The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 5a

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Helloo my besties.. so here is part 5a for u all.. comment and tell me how it is and ya guys tell me u want raglak or ragsan.

Rags pov:
I opened the lock of my flat while tears were in no mood to stop. I slammed the door and hid my face in my pillow while lying on the bed and remembering of what happened just an hour ago.
While I was busy glaring sanskar I heard harsh asking me to start the presentation. Without any delay I started the presentations and some disclosure policies of merger. I know this isn’t a right place to fight with him. While I we were 3 of us harsh me and sanskar in the room discussing about the purchase consideration the goodwill I caught sanskar staring me. But why was he staring. Before I think anything harsh got up and asked permission to go out and pick up her wifes call.

Now I was all alone left with sanskar. There was silence for sometime before he spoke
‘Hi ragini’ he said
‘Hello’ I replied with expressionless tone
‘So didn’t you missed me? But tell me why did you broked up with me? You know how much I missed you’ he said with an extremely emotional voice which was cracking in between.
I was literally shocked seeing him begging and I could see an anger forming in his eyes because of my stubbornness.
I was literally ignoring him and his questions. But the way his eyes turned red, I was totally scared because I know the level of his anger.
Within a second he stood up from his chair he came closer and more closer towards me, though I was scared to my bones but I didn’t show up to him. I also stood up from my chair as to show him some courtesy. He came more closer and stood very close to me and within fractions he grabbed my arm and forcefully dumped my back into the wall of his cabin. He was just cms away from me. I was so scared. He started yelling and shouting at me.
‘Why did you left me? Do you have any idea how much I missed you. I left dancing my passion just because of you because you didn’t liked it. I build up this big empire just because of you. Ithought you will come back to me if I become rich.
Thadddd…… before he could say anything more I slapped him hard. And know I was not afraid I was angry on him
‘So you thought I was with you for money. Youuuu bast**d really? I loved you damn it and you? Everybody around you were scared of you because of your anger but still I held your hand and started a relationship. Because I thought you were just stuboorn and not characterless. But you are.’ I replied in one stream
Ahhhhh what are you doing? Its hurting me. He grabbed my hands more tightly
‘So you said I am characterless? How dare you.’ He replied
‘Because you and be…..’ with an extremely chocky voice I said
Before I could say anything else I felt two hard lips on my neck. He started biting it hard and wildly
Ahhhhhh…… sanskar please stop its hurting. You cant do this.
‘Why whyi cant I do this you said you love me and ya u can name me characterless and I cant touch you. You were and always be just mine. You are just mine I have all the rights on you.’ He said while my heart pondered wildly
‘Sanskar you are not in your sense you are drunk. You will regret this when you come to your senses please leave.’ I said begging

I started begging him because I know my anger wont work know. While he was busy hurting me.
I slapped him twice till then he fell on floor. I could see tears in his eyes
‘I loved you and still love you please be mine. I can not live without you please tell me what have I done? Say na’ he said
Before he could say anything more I ran of from there and took a cab and reached to my flat.
Do he really love me? Then what did that bela told me wasn’t that truth?
I wanted to know so I decided to accompany harsh to sanskars office 2morrow as well.
Next day
Harsh: ragini? Wait why did you left from there yesterday without informing me? Is this ethical behavior this wont be tolerated
I am sorry sir I have had to go that time sorry sir from today onwards I will not do this again
Harsh: okay fine come fast with the things and paperworks we cant do yesterday. We will leave in 26 minutes okay
Sanskars office
Though I was scared still I entered his office. He was sitting blankly there
We got in and he asked us to sit. We discussed many things. I noticed he looked at me more than 10 time in that half an hour session with the same guilty expressions
Harsh left the office to meet md of the company.
It was the right time to ask him and today I could smell he was not drunk as well
Hi sanskar
‘Ragini I am sorry for yesterday please I am sorry. Yesterday I heard that you were accompanying harsh and coming to my office. Literally I was happy but because I was angry on you I drank alcohol therefore I did that’ he said with an guilty tone

So you remember everything I said
‘Ya I am sorry. I could not control myself. I saw you after so many years so’
‘But you should be happy so didn’t loved me right you liked bela right’ I said with tears forming in my eyes
‘What what are you saying? Are you out of your mind I always loved you cant you see’ he saide
‘You are lying sanskar. Bela recorded yours convo with her when you met. She even told me that you tried to get close to her and she slapped you’ I said
‘What the hell this bela. And even she told me that you were cheating on me with sid. Ragini she is even my best friend and employee in this office.’ Hesaid

So lets go and clear this out. I have a plan
So part b Is going to be uploaded tomorrow. Till then bye guys love you all

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  1. Up to now I want raglak but after reading this part I want ragsan as a pair?

    1. CAsush

      haha i will definately take your vote as ragsan

  2. Shana98

    Awesome and Amazing… now whats going to happen to Laksh?

    1. CAsush

      poor laksh

      1. Shana98

        they wouldnt get together

      2. CAsush

        there are a lot lot twist

  3. Sindhura

    Niw ragsan will be together
    Poor laksh

  4. Want Raglak as pair

  5. anonymous(raglak)

    raglak.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …I don’t know y but after reading ur ff up till now…I feel raglak should be as a pair…..nice episode

    1. CAsush

      raglak are always firey

  6. Awesome

    1. CAsush

      thank you

  7. Jazzy

    i knew this bela is somewhat fishy and ofcourse i want ragsan but i am feeling u r going to make it raglak but i m ok with both

    1. CAsush

      I will take your vote as ragsan okay

  8. Raglak plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. CAsush

    Guyz i am really sorry for my typos and mistakes. I cant proof read it because of less time.

  10. Akshata

    OMG!!! shocking update, sansku loves ragu and somewhere ragu too. now the biggest question is what will laksh do? i think ragu should select sansku because he loves her truly and never cheated her and but laksh realised her importance very late. so my vote goes to ragsan.

    1. CAsush

      yeah okay

  11. Is it a ragsan ff????

    1. CAsush

      no to get raglak ragsan will be there

  12. Silent_writer

    Yayy finallu ragsan love it

  13. markekon lotha

    i wil vote 4 raglak coz i reli reli love their chmstry..

  14. Fairy

    Soooooooo amaznggg uodate dr…u reallly shocked us …its soooooo interestnggg!!!m jst livnggg it..wohoo thnku sooo much for dis ff…as i lyk bth ragsan n raglak sooo m enjoyng it thoroughlyyy!! 😉 😉 keeep rockng n stay blessed dr…its lyk a treat to me 😉

    1. CAsush

      aw tysm fairy this means a lot to me

  15. Plzz raglak

  16. Awesome… ragsan plzzzzzzz

  17. Moni_ragz

    Ragsan.. hopefully… ?

  18. Asra

    awesome dear….omg if ragsan join together means what can laksh do…poor laksh…i vote for raglak dear…plz unite them…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear..

    1. CAsush

      okay asra and tysm for the vote

  19. Raglak plz make it

  20. Don’t separate RAGLAK. Plz unite them

    1. CAsush

      okay okay

  21. Poor vote also goes to raglak bcuz I can’t imagine any other pair di

  22. pls dont separate raglak

    1. CAsush

      Okay okay

  23. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dr

  24. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

  25. A.xx

    fab loved it and loved the ragsan scene and convo….
    post soon ( wonder what’ll happen to lakshya.xx

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