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Remeber Rabul part 1..here is part two

Helooos thanks soo much for the awesome comments on this FF..i wasn’t sure how it would be received but here we are….
Thanks for the love and lets continue to story. It might be long but just bare with me.
Ok! Ok! Ok!..Bulbul don’t freak out…don’t freak out, you just saw wolves!! Were wolves!! Nothing new there, they ran off to hunt, your sister leading them…she is one to now!! Just doont freak out..don’t…dooonnn’tttt…..WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
Oh incase you have not got the waaahhhh part, that is me screaming my lungs out!! This is waaayy too much info, my sister, Pragya, my Pragya a werewolf, this can’t be happening!! Ok I know it was the only way her life could have been saved and am glad she even had the option to stay alive because normally she would have just died, but this is still these things, JUST DON’T HAPPEN!!
What I also don’t get is the absolute closeness between my sister and Abhi, she met him two weeks ago, two weeks but all the time I have seen them they act as 1, she moves he moves, she sits he sits, and it’s never discussed, it instinct it just happens. I mean, Abhi looks at my sister like she is the Alpha and Omega of his everything, and I don’t know if he has noticed but when ever Di is not around he is grumpy as hell! And snaps at everyone, one time we were even talking, that is me and my sister in my room when Purab (meanwhile I don’t like this guy and lets ignore that he is the hottest guy I have ever seen!! I swear even hotter than Abhi, but that’s not the point!!) anyway he come in with this very disturbed and annoyed look, and he goes like “Sorry ladies but we have some serious matters to take care off and we can’t afford having the Alpha growl at everyone, so this will have to be postponed!” the Idiot said this while grabbing my sisters hand and dragging her with him, of course I followed screaming at him. No one does that to my sister! Absolutely no one!! Anyway we got to the pack meeting room and lo and behold was a very raging Abhi screaming at two wolves!! However the moment he lay eyes on Pragya, all the rage died immediately, it was like someone switched on a light inside him, he glowed and made a beeline for my di, now this was fine, what was not fine is the moment my sister saw him, she went to him willingly, like a magnet to metal!!! It would have been disgusting truly if it wasn’t for the look of utter happiness on both their faces!!! And then to just make it worse, Abhi sat down, placed Pragya on his laps and breathed out a deep breath, she…she just leaned into him and snuggle, like snuggled and then Abhi turns to the wolves, the ones he was formally screaming at and told them in a very nice tone, please continue…you should have seen the looks on the wolves’ faces!!
I am thinking all this and I am walking to the The alpha’s mansion, also known as Mehra Mansion,..MM..and on my way there, I smell it, the scent of something sooo slimy and soo soo wrong. When I smell it, I feel everything around me go cold! Soo cold! Leave alone the whole, rainy snowy cold, no this is grave yard dead world creepy cold. And empty cold!! I feel creped out and scared and I run, problem is my legs refuse to move!
What the hell? I look down at my legs and they are fine, nothing is holding them down and neither are they stuck so I try to carry them again, they don’t move. Ok I am one of those girls who looks all strong but is actually a real chicken inside and right now, I can feel the chicken in me come out to play! It wants to quack and scream but I am in a wolf den sooo I pull on all the wolf I can surmon and be brave.
I try to move again but nothing, so I think to call for help, I open my mouth but absolutely nothing come out!! Ok to hell with wolf bravery I am not my sister, I start to scream the scream however is in my head as no sound what so ever is coming out!! I had never really understood the true meaning of the word fear till this moment!! As I am looking around, I see it, a man as white as a sheet! He has a set of beautiful teeth and very beautiful skin, the moment I see him my fear vanishes. All I see is him and nothing else, he smiles at me and I smile back! He mouths the word follow me and I take a step, my feet move this time!! He turns and walks and I follow him we walk for a distance and are about to break the forest when a huge brown wolf jumps on the man and just like that he vanishes, like he was never there!! And the moment he vanishes, I feel something snap inside me, like I was asleep and someone scared me awake!! I know for sure I was in a trance…I feel soo weak sooo helpsless I just fall to the ground in a heap!
I was enjoying my hunt, not everyday day do you see a totally white wolf you know!! I was enjoying running and hunting bunny rabbits for my Alpha’s mate and watching her try soo soo hard to not stain her white coat…in vain! Very funny, with this as our Alpha b*t*h trust me, this Pack will never know boredom!
I have managed to ignore Flamingo kicky legs (that is Bulbul by the way, she deserves it, she totally kicked me and her legs were like a flamingo’s at that point you know, all straight and rigid and also this girl kicks everything, her sister punches, she kicks!! I pity their mother honestly, she must have suffered during the pregnancies coz seriously, one baby punches you and the other kicks not cool) any way I felt her scream, but it wasn’t fear or anything, more like that scream most humans do when they find out who we are!! So I ignored it I figured she can process on her own!! However now, I can’t because I am enjoying when it gets cold all of a sudden, a slimy creepy empty death cold. Like looking in a deserted cemetery cold!! I look around and everything and everyone around me seems oblivious I know for sure this is not me, its happening to Bulbul so I set off to know what’s going on.
