Udaan 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Arjun to let her run in under 14 race. He says its tough, she can’t win, as the kids are stronger and their one leap is equal to her four leaps. She says she can try, she has to clear her name and everything things she is liar and cheater and ill treating her family, let me run, I request you, I have to prove myself and educate others, I can’t wait for next chance. He says fine, I will not stop this from trying. She smiles.

He says he will announce her name. She asks him will he not give any idea to win race. He says no, you just have 7mins of race to fulfill your dreams, I will not tell me, you will tell me and the world, if you are determined and trusts yourself, you get courage to win, no power in the world can stop such people, you can change rules of sports in 7mins, all the best.

Bhagya is with Kangan and sits to pray. Kangan says she are habituated to stay in temple, so you are restless, its fine. Bhagya waits for Chakor. Kangan says why is she looking at door, you are waiting for Chakor, don’t wait, she will come, she also wants you to unite with your mum soon. Bhuvan tells Kasturi to come home, its all over, Chakor will not run now. They all start leaving and stop hearing Arjun announcing Chakor’s name in under 14 race, and says Chakor is 7 years old and could not run in under 9 race by some reason. Everyone is shocked. Suraj says what… Abha and Aditya smile.

Kasturi asks Imli what does this mean. Imli says Chakor will run with 14 year old kids. Kasturi worries and asks how will she run. Bhuvan says by her inner strength. They smile. Aditya says she will win the race, and asks Abha. Abha says she is very young. He says I think she was born great. Suraj says she should not win, make that drink ready, she will fall down. Roshni hears them. Roshni confronts them and leaves. Bhaiya ji says if Suraj loses to Chakor, he can’t show his face to anyone.

Tejaswini says your son will win, trust me. Chakor is given juice and she refuses to drink it. The man looks at Chakor and says it gives strength, drink it. She says fine and takes the class. She drinks it. Suraj smiles. Chakor’s family smiles seeing her. The race begins. Arjun looks at Chakor. She runs faster. Ishwar looks on, and the NRIS also smile. Chakor comes ahead and stops. Everyone get puzzled. Roshni tells Ragini. They go to tell Chakor’s mum. Chakor holds her head and falls down.

Everyone go ahead. Arjun says Chakor and worries for her. Arjun asks her to wake up. Ragini and Roshni tell about the juice and Kasturi says she will get some leaves and make kada. Vivaan comes there and asks Chakor to get up. Bhaiya ji asks whats Vivaan doing here. Aditya, Vivaan and Arjun ask her to get up, she can’t lose. Kasturi brings kada and gives to Vivaan. He makes her drink the kada. Bhuvan asks Lord to make Chakor fine soon. Vivaan asks Chakor to leave everyone back and run fast. Chakor smiles and gets up.

Arjun says don’t give up, you can still do it. They all ask her to run. She starts running again. The man says kids are ending 2 laps and Chakor did not end her 1 lap. Kishori and all villagers cheer for Chakor. The man praises Chakor and says she has crossed 2nd lap and heading ahead. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays……………….. Chakor runs faster and reaches ahead near Suraj. She surpasses Suraj and heads. Suraj recalls Vivaan’s words, that Chakor helped the girl and did not win the race.

Suraj sees she has gone ahead and falls down, asking Chakor to help her. He smiles. Chakor stops and sees him. Everyone is shocked. Chakor turns and thinks. Arjun says finish it Chakor, you are almost there. Chakor looks at the ribbon and runs ahead. Chakor wins the race. Everyone get glad and clap for her. Chakor smiles. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai……….. udaan hai……………..plays………….. The NRIs clap and call her unique, she is 7 year old and won under 14 race. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini look on. Bhuvan hugs Chakor.

Chakor tells Tejaswini that Bhagya is her daughter. Tejaswini says she does not know her. Chaor says she is your elder daughter, she is not dead, she is alive. She brings Tejaswini to Bhagya. Tejaswini is shocked. Bhagya says Maa and hugs her. Chakor smiles.

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