SwaSan! My crush is My love !! Episode 1

********My Crush is My Love********

A beautif girl is shown sitting in a huge room lost in a deep thoughts with a cute smile playing on her soft lips

She is our beautiful swara

Swara P.O.V

He was my crush ….my all time crush …I was just mad for him ….for his charming look ,his killer smile ,his flirty type behavior ….I liked each and everything in him …in fact I loved ..he was my senior …
My sister ragini’s classmate
I still remember the day 1st I met him ..he is was in 9th class and me in my 8th…..he is my crush SANSKAR MAHESWARI who became the hero of our school in one day even though he was a new student …coz of his charming look over


*My frnds kavya and uttara were talking about a new student ….I went towards them *

Kavya: really yaar he is so handsome
Swara:(confused) who kavya
Kavya:, new student swara ..he is our senior urs sister class only
Swara: (don’t care) so wat is there ….tat u r soo busy speaking abt him
Uttara:hehe swara it iz coz of Sanskar’s handsomeness and u know not even a day passed for him in our school but he became the hero of the school

Teacher comes

Swara:okay okay …leave waise bhi I’m not interested in all thz
See ma’am also came ..let’s sit in our places

They nodes and sits in their respective places

Teacher starts explaining the lessons
Swara was listening the class with full concentration
Just then a girl comes to their class

Girl:excuse me ma’am
Teacher:yeah come in
Girl:ma’am actually Amla ma’am asked ragini’s sister to come …

Swara stands confusedly

Teacher:swara u can go
Swara:okay ma’am

* i left to ragini’s class … I’m sure ma’am would’ve called me to complaint abt her …she might have again done any stupid things with her stupid frnds
Argggg thz girl na …. I entered her class …all her classmates looked at me like I’m a devil to them …..as I thought the same happened ma’am complainted abt ragini ….I glared at her she gave a smile …I told ma’am tat I will surely tell to our mom abt her beaviour whch in real i will not do so….ma’am left
Ragini’s classmates as usual started shouting at me …. Indicating me by “devil,chudail,fighter cat and much more names I as usually was abt to shout and fight with them but Alas!! I stopped seeing a pair of eyes staring me ….I guess from long time ….. Tat the moment I saw him ….. OMG he is so handsome?? ….oh god he was handsome than a Greek god
His white shirt and pant with a red loose tied tie ….was looking damn awesome on him … His drak brown chocolate eyes where reflecting naughtiness of him
He was the 1st boy …abt whom I’m thinking all thz ..before thz never in my life I thought abt a boy in thz way*

” is she ur sis” he asked ragini looking at me with a cute smile

Ragini: yes sanky
Sanky:(looks at swara) oh hi ?

*I didn’t reply to him and left from there …..actually I was shy to talk him …for the 1st time in my life I was getting shy of a boy

Days passed ….he always used to smile ,wink at me which always. Made me to blush and go crazy on him ….no one was knowing abt my attraction I never let anyone to know abt it
He always tried to speak me but whenever he do so …I used to escape from him cause of shy

After some days he started teasing me very badly …calling me cat do I look like a cat for him huh!*

Sanskar: hey cat?
Swara:y r u always calling me tat
Sanskar: coz u always hide from me like a cat ?
Swara:no I’m not ….
Sanskar:oh is tat so (raises his eyebrows )

He winks at her and comes closer to her ..she gets tensed and runs from there immediately …
He laughs

Sanskar: pagal

Swara stops hearing it …turns and looks at him …

Swara: u r pagal ..not me

She shouts and runs from there ..
He widens his eyes but later brust into laugh so

*he was flirty type boy …who always keep flirting with one or other girl but never broke any girls heart …though he was flirty i was totally mad for him … It was so nice to come early to the school just coz he used to come early ….to go back late to house as he used to do so …I just wanted to see him as much as I can

Days passed every day he used to tease me ….finally he completed his 10th ….now he was in his way me on mine …..I never felt bad for thz coz it’s was just a mere attraction ….

