Jodha Akbar 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal says to maham in court that what you wanted, I did the same, I started acting like I am going gaga over atifa’s beauty, he says to know things more closely, I went to jungle with atifa alone that’s why I only took her with me, flashback shows how jalal said to atifa that I haven’t seen beautiful lady like you, how did you reach my bath ? atifa says I am relative of your cook so I thought I will get the work here so I came to meet him but in kitchen some spice fell on me so went to shahi bath and met you, jalal says till now, the real master mind was away from me so I had to act like I love atifa, he says for that I had hurt hamida, my wives and also tansen, flashback shows how jalal asked tensen to only let atifa sing, jalal says ram was ready to leave agra so I went to him to talk to him, flashback shows jalal coming to agra, jalal says tansen I got the news that I hurt you and you are going, jalal says I know I have hurt many people but I request you to believe your king and do not leave. fb ends, jalal says I started showing like I have become old cruel jalal, jalal says all started believing that I love atifa but there was one person who did not believe all my drama, flashback shows atgah saying to jalal that you are doing drama, what you are doing with atifa is just a plan, jalal is shocked, atgah says I am your guidance so I know when you are acting and when you are truly saying anything, jalal smiles and hugs atgah, fb ends, jalal says from then atgah was my eyes and ears, he became part of my plan, jalal says to get the master mind, I had to announce marriage with this characterless girl, he says to make the master mind come infront, I made people and priests go against me, priests says sorry to jalal, jalal says no, you did good by going against me, jalal says then I listened to atifa’s husband, flashback shows that husband saying that jalal should leave his throne otherwise they wont get money and treasure, jalal says I acted like I am leaving my throne to bring them all in my trap, jalal says to maham that earlier you tried to separate jodha and me and now you did this, why? maham says I did all this because you are a changed king, you are not king jalal that had attitude, you now do politics for women only, I am not interested in your money and property, I just wanted to bring you on right track, jalal shouts so you are not interested in my wealth, maham says no, jalal says then why did you kidnap chand begum for many years? maham is stunned, nigaar comes in court with chands begum, chand panics seeing maham, jalal says with the help of atgah I found chand begum in secret room that is in maham’s room, he says then one day, maham came to talk to atifa and I got to know that you are master mind, jalal angrily looks at maham and ask what punishment should I give to you? maham says kill me, jalal says no, you can kill me but no I, I am indebted to you as you raised me up, you made me learn many things but now I want you to go away from innocent people, I want to send you to a place where your poison doesn’t hurt anyone, I want to send you far far away from our lives, he orders atgah to put maham in isolated cell of jail, he says I will announce her punishment afterwards, all emotionally looks at jalal that all he did was a drama, jalal is about to leave but looks at jodha, who has tears of happiness in her eyes, she murmurs shehenshah and smiles.

Scene 2
jalal is with harem ladies, he says I am very sorry to you all, he says believe me situation was like that so I couldn’t tell you truth, he comes to salima and says your suggestions were right but I had to not follow them but believe me it was all drama and always give me suggestions, he comes to ruks and says I am really sorry, I told you many things, infact I asked you give back your position of special wife, he says in childhood, you used to tease me a lot so I forgive you today, jalal says to all that I hope I don’t have to act like this with you all, jodha gets emotional and leaves from there, hamida says everything is fine but I cant believe maham did all this for power, jalal looks at jodha leaving.

SCene 3
jodha happily comes in her room and says to kahna that how could I not believe you, how could I not believe that jalal loves me, how could I doubt jalal, she says to moti that jalal was acting all this while, jalal comes in her room, jdoah turns and happily looks at jalala, they share an eyelock, ishq hai who ehsas plays, jalal pulls jodha close and hugs her tightly, jalal says you don’t know how much I was desperate to hug you, jodha says you were not angry with me? you were not angry on with that kahibar thing? jalal says I was little angry that you had out your life in danger, nothing else, he says I did all this, I told you so many thing so that enemies doesn’t hurt you, enemies doesn’t hurt my children, jodha says but I am hurt a lot with your words, jalal says if I told you everything that I am putting my life in danger then you would have not allowed me to do this drama, you would have come inbetween in my plan like you did in Benazir’s case, jodha hugs jalal and says I was in a lot pain, jalal says and I was too much hurt to see you in pain, I was worried that I am hurting you but I had to pretend as if I don’t care, you don’t know last night, I came to your room to tell you the truth and only I know how I stopped myself, jalal says but now I will love you a lot, I will compensate those bitter words with my love for you.

