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Hello guys , I am back and I am quite happy ? with your response of the “Mash up” . Thank you ? so much for your support guys and here we go.


Anika looks back and gets hell shocked and runs towards Shivaay and pushes him back and…



The first sound is of both of them falling down and then Shivaay asks her to get up and he is gets really very angry ? on her but Anika is not concerned when
All get shocked as it was a bullet shot’s sound and then
The chandelier fell down
All this happened in split seconds
All of them are hell shocked.
Shivaay catch holds of Anika’s arm and drags her a bit towards himself.
Every one is shocked beyond words after seeing what all happened.

Shivaay is holding Anika when suddenly both of their eyes being to search for someone and as soon as they find the one whom they were searching for they rush to them
Anika goes and grabs Ishu and Soums into a tight hug and kiss them on their forhead and try soothing them.
While Shivaay rushes to OmRuPrinku and hugs three of them and calm’s them down and then he sees dadi and rushes to her and gives a tight hug and rest three also join them.
All of them are a bit scared ? and Tej & Shakti try pacifying their respective wives.
After a while when all calm down a bit both Shivaay and Anika serve them with water. All drink it and Shivaay goes to Anika and offers water and says
Shivaay: Are you fine Anika.
Anika: Ji billu ji Mai thik hoon.
( Yes I am fine ?.)

Shivaay: Sit down Anika .
She sits on the sofa and drinks ? the water. Shivaay sits in front of her on the table.
Shivaay: Can you tell me what happened Anika?
Anika a being bit scared ? begins to narrate
Anika: Jab mai jaa rahi thi mujhe koi aawaz sunai di toh Mai picha modi toh Maina aapko aatai hua deekha, tabhi mera dhyaan upaar uss jhomar Ki taraf Gaya Maina dekha Ki Vo girna vala tha, aur aap bilkul us ka nicha khaada tha toh Maina aapko dhaaka diya aur hum nicha gir Gaya, par Vo jhomar Puri thara Sa nahi gira aur phir ek bullet ka chalna Ki aawaz aaiyi aur Vo jhomar phir gir Gaya.
( When I was going to leave I heard some sought of voice and then I turned back and saw that you were coming down and then my attention went to the chandelier hanging over there which was about to fall down so I rushed towards you and we landed on the floor but the chandelier didn’t come down completely and then I heard the bullet shot’s sound and finally the chandelier came down completely.)
Shivaay and all others listen to her calmly.
Shivaay: Anything else that you would have noticed Anika.
Anika: No.
Shivaay: Ok (he gets up) . I think so that we all should leave now.
All nod in yes.
Dadi: Shivaay you go and drop Anika, Ishaana and Soumya.
Anika was about to deny but dadi insists her so she agree.
Shivaay to Prinku: Prinku you had to go to airport side na, come I will drop you.
Prinku: But Bhaiya….
Shivaay cuts her and says: It’s ok Prinku don’t worry ? every thing is alright now.
Prinku agrees and goes with them.
While going out
Om to Ishu: Ishaana are you alright.
Ishu: Yes Om I am fine now.
Om passes a slight smile ? to her.
All of them leave to their respective destinations and Shivaay after dropping every one goes to OBEROI’S ESTATE.

Prinku meets her friend Meher.
They both go to a nearby cafe.
After about two hours they are going towards their house when some goons begin to tease them and Prinku being nervous starts crying ?. The goon was about to touch her when someone holds his hands and beats him black and blue even his friend joins in beating the goons.
After a while
Boy 2 asks Prinku & Meher : Are you both ok.
Boy 1: Are you both mad ?.
Prinku , Meher & Boy 2: What?
Boy1 : Yes I am asking you two girls are you insane.
Boy 2 holds him and say : Bro relax, calm down toh aisa hi meri setting kharab karaga. (he says last few words in a whisper so that girls don’t listen that.)
Boy1: Shut up! You idiot let me speak . These girls need to gain some courage to fight back . What’s the use of staying silent all the times.
Boy2: It’s ok dude.
Boy1: No it’s not at all Ok. These girls can fight with their brothers, boyfriends or husbands but can’t say anything to a road side Romeo .
Meher: Oh hello. Mr. Don’t you think you are crossing your limits.
Boy 1: Oh seriously, from where did you get all this strength all of a sudden hmm, and where was it when those boys were teasing you. Come on now answer me.
Meher doesn’t has an answer so she prefers staying mum.
Prinku gets teary eyed and seeing this boy1 says
Boy 1: Oh Miss. Do something else rather then shedding crocodile tears and that to in front of me.
Boy 2 tries pacifying his anger but in vain.
Boy 1 : You are cowards, who can’t even fight for themselves.
Saying this he begins to leave when
Prinku finally says: We are not coward’s.
Listening to this he was about to say something but Boy2 drags him from there and says sorry to both the girls.

All the four leave.

