It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 15

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Morning 4 am…GOMTI SADAN
Sanskar tried again his manager mobile finally after like eternity and his manager take the bless to take call.
On phone ..
“WHAT BOSS !! Why the hell you are making my life at this hour dude i am in dead sleep !”
Sanskar signed grumbling- stop it MISHA RAICHAND !! and move your ass out of the bed and wear something to take flight for LUCKNOW INDIA right now!!
Misha muttered- you seem to get influence by Hottie HEARTLESS!!
Sanskar warn – Misha !! Right now go and book tickets and i want you here by tomorrow evening!
Misha – but why boss ?? I mean you have that monkey to do your work then why are you ruining my vacation!!!
Misha helpless- fine coming but double my salary and next thing try to stay away from that heartless monster ,you are getting her influence. Bye and good night i mean good morning.
Sanskar cut the call and muttering -” Misha if you have seen one percent of ten years before MISS MALIK then you would have not even known name “HEARTLESS MONSTER ”
Sanskar moved out his room taking his Mobile and gun and lock the room.
Khushi who was hiding behind the door climb inside the room .and smile cheekily muttering “sorry god ji but what to do being journalist i have to become thief and leir.sorry once again. Now lets see where you kept your important things which can help me to see the past of your and My mystery queen .”
Khushi started with cupboard there she only found his clothes and expensive perfume and too private things .she didn’t find anything in that then she open his luggage where only she found files of latest music albums contract and some lyrics. She moved towards bedside there pulling out drawers she didn’t find anything other than some change money or chargers .her eyes fall on white cloth it is kept beside pillow she pull out and saw this is beautiful white scarf as she look it corner there was written “DESERT ROSE ” in beautiful calligraphy which she exactly know it is LUCKHNOW famous chicken cloth with old form style calligraphy. Hmm interesting but this type of calligraphy didn’t seem today much not that times also.she click the pic of scarf then kept it again. She open his laptop there was high security lock well KHUSHI GUPTA smirk after all she is big one hacker and this type of locks are kid for her.
Ragini was going towards her room when a hands pulled her inside store room she looked up to find LAKSH SINGH RAIZADA giving her intense hlare with burning rage .she tried to pulled her hands away when he pushed her on couch and he is on her.
Ragini pushing him – what are you doing laksh leave me !!!!
Laksh gritthing his teeth -why whats wrong ??now you don’t like my touch !!huh!! Ten years before lying naked underneath me you were enjoying this helpless right !
Ragini stopped at her trying to be free hearding it and see him with accusing eyes- that was my biggest mistake ! Laksh Malik to trust you and what you did made doubt me and pushed me away and now it doesn’t even matter!so get away!
Laksh clutch her face between his palm.asking softly- Why you left me Ragini ? Why ?
Ragini tears fall on his palm – For hiding one thing you pushed me hard so away from you that i didn’t saw anything to get any reason stop.
Laksh face hardened hearing again what she did ten years ago nothing can rectify that mistake.
Laksh – what you did i still can never forgive you Ragini but i need to know what are you doing after here ten years !! I know we both are not anymore that teenagers .and we know our motives you wanted to destroy my brother and sister life .and i wanted to stop you doing another mistake.
Ragini look him totally shocked .
Laksh silently ask – tell me everything Ragini what are you doing?i will help you.
Ragini give him smirk and said – tsk tsk Laksh your acting was superb ! But you see you are right i am not at all that teenager Ragini who will fall in your emotional trap.
Laksh eyes went wide then composing himself he stand and said in business tone – i will give money how much you wanted tell me everything now.
Ragini – no Laksh I will not and i am not at all any type of gold diggers not anymore.
Laksh grabbed her arms and said in dangerous tone -stop your nonsense and tell me what are you planning now!
Ragini – you can’t do anything!
Laksh give wicked smirk – you know your MASK MAN is DURGA PRASAD MAHESWARI.
Ragini gasp in shocked -DP uncle !
Laksh – yes Miss Ragini Gadodia now i want truth .
Ragini panickly – Laksh listen i just can’t tell you anything because DP uncle have something which can destroyed Arjun bhai whole life.
Laksh slightly worried-What is it?
