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Hello guys I am back and a hearty apology to all my readers and commenters because I couldn’t reply to you all yesterday actually my internet was low and hence it created a lot of problem and I couldn’t reply but I will ? try to reply to all your comments today and I read all the comments and thanks to all the readers and please keep commenting and motivating.

Chapter 12
{{I hope so this is fine fama.}}

Ani Ishu Soums: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Two people open the door and
Two of them: Hahaaaaa hahaaaaa
Oh god look at your face guys.
Three of the girls become angry ? and take hold of what ever they get and throw it towards both the guys. And both the boys run ? in self defence.
Ani: Bhaiyu is khajoor ka saath aap bhi mil Gaya.
(Brother even you became part of this idiots pranks.)
She says this chasing her lovely brother “KARAN SINGHANIYA” & his best friend “ABEER MALHOTRA”.
Abeer: Oye bhootni aisa hi kuch bhi maat bol Han.
(Hey you Ghost ? don’t you dare say anything about me like that.)
Ishu who caught hold of Abeer says
Ishu: Aacha baachu aabhi baatati hoon.
(Oh really, wait I will tell you.)
Soums catches Karan and says
Soums: ? Bhaiyu, don’t worry we will make your welcome a very memorable one.
Karan : Hye sisoo’s I am your sweet lovely and one & only brother pls leave me. ( he says in melodramatic tone.)
After lots of pleading all of them fall down on the sofa.
Ishu: Bhaiyu when did you come.
Karan: An hour ago princess ?.
Anika: Ok , but how you guys planned all this prank.
Abeer: Kyon bhootni pranks karna par sirf tera hi copyright © hai kya Miss. PQ.
(Why, do you think that only you have a copyright © on doing pranks ,Miss. PQ.)
Ani: Yes definitely.
Ishu: Oye Bandar toh yahan kun aaya hai?
(Hye you monkey ? why have you come here?)
Abeer: Vo is liya chudail tanki mera bichaara dost tum Saab paaglon Ki saath reh kar paagl na Ho Jaya.
(I came here so that my innocent ? friend doesn’t becomes mad ? in your company.)
Soums: Par aap logoon nai yeh Saab plan kab kiya.
(But when did you guys planned all this.)
Abeer :
FB STARTS**************************
Two people are seen entering the house ? and go to check the entire house ? when they finally find the bedroom where three of the girls are sleeping means seriously the clock was striking around 5 O’ clock in evening and seeing this the people who entered pated their forehead with their hands and then something strikes their head and they both shake hands and begin their work.
FB ENDS***************************
Abeer: That’s all , this wasn’t much planned but seeing you three sleepy ? heads. We both decided to wake you up in such a sweet way, Wasn’t it amazing girls?
All the three girls giving angry ? glare to him and throw the pillows which were kept on the sofa.
The first one hits his stomach, second his legs and third one his face.
Abeer: Ouch ! Wait you three devils . He takes a pillow and throws it towards Ani but she bends down at the end moment and the pillow hits Karan
Karan: Yaar Abeer toh ruk. (You Abeer wait)
Karan takes pillow and throws at Abeer but it hits Soums
Soums: Bhaiyu what
She throws same pillow at Karan and it hits him and then he throws it towards Ishu and now they all get indulged in this pillow fight and run ? all around the house and end up in ANI ISHU SOUMS room where all the five land up on the bed and their heads are joining each other and all are laughing ? a bit and relaxing now.
After a while Karan asks
Karan: Aacha khaana Mai kya hai aaj.
(What’s there to eat today.)
Abeer gets up in shock and says in a scared ? tone
Abeer: Let’s order food ? today from outside.
Karan: Why?
Abeer whispers in Karan’s ear
Abeer: Because I have no wish of being dead so soon.
Ishu who heard him says
Ishu: Oh hello Mr. Monkey ? man ? who is going to offer food ? to you.
Abeer: Thanks chudail, even I don’t want to die ? unmarried.
Soums: Vo sab toh tehkh hai paar aap Sa shaadi karaga kon.
(That’s ok but who will marry you?)
Abeer: Oh Miss. Soumya Singhaniya don’t worry ? soon I will get my sapno Ki rani.
(Don’t worry Miss. Soumya Singhaniya soon I will get the queen ? of my dreams.)
Ani Ishu Soums together begin to sing ? in a unison
Ani Ishu Soums :
“”Oh Bandar Ki Bandariya kab aayegi toh ,
Are Kaila khaana waali kab aayegi toh,
Chali aa, ohhh Chali aaaaa.””
Hearing this Karan bursts out into fits of laughter while Abeer begins to chase these three devils who began to run ? across the room.
Soums coming to Karan and hiding behind him says
Soums: Bhaiyu aapni pyaari si behn ko iss joker ? se bacha lo pls.
(Bro pls save your sweet little sister from this clown.)
Karan is still laughing ? seeing all of them , then he stops them with lots of difficulty.
Karan : Ok ok guys pls stop , today I will order food ? from outside but from tomorrow we will cook food ? at home. Ok.
Ishu: But Bhaiyu our rule book.
Karan: It’s ok princess ?, it’s just matter of one day.
All of them agree to him.
Karan: Ok so what will you all have.
Soums: Margaret cheese pizza ? with extra cheese, garlic bread ?, hamburger ? ,pasta , choco lava cake ? and
Abeer: Bas kar bhukhaad kitna khaya gi.
(Stop it you foodie, how much will you eat.)
Soums: Pls ha, aaiva us Mr. Peanut size brain Ki tarah kuch bhi maat bol.
(Hey, don’t speak anything like that Mr. Peanut size brain .)
Abeer who was not much interested in listening to her but the word “”Mr. Peanut size brain “” didn’t go unnoticed by him so ,
Abeer: Who is this Mr. Peanut size brain . (He says this in full teasing tone.)
Ani: Are wo Saab baad Mai , pehla order kar laita hai.
(We will talk about this later, let’s order food ? first.)
She says this keeping a hand on her stomach and acting as if she is hungry ? from ages.
They order stuff and settle down to discuss about all the happenings that took place in a week.( but not about the morning incident.)
And Abeer begins to tease three of them.
Next day all five of them enjoy in each others company , laughing ?, playing and having fun ? with each other.