Almost 3years happen …. I didn’t see him in all thz 3year but his memories his charm his smile is always I can remember …. He was my all time crush whom I can never erase from my memory
By now my siblings and friends came to know abt my crush abt Sanskar whom never seen all in thz 3years

But after almost 3years I met him ……yup I met him …. I joined a company for job ….to my shock he was my boss …..oh goshhhh!!!!
He is same …nothing changed him ….same charming look for which I was a mad ….. He looked at him in surprise….. Omg he still remembers me ☺

Sanskar: oh swara ji tho app hai meri new assistant?

He said thz winking at me ….
My white creamy cheeks turned into a blush …crimson red
But I noded…

I became his assistant …. Day passed we used spend most of the time with eachother …. He never changed towards me ..
He doesn’t show his bossy attitude to me as he shows to others …..we were frnds not a boss and his employee …
Days passed I again fall for him but thz time it wasn’t crush no it is not …..it was love


But I didn’t wanted to tell him abt my feelings …coz i don’t wanna lose his friendship ….but he was a straight forward person wat he asked and told me the very nxt day surprised me

Sanskar:do u love me ???

I was shocked by his questions my voice struck some where tat I wasn’t able to speak a word
He smiled and came closer to me ….whisphered in my ears

Sanskar: I Love u too baby

I looked at him in unbelievable
Expression …..he just smiled and pulled me closer to him by waist

Sanskar: wat (raises his eyebrows)
Swara:I didn’t told ki I love u
Sanskar :u told …u told by ur beautiful eyes …in which it is clearly written ki “swara loves Sanskar”

I thought he was flirting with me but I was wrong he really do love me coz he would’ve flirted with many girl ..but he never said them thoz 3magical words

It was me whom he said … My heart was beating in excitement and happiness ….

Now after 1year …we r married couple

Swara p.o.v ends

Swara comes to her sense feeling the warm touch and strong arms sneaked around her milky bare belly ….she smiles

Swara:Sanskar ?

She turns …he pulls her closer to him …

Sanskar:wat were u thinking jaan …
Swara:I was thinking ki how MY CRUSH BECAME MY LOVE

Saying thz she wraps her hands around his neck ….he smiles and nuzzles his face in her neck …
And starts giving her love bites ,kisses and hickeys
While she moans in pleasure

Swara:aaahhh Sanskar… Plz not … Now ..plz baby …look….

Before she could complete he samashes his rough lips on her soft lips ….and started sucking her lips …it was a passionate kiss turned into a wild one….
She clutches his hairs pressing her more on her ….and opens her mouth welcoming him to enter in her mouth …he enter ….their tounges intertwined with each other …tasting the sweet essence of their loved ones mouth …
Soon the long lasting kiss broked due to lack of oxygen

Sanskar: not now darling
.. I won’t leave u ?

He took her in his arms and Gently placed her on the bed ….
Swara’s cheeks turned into crimson red ….coz of his intense gaze on her ….he smiles and kisses her cheeks lovingly yet sensuously ..she blushes clutching his shirt tightly
He kissed all over her face passionately removing her clothes as she does same with him …both were naked ..kissing biting each other passionately

They made love

After some time

Sanskar was tried …sleeping on her hugging her naked body while she was caressing his hairs lovingly with a cute smile



It’s tanu ..guys …
Hope u all liked thz os .
Actually the half of the story of crush is mine own experience …? but I made it love for swasan

Thank u
Love u all??????

  1. Simin

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      Simmmuuuuu m still sitting n sobbing on footpath thinking about my SR… i just wish it becomes a horrible dreammmm…. then God promise i will give happy n blessed ending of my SS…
      otherwise i won’t complete my story even n will leave from here… *hug my doraemon side pillow tightly….
      it’s damn unbearable for me ….
      plzzz Watch swaragini n don’t even skip during break…
      otherwise bye bye to SR as well as Kakali for sure… !!!!!

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  7. Tanuuuuuuu i hate u i hateee u i seriously love u …. huhhh !!!!
    u remind me my school crush !!!! Goshhh !!! m tooo happy reading this.. u just made me cherish my old moments… omggg !!! LIVED IT dear !!! LIVED IT…
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. loved those moments to the core

    2. Feriha_Tanu

      Hahaha kakali dr …actually the crush story is my own story it’s abt my crush I wrote thz crush thing everything is same but the crush never became love
      But he is my all time crush ??

      Thank u dr ??

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