Humsafars 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir taking Arzoo’s call and shouting at her for giving him missed calls repeatedly. Arzoo argues that he is really rude for not only not returning her bag yet but also not calling her back despite her repeated missed calls lol. He tells her that his office would call her and tell her where to take the bag from and cuts the call. Alvira meets Sahir and they exchange Eid greetings and she asks him to sit for coffee. Sahir tells her that being Eid today,he hasn’t got Eidi yet from her which she used to give in the form of Rs 500 every year. Alvira replies that instead today she will give him something that is most valuable to her and asks him not to refuse. He tells her that he has never refused anything she asked,then she tells him that she is giving Zaki to him and adds that she has borne so many responsibilities till now and wishes to transfer it instead to him. Anam hears this. Sahir is shocked.
Arzoo gets Linda’s call to come to a location (Hotel Palace something,couldnt hear properlyEmbarrassed)and take her bag from there. Back in Lucknow,Arzoo’s family gets a visit from Munaffar Bhai who comes to give them Eidi. Just then Dadi gets Arzoo’s call and they talk. She wishes them. Ammi gets emotional that she isn’t with them on Eid. Arzoo makes her promise that she would smile on this festival despite her not being there and jokes that if they both keep crying,entire talktime would go on thatLOL Ammi smiles and promises. Anam and Zaki meet and exchange Eid wishes. Anam taunts him to grow up. Zaki replies that he is lucky that both she and Sahir want him to become someone better but Sahir wants him to be the VP of Saiyyara. He tells her that he just wants to be free and not become a VP or something and she smirks. Meanwhile,Arzoo comes to the hotel to take her bag from Linda.Sahir comes there but they do not meet.

Anam is taking care of arrangements when a couple arrives there. She greets them as Abhimanyu (Kinshuk Mahajan special appearance ?) and Ria. They look for Shiraz,her husband but she tells them that he has left for Dubai. Zaki drinks and flirts with a girl who is having her makeup done in the dressing room. Anam comes there and asks him not to drink but surreptitiously,drops a tablet into his drink,praises him on being disciplined and being Ammi’s boy ,riling him up and then gives it back. Arzoo goes to take her bag and just then sees the dress (which Sahir had bough for 2 crores) and goes to examine it when the glass door of the box where its kept shuts and she is trapped inside. A curtain falls over the box to be unveiled later. Arzoo shouts for help. She tries calling Alvira but is engaged and gets tensed. Anam takes Sahir to show the arrangements she has made to unveil the dress. They approach the box. She is about to unveil the box when Sahir commands her to stop saying he has seen enough. Arzoo hears voices but is confused. She says ‘Koi hai’ Sahir hears it but Anam says that it must be noises from outside. They leave.

Eid Celebrations happen at the fashion event.Models do the Catwalk. Anam comes there to introduce the dress. Meanwhile,Arzoo starts to choke in the confined box. She adds that before unveiling,there will be a special performance by Neha Dhupia. (For Movie ‘Ek Toppon ki Salaami’ promotions ) Neha dances. Sahir and the rest watch. Zaki keeps drinking. Arzoo is still trying to escape. Performance ends. Anam thank the team. Movie promotion happens and they leave. Anam invites Sahir on stage.

Sahir comes and greets everyone. He talks about Saiyyara and then goes to introduce the Vice president of the company. Just then a drunk Zaki comes on stage drunkenly and tells Sahir how much he loves him. Anam smirks and people whisper. She taunts Alvira. Sahir quitely retreats. Zaki asks for music to play and then dances on Badtameez dil song from Ye jawani hai deewani. Arzoo starts to choke more,feeling claustrophobic. His dance ends. Anam catwalks on the ramp. Mashallah songs plays. Then the compeer asks the dress to be brought forward and unveiled. Unveiling happens. Everyone is shocked to see Arzoo inside along with the dress. Sahir also turns and their eyes meet.Both of them are shocked. He tries to press the remote button but the glass door refuses to open and throws it in anger. He sees her choking so takes a lantern light post nearby and then breaks open the glass!!! She covers her face and then opens her eyes. They look at each other.
Episode ends

Precap- Arzoo asks Sahir not to insult her father. Sahir asks her what if he does and then adds that neither she nor her father can do anything to him. In anger,she throws an object at him as he leaves. He turns behind in shock. Just then a reporter comes and introduces him as Sahir Chaudhry,MD of Saiyyara. Arzoo is shocked.

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