Scene 4
people are happy to know that jalal was pretending and they say that by getting enemy, eid has become more beautiful, hamida happily distribute eidi(gift) among people, maan comes to atgah and wishes him eid, maan says I was worried about things and I was about to go against jalal but thank good it was all an act, atgah says I know you will always support right, he gives him siviyan to eat, hamida says today there should be celebration in whole agra.
jodha and jalal are lying on bed, jodha gets up, jalal ask where are you going? jodha says I should go out, all must be thinking what we are doing in room for so long, jalal says leave them, he says tell me one thing when in war, mali had sent my clothes and sword in blood, all aceepted that I am dead but you didn’t then why in case of atifa, you doubted me? you did not trust me, I was hurt about this thing, he says leave it, I just wanna say that I will love you my whole life, he says till your breath, I will live my life only, jodha says I cant believe you learned to say thses romantic lines, jalal says I have learnt many things, jalal says all is fine but one thing shouldn’t have happened, that is mahem involved in all this dirty game.

PRECAP- adham is being grabbed by jalal’s soldiers in court, adham says that maham went against you jalal as you were on wrong path, you were suppressing her and she had to fight for herself, it wa her goodness that she did not want to kill you, she just wanted to take throne from you, jalal shouts adham khan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  14. Shamsuddin Muhammad Atgah Khan (Ataga Khan) (died 1562), also known as Khan-e-Kalan Shamsu’d-Din Muhammad Khan Atgah Khan, held important positions in the court, including that of wakil (advisor or minister) to which he was appointed in November 1561, much to displeasure of Maham Anga, whose son Adham Khan, eventually murdered him in 1562.[1] Ataga Khan was the husband of Ji Ji Anga, one of Akbar’s wet nurses.

    Shamsuddin was the son of Mir Yar Muhammad of Ghazni, a simple farmer, and started life as a soldier in Kamran Mirza’s army. He saved Humayun from drowning in the Ganges. As reward, Humayun took him into his personal service and his wife became one of Akbar’s foster-mothers. She was called foster-mother( Anagah) and her husband Shamsuddin was designated foster-father (Atgah). He also received the title of Khan and his biological son, Aziz became Akbar’s foster or milk-brother (Kokah).[2]

    Young Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana being received by Akbar, being helped by Ataga Khan, Akbarnama, ca 1590-95

    Akbar orders punishment of Adham Khan for murdering Ataga Khan, by throwing him twice down the terrace. Akbarnama, ca. 1590-95

    Ataga Khan’s Tomb near Chausath Khamba in Nizamuddin West
    On May 16, 1562, Adham Khan accompanied by a few ruffians burst in upon him as he sat in the Diwan-e-Aam, the hall of audience, in Agra Fort, and murdered him, in the courtyard of Diwan-e-Aam.[3] Hearing of this murder, an enraged Akbar ordered Adham Khan to be thrown down the rampart of the fort, and when he survived the first fall, he was thrown a second time and killed instantly.

    After the death of Ataga Khan, his tomb was built by the instructions of Mughal emperor Akbar and built by his son, Mirza Aziz Koka, in 1566-67. It is situated on the northern edge of Nizamuddin, most known for the dargah of 13th century Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya. Its architect was Ustab Khuda Quli and calligrapher Baqi Muhammad from Bukhara, who added Quranic verses on the white marble slabs, inlaid on the red sandstone exterior walls, which were suitably chosen reflecting his mode of death, considered a martyrdom by Mughal historian, Abul Fazal.[4] An inscription on the southern door of the tomb mentions that it was finished in 974 AH (1566–67).[5]

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