{{ANI ISHU SOUMS Consider Abeer as their brother but they all fight alot. As Abeer has no siblings so he loved three of them alot and Ani calls him khajoor, while he calls her bhootni ; Ishu calls him Bandar and he calls her chudail, Soums calls him Big B and he calls her Soums. And in collaboration he calls them as devil. }}
{{Role of Karan Singhaniya played by “Arjun Bijlani” and role of Abeer Malhotra played by “Pearl V Puri.”}}

Karan enters the house in a perfect jogging dress with earphones in his ears and firstly he goes to his room.
Karan slightly shaking Abeer.
Karan: Get up Abeer , you have to go to Mr. Gupta’s office at 10 and it’s already 9:30 dude.
Abeer on hearing this gets up with a jerk.
Abeer: What man can’t you wake me up a bit early.
Abeer sees the digital clock kept on side table and gets up angrily and yells at Karan.
Abeer: You idiot it’s 7 in the morning.
Karan: So.
Abeer: So you said it’s 9:30.
Karan: Yaar, see now you got up and will go to washroom and will stay there for about an hour considering it to be your sassural (in-laws house) then when you will come out it will 8 and then you will get ready and time will be 8:30 and finally u will eat your breakfast and time will be 9 and then you will go to Mr.Gupta’s office and only then you will reach by 10 na.
Abeer folding his hands says
Abeer: Tera hota Hua mujhe Kisi biwi Ki zaroorat nahi hai.( I don’t need a wife till you are there in my life.)
And then he leaves to washroom and Karan leaves to his sisters room.
Karan enters the room and sees three of them cuddling and sleeping with each other and all of them have smile ? on their faces.
Karan: Good morning ? ? princess’s.
No response
He goes and sits by their side and caring Anika’s hair says
Karan: Good morning ? Ani, get up or you will get late princess ?.
Ani: Pls Bhaiyu give me five more minutes.
Karan: Ok .
And after five minutes he opens the curtains and sun rays fall on three of them and they wake up.
Karan : Finally you guys are up, come on go get ready soon.
Ani Ishu Soums: Good morning ? Bhaiyu.
They all share a hug.
Then after two hours all of them leave to their respective destinations.
*Anika to Oberoi estate.
*Ishu to gallery because she had to meet Om for her Mumbai Darshan.(visit.)
*Soums to college ? as it’s her first day.
*Karan to Singhaniya empires branch.
*Abeer to Mr.Gupta’s office.