I would like to say that I just wanted to get the disturbance off my back but truth of the matter is I am concerned and scared as hell, I have never felt this kind of cold before, but my Nona used to describe it as the Cold of a Demon, me being a wolf cannot totally dismiss this as false so I kick up some more speed and run faster! As I am running, I pull on our mate connection to find her and I am successful, what I feel is fear, sheer fear from her but atleast she is fine however I am still following where she is when all of a sudden I cannot feel her anymore, she is like gone, like she has never existed, problem is I know she existed and she is real therefore something is soooo wrong…I increase my speed and at the same time throw my head in the air and let out a loud howl, one to signal the rest of the pack of eminent danger!!
I reach were I last felt Flamingo but I can’t see her, but the place is sooo cold that I can even feel it through my fur!! It is soo empty and lonely, all I want to do is run away from here and even forget I felt this, but I can’t I have to find Flamigo, so I run and since I can’t sense her or even smell her, I decide to follow the cold, I run and finally I see her, she is walking slowly but something is off. Its like she is on a remote control, slow down and run behind her and nudge her, she doesn’t turn, she doesn’t even feel me and she is sooooooooooo cold!! I look up and that’s when I see it, the moving silhoutee of a man, I growl and he turns, then I jump at him and just like that he vanishes like he was not even there….i turn behind only to see flamingo fall to the ground in a heap. I shift fast and run to her, I tap her cheeks but nothing, I call her Bulbul but nothing I growl and she opens her eyes!! I have to hold back the scream that comes to my mouth! Her eyes are totally black!! Shit!! Am still looking at them when Abhi, Pragya, Raj and Akash come there too, we are all confused and don’t know what to do than Pragya says “take her to Subadhara, Now
A: (looks at Pragya with all the love..and confusion) honey, how do you know?
P: (hold him around the waist and looks up at him) I don’t know how but I just know take her now? The longer the wait the harder the effect will be.
I don’t know how she knows this, and from the look on her face she doesn’t know either, but the conviction and sureness in her voice is enough for me, I don’t need to be told twice! I carry Bulbul in my arms and setoff to Subadhara’s home. we meet Rachna on the way and she says “ma told me to come and meet you” come this way..she steers us from the path and instead takes us the dens sacred well! I am honestly confused, this well is sacred right but it’s water is believed to be Radha’s tears, the ones she cried for Kanha when her heart broke. But it’s the seer that has said soo we just follow and soon we reach the well. She tells me to put Bulbul on the patch of grass beside the well and she calls Pragya, Abhi and I. she tells Abhi to fetch the water using his hands as a cup and he doesn’t waste time, he then tells him to pass the water to Pragya, and then she passes it to me, I am holding the water now and for some reason, not even a drp has dropped since Abhi got it from the well, as he got it is how I have it. Subadhara kneels beside Bulbul and forces her eyes to open then tells me to pour the water in her eyes. I do so and we wait. I am soo impatient, it is taking too long, I ask what now, Subadhara acts like she hasn’t even heard me, Pragya burrows into Abhi and he holds her tight, I visibly see both of them relax. It’s like with each other they can face anything, in that moment I realize I need this, I need this sooo badly more than I have ever needed anything and that is why I was fighting it for a week and ignoring Bulbul like she isn’t my mate! I feared needing someone that much OH and also I never wanted a mate for another 200 years
In the week I met bulbul, I tried to prove that I still had my freedom, that having a potential mate wouldn’t stop me from being me and how did I do this, I tried to sleep with other she wolves..well it didn’t work. it would hurt having them touch me, and some time, I just couldn’t erect!! This drove me madder and substantially increased my resolve to not like Bulbul or avoid her!
However now that I am faced with the real threat on potentially losing her and seeing Abhi and Pragya’s bond and how being close to each other just solves all the wrong things in their world I know I want that too, I want it baaadd!! Don’t get me wrong, Pragya is actually worried about her sister, very worried I can feel it, but she is grounded, her fear is there but there is also a great amount of unwavering hope, I don’t have that right now but I want it!!
Anyway about, five minutes of raging thought and biting worry Bulbul starts to get spasms, we jump to her, but before we touch her, Subadhara stops us, I cannot tell you, or even describe the discomfort I feel watching her go through this ordeal and I just can’t help, it is not right! I look at Abhi and he puts his arm on my shoulder a gives me a reassuring squeeze, he tries to convey the message of all will be fine, but nothing!! Nothing can make watching your mate go through this kind of thing fine!!
I am watching my baby sister go through something I have never seen and I cannot take it but I have too! I didn’t know and still don’t know how I knew to bring her to the seer but I knew and I will obsess about it later but for now, I have my sister and Purab, I now understand he is Bulbul’s mate, I never wanted this for my sister, but if Purab is her mate I cannot separate them, that moment when I thought I would never see Abhi again, was the worst, worse and actually more painful than the clawing I had got from those wolves. Honestly, the night is not even over and this happens to my sister, this is why I never wanted her here but I guess I have to learn.