Shivaay enters and goes straight to his room.
He gets freshen up and is thinking ? something deeply when OmRu enter
Rudra: Shivaay Bhaiya kya sooch raha Ho aap .
(What are you thinking ? bro.)
Shivaay: Nothing.
Om: Shivaay (he says giving stress.)
Shivaay: Ya Om.
Om: Shivaay you know na that you can share your problems.
Shivaay giving up says: Just thinking ? about todays incident.
Om: It’s another attack on our family ?.
Shivaay: Yes, Om and we need to do something.
They both look at Rudra who is busy starring and checking himself out in mirror. Both give each other ‘Iska kuch nahi Ho sakta ‘ look.
(He is impossible)
Shivaay: Tujhe kya Hua ab.
(Now what happened to you?)
Rudra: Bhaiya aapko nahi laagta Ki Sumo Ki eyes ? Mai defect hai.
(Bhaiya don’t you think that Sumo has some defect in her eyes.)
Shivaay: Nahi toh, kun kya Hua? (no, why?)
Rudra: Bhaiya usa Mai handsome nahi lagta. (because she doesn’t finds me handsome.)
Om keeping his hand on Rudra’s shoulder and passing a teasing smile ? says
Om: Soumya duniya Ki pehli laadki hai jiis Ki aankhan perfect kaam karti hai aur tooh kah raha hai Ki uski eyes ? Mai defect hai.
(Soumya is the only girl in the entire world whose eyes ? work perfectly and you are asking whether she has defect in her eyes ?.)
Shivaay smiles ? while Rudra says
Rudra: O please O. Aap kuch mat kaho, Bhaiya aap batao kya Mai handsome nahi hoon. (Bhaiya you only tell am I not handsome.)
Shivaay: Ha yaar tooh bohat handsome hai. (Yes you are very handsome.)
Rudra: Tooh Bhaiya iss baat pai treat ? Ho Jaya. (Ok Bhaiya let’s have a treat ? on this note.)

Three of them go to the kitchen.
Shivaay: Bata kya khaya Ga tu. (Say what will you have.)
Rudra: Tofu
Shivaay: Ok and you Om.
Om: Kuch Indian Ho Jaya aag.( Let’s make something Indian.)
Rudra: Me to.
Shivaay: Ok
Shivaay beings to cut veggies.
Shivaay: Rudra vaisa Teri Monalisa kaisi hai. ( By the way Rudra , how is your Monalisa.)
Rudra: Konsi vali Bhaiya, pehli, dosri ya tessri.
( Which one bro first, second or third.)
Om: Your new project.
Rudra: You mean Rumi.
Om: Yes.
Rudra: Work in progress.
Shiv Om: Hmmm
Rudra: By the way leave all this. Mujhe Bhaiya Sa kuch puchna hai. (I want to ask something from Bhaiya.)
Shivaay: Kya? (what?)
Rudra: Aapna Anika di ko thanks nahi kaha. (You didn’t say thanks to Anika di.)
Shivaay: For what?
Om: Shivaay do you have memory loss problem.
Shivaay: What are you saying Om.
Rudra: Don’t change the topic Bhaiya. Anika di ne aaj aapki jaan baachai thi.

(Today Anika di saved your life.)
Shivaay: Oh that!
Om: Shivaay you are reacting as if koi bohat chooti baat hoti hai. (Shivaay you are reacting as if it’s a very small thing.)
Shivaay: No there is nothing like that Om.
Om: Phir kaisa hai Shivaay. (Then how is it Shivaay.)
Rudra: Kal aap Anika di ko thanks kaho Ga and that’s final. (Tomorrow you will thank Anika di and that’s final.)
Shivaay: Kal Vo nahi aarahi.
(Tomorrow she is not coming.)
Rudra teasingly: Oh Ho so you are missing her.
“Aaja piya mohai Teri yaad sataiya ,
Neend na aaya , chaain na aaya.
Bas Teri yaad sataiya.”
(Please come my love ❤, your memories are haunting me ,
I can’t sleep ? , I can’t rest,
As your memories are haunting me.)
Shivaay: Shut up Rudra!
Rudra: Ok ok but it’s final that you will have to thank Anika di tomorrow.
Om: And you will apologize to Soumya tomorrow.
Rudra: Why me?
Shivaay: So you forgot college ? incident.
Rudra: Ok fine first Shivaay Bhaiya will say thanks and then I will apologize to that Sumo I mean Soumya. (he changed his words after receiving a glare from ShivOm.)

Ishu wakes up and just then she sees that the entire room is in dark so she tries to switch on the lights but it goes in vain.
Outside the air was blowing very fast and curtains were on so no light could even come from outside and their was a little noise all around, which was a bit scary ? to hear.
Drip drip drip
Something drops in her lap and suddenly the light comes and she shouts hearing which both Anika and Soums wake up.
Ani: Kya Hua Ishu.
Ishu: Ani di khoon.(Ani di blood.)
Soums: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ani Ish together: Kya Hua.
Soums: Di Vo dekhiya.
Ani Ishu together: AaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
They all get up and begin to run ? and go to open ? the door but it is closed and then light goes again
Ani Ishu Soums: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Revelation of the mysterious boys.

What happened to Ani Ishu Soums.

Thank you ?
Lot’s of love ❤ and good wishes.
Keep smiling ?
Stay tuned
& For now
Signing off

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