked someone”s trust.Samar says betrayal is not good thibg to do..Shaurya says but bad thing cam done good If thinking is right…Shaurya goes..Samar says he is betraying Junaid by loving Ada…tells it is not good he should stop…
In next Scene Vaibhavi is sitting and reading a book Suman asks what happened why she is tensed…Vaibhavi tells she is bored…Suman tells she is worried as first time Vaibhavi spoke something about her age..Vaibhavi thinks about Shaurya…Vaibhavi says leave it..asks why her mood is good…Suman says that today “Chui mui”(Ada) came to her shop….Tells Ada is like friend to her..Suman says if Vaibhavi meet her will also be happy ..Vaibhavi thinks about Ada…and Natasha …and tells that Shaurya broked her trust…tells that Natasha and Ada is good…Vaibhavi shows the video to Suman of exposin Canteen owner…Suman sees and tells Vaibhavi to jump into such issues…Vaibhavi tells that her friends also was with her…Ada and Natasha…Suman gets happy atleast her friends are there with her….till that Suman listens Mr jaiswal name and gets worried Asked If Natasha jaiswal is her friend…Vaibhav says yess…Suman ges worried and goes.in Vaibhavi gets shocked..
NExt morning…Ada and Natasha sitting in a car…Natasha talks about Vaibhavi ….Ada gets jeoulos and goes…Natasha tels it okey they can include Vaibhavi in the group..Ada tells Natasha that she can be never loyal to anyone…Natasha gets angry…Both fight ..Natasha goes…
.Shaurya calls Vaibhavi…Till that Vaibhavi and Shaurya bump into each other…Shaurya lectures Vaibhavi about friendship tells her to maintain friendship….no one will teach her..Vaibhavi tells there are only 2 people in her life friends and enemies Shaurya replies what she will choose between enemy and best frnds…Vaibhavi says best friends dont give any options and goes away..
In next scene Natsasha is waiting for Kabir ..tells when her prince Charming will come And looks at the door..And Ada too looks at the door…Professor observes both of them and comes…and asks if any celebraty is coming as both of them staring the door…He sees English literature book on Ada”s desk and scolds her…Tells that he would have fliped the Subject if known before ..All students laughs…Tells Ada to atleast learn from Natasha as she acting to study…Again everyone laughs…Proff asks where is vaibhavi…Natasha tells she doing MR Rao assignment…He says Vaibhavi is coming only to attend Mr Rao classes…Natasha says why college is keeping classes on such time that students cannot manage..He tells Natasha to tell her father MR Jaiswal and arrange good timings..Ada shouts not to bring father in between…Prof appreciates tells that Vaibhavi has good friends and allow them to sit…
IN NExt scene MR Rao is talking to some boys Vaibhavi comes Mr Rao tells Vaibhavi to complete the task .Vaibhavi gets shocked and asks what…MR Rao says to check whether good food is supply…Vaibhavi tells that waiters are not arranged till now Mr Rao tells he dont want any excuses…He tells that its Vaibhavi”s responsibility to bring Students at the canteen..tells to become a good IAS have to handle such situations….

Precap:NAtasha sees kabir hugging a girls and cries..MR Rao tells VAibhavi that her task was to bring students in a limited time but she failed as he cannot see any students

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