Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ritesh says aunty vimla plz don’t tell anyone i promised umesh n u have to learn bhangda, vimla gets a call from vijendra n he asks her who is this making noise here, vimla says no one im little busy so i will call u later, ritesh says sunty aman n umeshs pair is the best, sourabh takes ritesh away, sourabh says ritesh conteol urself ur getting very excited bcoz ur gonna meet nisha but let me help u get a make over so that nisha likes u, sourabh apllies lots of oil on ritesh hair n asks him to go changing room for new clothes to wear n then calls nisha saying the plan is working n plz comesoon.
Vimla is tensed bcoz of ritesh as he told her about aman n her being Punjabi, vimla says to laxmi that she is very tensed about all this bcoz this will create lot of problems, umesh comes n asks wat problem, laxmi says umesh come sit here n tell me all abt ur girlfried, vimla says umesh why did u take such step, umesh says i haven’t thought abt marriage, laxmi says he is rght she must be just his friend.
Sourabh sends ritesh in changing room asks him to take of his clothes n takes away his shirt n pant says u wait here n i will give u the new clothes.bunty goes to dadaji n says dadaji lets go to terrace n u tell me a story, dadaji says ok lets go n asks roopan to send some snacks for them.
Nisha goes to changing room n says u come out n come with wat ur wearing, dadaji sees sourabh on terrace n says go get pakodas , he goes n informs nisha that dadaji is here n then umesh comes, dadaji says go umesh see where sourabh is,nisha also has to go as umesh says nisha is here, vimla comes with pakoda n takes nisha with her to a side n says nisha umesh trusts n loves u lot n same is ur relation with him n so plz tell me wat all u know abt umeshs girlfriend n plz don’t tell me lie, nisha says i wont but umesh bhaiya will never do anything wrong but first u go to temple n relax, seeing nisha talking to vimla umesh thinks nisha is the one who told vimla abt his girlfriend.
Nisha goes to riteshs room , ritesh asks nisha did dadaji go bcoz im getting very uncomfortable here, nisha througha a rose at him n says i love rocking entries n says before u come out let me check if all is ok. Vimla n dadi leave for temple, roopan goes n serves pakodas to dadaji , nisha texts ritesh to come out Teaching/Mentoring experience: I have worked with my local and churches to develop tutoring programs and classes that teach children the fundamentals to do well in school. saying don’t forget hero entry, riitesh steps out with a rose in his mouth roopan sees this n gets scared n asks n says ritesh wat are u doing like this, listening to roopnas voice dadaji n cousins come there, ritesh says dadaji i didnnt, dadaji says ritesh come down n wear clothes n u all cousins come down as well, bunty clicka ritesh photo n says now i shall see how many likes does this pic of ure get n runs away.
Ritesh wears clothes n comes down , sourabh says 800 likes ur a star ritesh, ramesh asks laxmi to relax, dadaji asks do u have any reason ritesh why u did this, ritesh says im sorry i didn’t know how this happened, ritesh says all that happened isn’t mine fault or not even rnisha, n someone who is fault is sourabh, dadaji calls sourabh n ask is wat ritesh telling true n if this was a joke n if done by an outsider its shame, sourabh says im sorry i had forgotten that im outsider, nisha says sorry dadaji but i want to ask ritesh something, dadaji says go ahead, ritesh says nisha doesn’t need to ask anything from morning sourabh is acting over friendly with me, nisha says ritesh wat were u doing here in the morning, ritesh says i was here for u to give u flowers to repay for last night, nisha says why wat did u do last night.


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