Ragini stammering – His real identity that he is outcome of raped teenager women which he don’t know he just know that he is orphan and mom adopted him.
Laksh can’t help but froze at the spot hearding all this then he ask – what about DP uncle saying that he will revealed that where were you leaving past ten years?
Ragini gulped hard and whisper -I was living with the family of Arjun bhai real Mom and I was working their as servant.they taunt me and slapped me even molest .she told him the truth with remembered all the happening in ahmdabad.
Laksh look totally disbelief that this is not girl who always arrogant even live like princess.
Ragini hesistate slightly – He wanted all the shares of company of AR and Malik&Maheshwari law forum.and …wanted me to kill SWARA.
Laksh -I have idea if you help me then we can sought out all this .
Ragini looked up widely -What?
Laksh said quietly-MARRY ME.

GOA beach
“Where are you going Darling?” Misha Raichand heard the dumbo who was lying beside her in just shorts as she stand stretching her arms wearing twp piece branded bikini of AR brand well she love their brand too much . her hair is so much distracting her she have to get hair cut while her brown highlight curly hairs are too damm s*xy with all tall and slim hot look. She is totally model type but she love her job being manager of ROCKSTAR SANKY is not easy but she loved it.She have high class salary with cool boss and freedom .
As Misha bent down towards masculine men who wanted to f**k her .he is international sharp shooter Rex .
Misha sat beside him and said – Darling if you don’t mind then i wanted to dance lets go to pub.
REX(not so important) grinned and stand beside her .Misha took his hand walk inside the pub. Where people like them dressed in bilkni and shorts are dancing.
SONGS PLAYING – ONE LAST NIGHT (50 shades of grey)
That dumbo pulled her close while Misha smile.seducing and grabbed his face and started kissing as they were kissing lustly .Misha silently slide her hand in the small bag which was hanging on her waist,taking out one injection she injected him.he jerked back with horrified look insome minute lied on one of pillars. People were dancing like manic not at all bothered about surrounding. Misha smirk and bring out his moblie transferring all information in her mobile. She threw his mobile on him and moved out with grinn.while one waiter who saw all lool at her shocked.
Misha give him bundle of money said – throw this garbage in room no.103/ and he is just faint not dead due to drug dose .
Waiter nodded taking money like dog take REX out of the pub .
Misha Raichand smirk and call her boss.
On phone
Misha – boss i found Rex and got all the information which you wanted.
” Where are you exactly Misha ?” Ask Sanskar who is driving alone road of Lucknow
Misha smirk- I was doing what you ask me to locate REX but you never told me he is so s*xy not more than you but still i took my fun and tomorrow i coming LUCKHNOW and i am now in GOA having fun and made REX inject high dose of drugs that he will not remembered me !
Sanskar couldn’t help but chuckle at this girl – smarty pant go and take some rest .
Misha shrugged off – i am going to party and yaa why you didn’t told me 3S ,pari and Ria is also coming india in few days .
Sanskar sadly signed- yeah you know about their stubborn behavior. That’s why i am calling you for their security .Samrat can’t handle all of them alone .
Misha – fine boss i will call all bodyguard to move come soon Lucknow and Boss is HEARTLESS moster knew about all of us coming?
Sanskar warns -Misha don’t! And it doesn’t matter right.well SHE knew.
Misha – Boss i was saying HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and congregation for coming divorce. We all are happy. You know you are going to free.
Sanskar – bye misha and i like to see you tomorrow.
Call ended.
Misha signed- finally boss going to be free from that heartless monster and i don’t understand for taking this decision he took eight years !WOAH!!
Slapping her head with her palm Khushi again tried but again failed .the one and only genius jacker can’t break the lock of one Rockstar !!how can he be so much genius about technology she really needed to know about SANSKAR -who is husband of mystery queen,murderer of mystery Queen’s mom,gangster but she never heard name of him in crime list?how could it possible? And last he The Rockstar .
Finally she got in the system errgghh now its asking password what it can and she have only one chance how cruel god ji !!! But it is somethink 10 letters !well he can’t write his name then what swara name too is not long . he is maheshwari so it would be his surname but he is not in so love of his surname then what? Something precious !!! His songs are so much of pain and.broken heart types so ! …………yes yea i got it !!!!!!! As Khushi typed it laptop window open making her smirk with confidence and arrogance .well what a password DESERT ROSE !