Anika enters and a servant asks her to go to Shivaay’s room.

Om: Shivaay you remember na what you have to do.
Shivaay who is busy with his laptop ? says
Shivaay: What are you talking about Om?
Rudra : Bhaiya, you again forgot.
Shivaay: What did I forget now.
Om Ru together: You have to thank Anika.
Shivaay gets startled and says
Shivaay: Ok fine guys stop being so hyper.
OmRu see Anika coming and say
Om: Ok then we will leave.
Shivaay: Why? Where are you going?
Rudra: We are going so that you can thank Anika di.
Shivaay: Ok fine.
He finds it a bit awkward.

Anika comes there and stops on the door as she didn’t come in Shivaay , feels that someone is there so he looks at the door and sees Anika standing there and he says
Shivaay: You can Come in Anika.
Anika comes in and says
Anika: Aapna mujhe bulaya billu ji.
(Did you call me billu ji.)
Shivaay: Hey don’t call me that.
Anika: Kya? (What?)
Shivaay: That word.
Anika: Konsa word.( Which word?)
Shivaay a bot hesitantly says : B..B..Billu.
Anika: Oh, Vo Saab toh thikh hai par aapna mujhe yahan kun bullaya.
( Oh that’s all right but why did you call me hear.)
Shivaay being blank asks: When did I call you?
Anika: Aabhi tooh aapna bullaya.
(Right now only you called me.)
Shivaay then remembers what OmRu had asked him to do, so he understands that it would be OmRu who had called her.
Shivaay: Oh ya Vo.
He becomes ‘ Fumble Singh Oberoi ‘ from ‘Shivaay Singh Oberoi ‘.
Anika: Vo Vo kya billu ji.
(What happened billu ji.)
Shivaay gets irritated hearing billu ji from her mouth and now he shouts at top of his voice.
Shivaay: Tumhe ek baar Mai saamajh nahi aata stop calling me that.
(Don’t you get it at once, now stop calling me with that name.)

PA of mysterious lady entered her room.
PA: Ma’am I have finalized the meeting with Oberoi’s and according to our information Singhaniya family ? is returning earlier.
Lady: Ok leave now and make arrangements for our meeting.
PA: Ok ma’am.
And she leaves.

{{Ok now guys pls do tell me do you like the pranks that I add or not pls do tell through your comments.}}

Shivaay Anika nok- jhok continued.
Will Shivaay say thanks or not?
Om and Ishu’s day out.

Another attack but now who is the victim now.
Singhaniya family ? in India.

Thank you ?
Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
Keep smiling ?
Stay tuned
& For now
Signing off

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      Thank you ? Jazz and definitely Shivaay will thank Anika but I don’t know ? when , may be tomorrow or may be some other day.
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      Thank you ? soooooooooooo much my sweetie pie.
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      I have posted the next part but when will you post madam ji .
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      Love ❤ you loads
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        Right now I m too much busy..
        But will try to post the next part soon..
        Sorry once again..
        Hope u will forgive your sissy..
        Love you..
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        Keep smiling..

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