Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dolly asks nisha what has happened and did she tell kabir,nisha says no no I haven’t,aman says nisha why yelling at dolly,nisha says sorry di,dolly says no worries nisha but what happened why are u upset and kabir did take u to room,jwala says nishu bro u lost a chance to tell ur heart,nisha is thinking abt ramesh being angry on her and says chill kabir is here only I will tell some day,nisha says to herself sorry guys I cant tell u the truth,kabir is gonna go and I will be alone again,dolly says nisha are u fine are u hiding something,nisha says I love kabir,dolly says and he loves u too we all know that and take ur time and one day will come and kabir will realize all this on his own,suku comes and says nisha why didn’t u tell kabir that u are here and he was so tensed,dolly says see,nisha asks are where is sourabh didn’t even come yesterday,suku says I will check,dolly says even I was worried I will try his mom,sumit comes and says oh u look too tensed,viraj calls nisha,viraj says nisha I told ur dad the truth abt ur marriage,nisha says I know and don’t want to talk to u,bunty comes and calls everyone down.
Dadaji is with sharmaji and few more people ,sharmaji says we trusted u but,dadaji says since past 40 years I am in business how will I,shramaji says we know we aren’t doubting on u but plz see the jwellery on ur own and u will know it,dadaji checks it,they are fake,sharamji asks for money back,mohan says we wont do this ever we understand what are u saying but plz ,dadaji says this is not correct and sharmaji even we didn’t know abt this and I will investigate all this give me 24hrs and I promise I wont let u down,sharmaji leaves,dadaji asks virendra to go check in warehouse and complaint in police as well and nisha call kabir right now.
Nisha says dadaji he is on his way,dadaji says see in just one day I am let down,nisha says dadaji ,dadaji says quite I trusted u and u made fun of it,ramesh says but we don’t know the truth how can we doubt nisha and kabir,kabir comes and sees everyone starring at him,kabir says to himself I guess everyone learnt abt our marriage,kabir walks in and asks nisha what is it. Virendra checks entry details,with police,police says kabir had been here last,police says the window is broken and so someone did come here and since kabir is incharge we need to question him as well and property owner mr viraj singh tell him as well,virendra is surprised to know viraj is owner.dadaji says kabir so what is it,kabir says I don’t know how did fake jwellery come there,kabir says I checked the jwellery with nisha and then kept in warehouse and then delivered, dadaji says did anyone else interrupted ur work do u have any proof,kabir says I didn’t do anything trust me,roopan says every theif says this,jwala says suku bro do something,nisha says this isn’t truth kabir worked really hard and why will he do so and u trusted us what would he get by doing all this.
Sourabh comes and says dadaji one minute its very important,mohan says sourabh not now come later,sourabh says I know u all are tensed abt fake jwellery and I am for that reason here,sourabh goes to dadaji and says dadaji one of family member has cheated u and its not kabir but sumit,all are shocked to hear this,vimla says sourabh how dare u,sourabh says why will I lie in front of dadaji,sumit says how dare u say that,sourabh says I was following sumit yesterday and saw sumit and sourabh tells the whole incident,dolly starts crying,aman says dolly don’t all will be fine,sumit says he is lying and dadaji how do u allow sourabh to say this,leela slowly goes and keeps a real jwellery in sourabh bag,sourabh says I am not lying, leela comes and slaps sourabh, dadaji scolds her,leela says how can u allow this and I wont let this boy question my son and this person who is no one.
ramesh says plz sourabh is part of our family and how is he a liar,leela says oh u trust sourabh than sumit and I will show u proof,lets check his bag,leela goes and brings sourabhs bag and starts checking it,mohan sees the jwellery in it, sourabh is shocked,leela says see this and u all doubted my son he and kabir are doing it together,dadaji gets up and asks sourabh what all is this how did this come to u,nisha remembers the jwellery was with leela and says dadaji one minute and looks at leela and says u had this aunty u were trying it and u said ur husnamd gifted u this.

PRECAP;sumit says this sourabh is playing with u all, I have seen him trying to be very close to dolly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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