She transferred all the things in her pendrive from the folders to emails .she heard door opening !oh shit ….no no..not so soon just ….20% left ……door opening noise louder.khushi gupta you are gone.
“Sanskar stop i need to talk to you!” Sanskar who just open his room door stopped seeing Arjun looking serious, he turned leaving door moving aside.
Sanskar -What?
Arjun handed him file – these are legal paper which you asked for yesterday.
Sanskar smile slightly- thanks Arjun.
Arjun nodded – I don’t understand if you were so suffocated in relationship with Swara all these years then why didn’t took decision before!
Sanskar not giving anything said calmly- it never too late. Excause me.
Arjun- yeah sure .good night .
Sanskar entered in his room.frown looking around free room but why he sense someone was here he saw window opened of hall side he shook his head and close it.
Khushi signed in releif and went inside her room where Aarohi was wide awake smiling.
Khushi frown- what?
Aarohi -where were you romansing with certain handsome and charming ASR?
Khushi -Aarohi di i know what i have to do and i don’t need to informed you everything .
Aarohi – ok fine .
Khushi thought and ask – you know about Roshani di murderer who he is?
Aarohi froze for a second but then said – none of your business khushi!
Khushi grabbed her hand tightly making Aarohi hiss in pain -NAME!
Aarohi glare -I don’t know he was in MASK when i met him to deal because he don’t wanted any type of court case so he givem money to settled.
Khushi released her hand – fine but now if you tried to hide anything from me about Roshani di murder then you are gone sister.
Aarohi – I know buy don’t become so over confident that forget i am your elder sister.i am too watching you beside work fast we both have to move out from this place in one month.
Khushi shook her head and slept.
Samrat couldn’t help but frown at all of them beside he slept totally disturbed because of Swara decision .as he sat in living area with his travelling bag because he has decided that he can’t leave Swara alone no matter what is happening between these two allien type husband and wife.and he got call in morning of that witch – meaning Misha Raichand (Sanskar manager) that she is coming in evening means that Sanskar is also not going anywhere good! And then the call of RIA telling 3S ,pari and she is coming INDIA infew days made him to make sure of their security well somewhat he is glad that Sanskar ask.that witch(Misha)to come .she is responsible.
He saw Sanskar coming out without any luggage it made him frown!
Samrat -where is your bag?
Sanskar – We are not leaving for Venice now beside i still not settled about TGE project.
Samrat stare him shocked- I thought you are coming with me to SHEESHMAHAL . Swara.would be alone there!
Sanskar shrugged off and said – i am hungry and i have to reach project site lets go .
Samrat stepped back-are. You out of your sense !!!!we can’t leave Swara alone !!She is your Wife!!!!
Sanskar didn’t bothered to say anything and told him- I am outside waiting for you in car and yeah come soon.
Sanskar left while Samrat shocked at his behavior!!! How could he!!!
Samrat was about to go and shout on him when he saw Swara coming downstairs with her travelling bag and her shades are on .
Samrat come infront of her – I am coming with you !
Swara give him cold look -I don’t mind .
Saying this she walk out of the mansion while Samrat smile and shook his head they both can never change!
Swara come out was going towards her audi when she saw something made her smirk .while Sanskar who was in his car also look towards entrance giving I-DONT-CARE look he waited for samrat.
Arnav who came out with his trolley bag look shocked -WHAT THE…
“…..f**k..” finished Arjun seeing LAKSH SINGH RAIZADA AND RAGINI GADODIA wearing garlands and Ragini wearing red vermellien and black bead chain. MARRIED.
Swara sat inside her car and zoomed off giving emotionless look towards both of them.

PRECAP – KHUSHI FOUND Emails of Sanskar Maheshwari which never gone to SAMRAT DIXIT.
Swara stood at the edge entrance door of PALACE whispering-REVENGE BEGIN !
While Anuradha Malik smiling victoriously,RainaMalik sulking and Omkar Malik in anger .Sara give welcome smile .

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