Jhalli Anjali 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jhalli Anjali 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vp awakes in the morning..Dhruv gives him lemon tea to drink…VP remenbrs the last day what he said to amisha and feels sad..Dhruv tells it okey everythimg will be alright…Anjali tells the same and goes ti college…Dhruv and Jiah gives a new look to VP..VP is wearing suit..
In the canteen Amisha asks everyone where is VP…Dhruv comes and tells everyone to attention as Rockstar VP wanted to dedicate a song to Amisha..Vp starts playing Guitar..Vp says he is dedicating song to Amisha..VP sings the song “Sunny Sunny”…while Anjali notices the Song is playing from Jiah”s phone..Anjali writes a note..As Battery is over song stops…Vp sings the song..Dhruv tellss to stop..Everybody students present in thee canten makes fun…Anjali comes for rescue show the chit that the contest was from Radio station..And VP was just practising before the performance..Everyone is quiet..Anjali tells VP to start and show his real talent…VP tells no as he is nervous..Anjali encourages….VP agrees
Vp sings and dance “white white face dekhay dilva beating fast marray” Anjali and kiera dances.
..Amisha sees and smiles…Anjali sees Dhruv and smiles….Amisha dances with VP ..VP finally give rose flower to Amisha…Amisha accepts and goes…Dhruv shows a board to VP showing “Second leval begins”….Vp invites Amisha for lunch…At home..VP tries to cook food…Anjali goes and tells that the food didnt match to Amisha”s choice..Anjali tells Vp to become “REAL Vratdhar pandey” and shows a thumps up..Vp agrees.. Later..Amisha comrs and surprice to see nothing cooked..VP says that he is taking Amisha to a special place….Vp takes Amisha to his Chaacha”s dhaaba…Amisha is shocked…Amisha asks is the food is hygenic…VP agrees…Vp gives lassi to amisha..AMIHA drinks..Vp makes chapaati and gives to Amisha…Amisha eats…Amisha tells Vp that the food is tasty…VP tells desi food taste will not come until lick the fingers..Amisha says no…VP insists..Amisha licks and tells wow…feels happy….and smiles thanks Vp..
Next day at canteen all are sitting VP..Amisha..kiera..waiter thanks VP..for telling the recipe of chai as it is delicious…Dhruv and Jai comes..kiera blushes seeing jay and says him hie…Jay and dhruv comes and sits beside kiera..kiera asks jay where was he since many days..Jay replies he was Searching for a house..then got the idea to join the college…kiera asks about the house party ..jay tells he will give..Dhruv tells to do party at his house..jay appreciates and tells its a nice idea…Anjali feels shy and tells no…Amisha tells if Anjali is not coming she will also not comes…VP pleases Anjali…Anjali agrees.
At night at dhruv”s house everyone is present…Jay dances while kiera feels shy and sits back…VP stares Amisha..jai passes a chit to Kiera…kiera reads..jay and kiera goes…Dhruv tells that colddrink is over..Vp tells that he will bring..Dhruv says no and whispers to stay with Amisha …Dhruv asks Anjali to come along with her…Anjali agrees …Both Dhruv and Anjali goes…VP stares Amisha..In the way Dhruv tells Anjali that he forgot to tell VP that where is milk..Dhruv goes and tell to VP..To propose immediately to Amisha whenever get chance…and comes…Anjali asks if he said..Dhruv nodes the head and replies yes…Anjali tells she will tell about the sugar…Anjali asks Dhruv what he said…VP says that nothing..Anjali tells all the best….Anjali comes..Dhruv tells Anjali how she know where is sugar…Anjali replies and says that she have seen the fridge but did not found milk…Dhruv replies that she 21st centuary girl…Amisha shouts…and hugs VP.tells to close the Tv..VP closes…VP holds Amisha..VP says slowly to Amisha that he will be always with her…VP tells “I love you” to Amisha…while Amisha smiles and hugs VP…Anjali sees through the window….and smiles…Anjali turns and sees Dhruv and feels shy…blushes..

Precap::Dhruv gets close to Anjali tries to kiss her..while Anjali smiles

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