Raglak: Love After marriage (chapter 4)

Hey guys am back. I know I promised to update broken heart. But couldn’t make it on tym. I don’t know why I didn’t get any continuation . I need sm tym to update it I promise I won’t take much tym.

So here u go with d 4 th chappy

Ragini laksh were standing in d inhouse temple along with others . They were at back. Everyone were closed their eyes but laksh was on full naughty mood. He stood so close to ragini nd started to blow wind on her eyes. She showed her big angry eyes to him nd asked to pray. He is not in d mood to hear anything. He slowly placed his hand on her bare waist nd dragged her closer. Ragini opened her eyes in shock.

( laksh) he blessed me with most beautiful nd loving girl with out asking. Then why should I ask him more.

( ragini) u should thank him
( laksh) mein tho har roz unhe shukhiriya kahte hai. Why r u bothering lord krishna when ur handsome man is with. Let him spend time with his rukmani nd let me with my rukmini

His childish talk brought a smile on her lips. But he kept a stern face nd ask him to pray through her eyes. He gave a sigh nd closed his eyes.
She looked at d smiling face of him.
(ragini) plz kanha ji do let d smile vanish frm my laksh lips.

As soon as ap cmpltd aarthi. Ragini heard a new voice which she couldn’t recognise.
( voice) hey everyone miss me?
As soon they heard d voice laksh let out a gasp which got ragini’s attention. Ragini turned back nd found a bubbly girl standing at door step in black knee length dress

(ap) swara
Laksh face went pale nd he stumbled a little. Ragini holder his hand and assured him with a sweet smile.

Swara cm in met everyone. She turn to laksh. She could not recognize ragini

( ap) swara yeh ragini
He said side hugging her nd hold her close to his heart.

Swara’s face showed sm expression change. But she managed it before smone could find it

(swara) so thum ho meri little sil
Sry we could not make up for ur mrg dr as sanky was stucked in sm business issue there.

(laksh) its ok SWARA BHABHI.
saying this he bend along with ragini to take her blessing.
Laksh action brought happiness to ragini ‘ s heart.
( ap) where is sanskar beta?
(san) am here ma.
As soon as sanky came to them. Ragsan got shocked to each other.

Sanskar hugged her tightly leaving everyone surprised where as laksh jaw dropped in jealousy. The smile which was on laksh lips after hearing san voice vanished away. Laksh give WHO ASKED YOU TO CM BACK LOOK.

sanskar broke hug
(san) hey ladooo what r doing here
Ragini looked at laksh
( san) don’t say me that u married this stupid idiot brother of mine.
Ragini nodded with a fake sad face.
( pari) bade diverticular. How do u know her
( sanky) bhabhi we met before 5 yrs in a book gallery nd we both were looking for d same book. But only one piece was available. Tho we thought to share it. Then we becm good frnds no best frnds.

( swara) I heard a lot abt u frm sanky
Said with uninterested tone.

(adarsh) sanky if ur frnd tym is over plz meet us also.
Sanky laughed nd hugged adi pari ap dp.
Sanky felt that he got back his lively mischievous lucky back while hugging laksh who were lost before 2 years.

Laksh was in his room. He was thinking abt his encounter with swara. He was feeling smthng bad. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.
He turned nd found ragini behind him.
Ragini quickly hugged him tight. He was shocked no happy. But its not d tym to think abt smthng naughty. It was indeed a needed one.
He buried his face in her left shoulder Then stood like this for a long tym
After a while raglak broke d hug. Ragini caresses his face with her hand

( ragini) laksh u should give another chance to past to overcome ur presence. Do let her thoughts to damage u more. Don’t strangle urself in ur dark memories. Forget them make new memories with ur presence. I know u will feel little bit awkward around swara. Don’t let d feeling to enjoyed u. Face her with sweet smile nd show her that u moved on frm there.
Don’t feel week laksh. Am with u

She turned to go. Laksh holded her hand to stop her

( laksh) Thank u ragini. Am not worried abt her. I know I moved on. I moved with my future My ragini. I don’t want u to feel insecure around her. Yup I already forget her as my worst night were as I want create NEW MEMORIES WITH U(he said keeping his head on her). I had enough of heart break. I already lost my 2 years for my immature nature. I don’t want to loose more. I want to start a fresh with u dr.

She felt honesty in his words
(laksh) waise u r not love with me na. Then why did you showing concern
He asked with a wink. She felt her laksh fine nd on his naughty mood

( ragini) I think we r still frnds laksh
She smiled at him and walked ahead.
Ragini was her room arranging bed.
(ap) ragini beta
(rag) ji ma. Did u need anything. Why did u came up. Bas u could have called me
(ap) kya mein bina kam ki apne choti beti se bath nahi kar sakta.
(rag) ma. Its not like that. We can have gossip section ma.
Both sat on bed.
(ap) I know beta. Its not gud to overhear smone personal talk. But I heard ur talk with laksh in d mng. I felt proud as I choose THE BEST Girl for my laksh. The way u consoled him. O was worried abt him. But am relived as u r with him beta.
Laksh doesn’t know that I knew d story between him and swara. He was broken after that. I couldn’t consoles my laksh. He was changed to smone who he was not. After so many days I got my laksh back. Its only becoz of him. Am happy that u both were giving a chance to ur mrg. I know that u love him. But worried abt him. But d way he introduced u to swara am sure my boy fell in love with u beta.
Ragini u know I love my 3 boys same. But laksh is very special to me. I fell frm stairs when I was pregnant with laksh. So he born as a premature baby as I had cmplctns in my pregnancy. We got him back from death. So everyone is close to laksh. Adi nd sanky took care him like their kid. So does pari. He was d lyf of this house. When my lucky forgot to live his life, this house also drowned in sorrows.
Nw am happy nd worry free that u r there to take care of my little boy. Its my best decision to make u people marry. Thank u beta for bringing my laksh back.
Ap kissed her forehead nd went down

Screen freezed on ragini’ s face

Sry for typos. I tried my best to avoid them. So raglakian hope u enjoyed d epi. Tell me hw was it through ur cmmnt. Am waiting drs.love u all. Will update soon bye till then take care nd enjoy ur lyf fullest


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