Abhi must have felt my inner turmoil because he tightens his arms round me and slowly nuggles my neck, I feel better, more grounded, I lean into him for support as Bulbul rides whatever this is!! I am glad I found him, I know I love him and I can’t wait to show him I also know it’s just 2 weeks but guess with Radha all is possible!!
Its been forever, more like 2 minutes but 2 long minutes that feel like forever and then a black smelly frizzy smoke flows from her mouth and she opens her eyes, they are clear!! I rush and bend over her and she says Purab? Purab is that you?
Me: yes Flamy its me!
Truth is I am soo relieved right now, I am at the verge of tears, also, she could have said Pragya or Abhi, but she said me? she called my name first! She quickly wraps her arms around my middle and hugs me soo tight she whispers fervently and desperately in my chest
“don’t leave me, please don’t leave me alone Purab, never leave me alone please” she breaks down and cries and all the tears I have been holding the whole night flow!
“I promise Flamy, I will never leave you alone, you won’t even get rid of me even if you wanted to!!”
she cry laughs into my chest and says “Good, coz I don’t want you to”
I kiss the top of her head and hold her closer, I just don’t want to let her go else something bad will happen. And I can’t refuse her request too.
B: Purab..?
Me: uhmm uhmm?
B: can we go inside, I am very cold, even your wolfie warmth isn’t doing it, and I am scared of the dark and outside now?
I don’t need to be asked twice I stand up in one swift motion with her in my arms and head out of the well clearing, but before I reach half way, the seer shouts for us to stop!
I look back at her and think what now
Sub: Purab, your mate got controlled by the demon, I don’t know who it was, but it was a strong one, Radha’s tears have washed away the traces and cleansed her but demon’s control is strong and tricky, it isn’t some thing to joke with and if left by herself without an anchor, she can easily be controlled again?
Me; what are you saying Ji?
Sub; nothing gives a person a greater anchor like a mating bond formed through the mating bite!
Bul; what is a mating bite?
Me: later Flamy, I will explain later?
Bul; Di, do you have a mating bite?
Pr; (hold my cheek tenderly) no dear, not yet.
Ab; but she will get one, tonight.
Bul; Seer Madam, who gives the bite.
Rachna: your mate honey?
Bul: I don’t have a mate
R: dear, when you woke up from that ordeal, who did you want to see first
B: Purab
R: and when the demon controlled your mind, who was the last person you thought about?
B: Purab
R: and when you felt soo much fear? Who was the one person you kept wishing to come and save you?
B: Purab
R; and who was the first person to save, you?
B: I don’t know but I think Purab
Ab; correct dear and remember when I made you feel pain, who was the person you wanted to comfort you?
B: Purab
Pr: and who made it go all away?
B: Purab.
When she finishes her answers she looks up at me and smiles she says so you are my mate huh? I nod yes! And give a tiny timid smile. Then..
B; (very weakly but with humour and sarcasm) well I guess I got the short stick, I have to deal with arrogant wolfie boy as my life! Great!! Do mates change, can I change mine? I want to change mine?
Every one laughs at her attempt to lighten the mood and I am glad she still is that firecracker I met on the road that day I went to pick her up!!
Abhi then turns to the seer and asks the question we have all been dreading..how long do they have, what time frame does he have to bite her to save her..
Sub: very lttle time beta he has to bond as soon as possible. The controls stay behind and grow, only a mating bond can completely get rid of one as when you bond, one’s mindis completely filled with their mate, and any other intrusions have to fight the bond, because of the strength of the bond, they never win!!
I look at Bulbul to see if she has heard this, she has but she is also tired so she doesn’t seem to care and her eyes are dropping and she is shivering. I turn and run with her to MM. I stay there by the way as my parents died in a pack war and Dadi took me in when I was a child. I reach my room and lay her down on the bed and cover her with loads of blankets, she tells me to get in too and I jump in yes!!!
We snuggle and soon she warms up, she is running her fingers up and down my chest slowly and I am running mine down her back. She snuggles closer and as she buries her head in my chest she says
B; Purab, I never want to know the fear and bleakness of today again, please promise me that you will give me that bite tomorrow, I don’t want to be in that position again. It hurt Purab it hurt. I can’t be there again.
I feel like I am shattering, if it weren’t for my arrogant ass, I would have been with Bulbul and this wouldn’t have happened. But I was off being a selfish prick and she got hurt. I swallow my guilt as I don’t want her to dealt with it right now and tell her
Me; Flamy the bite isn’t given, it’s shared and enjoyed and cherished? I want this though be the way we mate not because a demon dictates we do.
B: ok…but tomorrow please?
Me; yes tomorrow, sleep It has been a long night!
B: why do you call me flamy
Me: you kick like a flamingo!!
She laughs and kicks me under the covers then she realizes what she has done, looks up at me blushes profusely and buries her head in my chest laughing softly! For the way this has gone, I am glad she can still be her….i cover us deeper and soo she falls asleep….me not so easily

