Kalash 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
RAvi says to Devika so i hold girls like this, he touches her face and says i touch girls like this, i get closer to them, he gets closer to her, Devika pushes him away and says be away from me, i know what you do to get close to girls, you disgust me, i am giving you warning to be away, i know what you do, last night also you were.. he ask what? she says i saw you with Shelly. Ravi recalls how Shelly was flirting with him, Ravi says you see half of story and what you think that i take every girl in room and take advantage of them, she says yes, he says ok come with me, he drags her out of house, Sakshi sees them going and thinks who was the guy and where Devika is going with him?
RAvi brings Devika to some apartment, he says i will prove you everything, she says i am not interested, he says you will not go, you always keep blaming me but today i will prove your thinking wrong, and till i dont prove it, i will not be at peace. he rings bell of Shelly’s house, Devika hides, Shelly is happy to see him and ask him to come inside, he asys no i wanna talk to you, she says i wanted to have fun with you and you gave me lecture, what you said that my would be husband is your friend so we cant deceive him, but now you realized its all fun and i am pretty also, Devika is shocked listening all this, she thinks that this girl is behind him. Shelly says i thought you will not see my face but you came to my house, so shall we start? will you have drink with me? Devika thinks it was shelly who was behind Ravi and i said things to him. Ravi says to Shelly that you were wrong and still wrong, i thought o make you understand again but no use as you are sick, now i will use next action, i will tell rithvik about your truth, i will save him from you, he is about to leave and looks at Devika, Devika is embarrassed, she goes behind.

Scene 2
Vikas shows different designs of decorations to Sanjay and Ajay. Sakshi says how dare you select all this when i am here, Sanjay ask Savitri to stop her, Savitri says i cant stop her, let her do what she wants, Sakshi selects one color of tent, Sanjay says i selected same, she says its not nice, she doesnt like what Ajay liked, both get sad, Sakshi ask Vikas to make combination of Ajay and Sanjay’s chosen design, they get happy, they hug her, she ask to send chocolates, she leaves.
Ravi is leaving, Devika is running behind him, she holds her hand to stop him, he looks at her, Sadqe tere plays, Ravi ask her to leave his hand, Devika says i am really sorry, Ravi says dont be sorry, i will never clear myself infront of you from now on as its of no use, i dont care what you think about me, dont waste time, Devika holds her ears to say sorry, Ravi smiles a little, he says ok turn your face, she turns, she ask what happened? he says i was checking that you are cute or you look cute when you hold your ears, she smiles, they laugh, he says lets go, i have to handle 3 hitlers, she ask who? he says your dadi, m y mother and your would be husband, she laughs. he ask her to sit in car, she sits, he is about to close door and see Devika’s dupatta lying outside, he holds it and smiles, he says your dupatta likes to get stuck specially when i am around, he gives it to her, Devika says i am really sorry, i misunderstood you, i will never do that again, he says promise, she says yes, he says ok start a fresh, become friend of this flirt guy if you dont have problem, Devika says if this flirt guy is good with me then i have no problem, he extends his hand and says friends? he shakes hand with him and says friends, they drive back to home. both are smiling. Ravi gets a call from his brother monty, he ask Ravi to comeback and says Maa fell down and have hurt her leg, come soon, Ravi says i am comign,. Ravi says to Devika that i have to urgently go to my house, my mother is in pain, i hope you dont mind, she says mother comes first, he says lets go then.

Scene 3
Anuja is screaming in pain because of sprain. Ravi and Devika comes to Ravi’s house, Davika stands outside, he says come in, she says no i will wait for you, Ravi comes to her and says i am not that type of person who makes their friends wait outside house, now when we are friends so feel this as your home, he holds her hand and they both enter house together, she looks at him.
RAvi comes to Anuja and says i will call doctor, Anuja says what this girl is doing here? she is savitri’s grand daughter, Devika says no need to go to doctor, i know how to set it right, just hold her, Anuja says no, she is here to take revenge, Ravi and Monty holds her, Devika twists her foot, Anuja shouts and then says it feels good, its fine now, she says to Devika that you came here to break my leg, Ravi says but she set your foot right, Anuja ask how you did it? Devika says your pulse were entangled, i just set them, Ravi ask how you know all this? Devika says my dada taught me, if anything happens to Dadi, i make her fine, Anuja says what this girl is doign here, Ravi ask Devika to come, Devika greets Anuja and comes to Ravi’s room.
RAvi says to Devika i am sorry whatever Mother said, Devika says i understand, Ravi ask her to wait here, i will talk to mother else she wont allow me to do decoration of your engagement and marriage, she says no problem, he leaves. Devika finds pictures of big architects of wall and says so they are his role model, nice, and his room is clean, in our house Sanjay;s room is always messed up.
Ravi comes to Anuja and says why you were saying all this, =Shweta says Saket is marrying her only, Anuja says but they are our enemy, Ravi says she is sweet girl, i am managing her marriage, Anuja says they didnt give us money of earlier contract, Ravi says they agreed to pay for that too, Anuja says i dont like Savitri, Ravi says but whats Devika’s fault in it, she says you are taking her side? whats matter? Ravi says nothing, she works in my office, she is nice, Anuja says yes Saket got good girl, Ravi says yes he is lucky.
Ravi comes to his room, he says lets leave, everything is fine, she says one thing is not right, she says your design, he says you didnt like it? she says its very nice but something is missing, she says i will do changes, she changes his design of building, Ravi looks at her mesmerized, she ask how is it now? she says you should use colors, he says its amazing, you have brought life t my design, if it was someone else than you, i would have been jealous that why i dont get ideas like you, your thinking is ahead of me, he ask you are also part of competition then why you helped me? Devika says tomorrow is my engagement, i dont think i can take part in this competition so i want to win as we are friends now, Ravi holds her hand and says i cant thank you enough, for me my mother and my work is most important and you have helped me in both things, you made me get this job, if you ever need anything in life then do tell me, she smiles and says shall we leave, he nods.

PRECAP- Ravi is in dEvika’s house, Sakshi thinks he is Deviak’s fiance and says he is dashing, good choice of Devika but i have to test his mind too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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