NO! NO! NO! this cannot be happening, how did I not see this coming how come, no!! I am pacing up and down and Kanha is no help today as he is just as tense as I am, but I know what I need to do. I need to leave now if I am to return by tomorrow. I need Sarawsati for what I need to do, and she owes me!! And I guess Durga Mata has to come in too, Kali is up on her antics again but today she came after me, how did she know about them HOOOW!!
Krshna: Mata? honey you have done all you can to hide these wolves from her, and worse you whispered human names to your wolves as mates without her permission, Pragya is a wolf now too how are you going to explain this??
Me: Pyaari, I don’t know? But a demon, a strong one at that? do you know what it took for my tears to wash the control from her, and it was just a control, what about when he begins the spelling?? I have to go now?
Krishna: fine, I will watch over your wolves for now, be back soon and see if you can get Srimati Ganga too, she could be of help and as she gave you her seers and knows about this, you could use the advantage.
I know rush out, I know I have to get Ganga but her layer is too far off I don’t know if I can get the time, but we are old friends and she did lend me her seers too, I hope she can take a message. I close my eyes and send the mental message to her, hope she replies to it.
If a demon has come into this, then all I can say is Lord Shiva protect my mate and her babies!!

Precap: Abhi mated some human trash and she had the audacity to hit me with a bat!! Lets see how they fare against a demon..hahahahaha


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  1. No need say sorry n nice epi dear…

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      thanks dear..

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  3. Awesome di loved it

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      thanks Choti..kisses

  4. It was superb. Keep going with this amazing work . loved it.

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Rabul’s Girl….are you happy now?

  5. Rocking

  6. Marvellously superrb…wow di..u have written it in such a wonderful way…I really loved it till the core…this epi was also a very interesting one..in every epi u write something different…something very interesting..and I really appreciate that!this is a mind blowing ff di …one of my favourite too…Rabul scenes were also good..eagerly waiting fr next epi..tc…love u loads di!keep writing!!! 😀 😉 😀 …

    1. Its OK di…no need to feel sorry..

    2. SavitaVidya

      thanks choti….your comments always brighten up my day!! love you dear

  7. CuteVanshu

    Nice epi di… Keep rocking

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      thanks choti…

  8. Prathi

    Awesome!! Awesome!! Demon! I dint expect that coming though

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      thanks Prathi sissy….

  9. Monesha

    Omg……. di you are awesome…….. I loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee……. How can you write this marvellous ff. Hats off to your creativity. Just now i read everything….. All was awesome……… Episode. Really i loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee…… You asked me right why I felt that werewolf remember tina di. Bcoz she is the first one who write vampire and werewolf story in telly updates. She is the one who showered immeasurable love on me. But now she was no more. By one accident she was passed. Actually i was close to her family too. Then tina(suha) di brother gave me a information about tina di as i am very close to her. Then i gave information to all the one in telly updates who waited for her ff. That day is the worst day in my life. So only i told like that. Bye di.

    1. SavitaVidya

      ohh nooo dear. am so sorry for what happened. this life sometimes can be unpredictable. May her soul rest in peace. and dear keep being strong. i only thank God that i can remind you of her from something as simple as a FF. i really thank God for that gift. and i promise to keep writing so you can keep enjoying. thanks sooo much. i am also glad God broought you through that day, loosing a family is hard. the hardest thing.

  10. Saranya24

    Lovely dii loved it sry fr late cmnt love u dii????

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      thanks dear…and its ok..even me am just replying now

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