Razia Sultan 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Althunia says he trusts her ability, but she should take him along to Ghazni as she is injured. Razia says he pushed her to die in Jangura’s hand, so she does not believe him,. He says he left her with Jangura as he sawa a spark of bravery in her eyes and he wanted to develop that spark in her. If she does not believe him, they both can go on their own way. Raiza asks how to believe him. He pushes her and says her belief will change his loyalty. She asks if he does not know how to speak with girls. He says he really does not know and walks out in opposite direction. She climbs horse, but falls down due to her injuries. Althunia runs to rescue her and holds her on time. They both fall on ground and roll over and Razia comes over him. He asks if he can pick her and run till Ghazni. She says yes. He says for the first time, he is feeling happy hearing yes and says she has princess’s characteristics. She asks what does he mean. He says she gets mistake in everthing. She says she did not like him calling her princess. He asks if any princess troubled her. She says no prince in this India is dared to trouble her. She sits on horse. He says there is one prince who is too good and reminisces princess (Razia herself). Razia asks if he is in love with princess. He asks if she got jealous. He says no. She rides her hore.

Fathima comes back to Shamshad’s tent. Shamshad asks where is Razia. Fathima says badi naani is ill, so she did not come to dargah. She has left a message to Qutub that abbu loves her and she should meet her.

Althunia rides horse behind Razia as a pillion and says horse is getting uncontrollable, so she should give control in his hand. She says she will not. Horse gets more uncontrolllable and they both fall in a ditch. Althunia gets out of ditch and asks her to give his hand. She does not. He says he will go out and she can enjoy ditch. She slips in and gets worried. Althunia taunts her. She asks him to stop taunting and help her. He says she told she can come out without help. She says she can, but does not have time, so he should help. He says he will help her this time and asks he not to shout at him after coming out as he will push her hard. She says she will not and gives her hand. He pulls her out and she falls on him again. He asks her to thank him. He says she will not. He says he will not call her arrogant though. Their nok jhok continues. He says he will go on his way. She asks him to stop and says she will accept his condition. He says they should leave this place before dark and find a safe place.

Althunia tells Turkan that his own family is making him wait. If Razia was here, he would have met Qutub long back. Just then, servant shouts that Qutub is coming. Turkan starts her overating and writhes in pain. Altamash gets concerned and holds her. Qutub enters and sees him hugging turkan and gets sad. Altamash gets up and greets her in. She comes in and says she wants to talk something important with him. He asks her to speak. She looks at Turkan and tells altamash that she wants to requests him to end the misunderstanding between him and Nasir. Turkan says Nasir started the fight first. Altamash asks her to stop and asks Qutub to continue. Qutub says Nasir loves him a lot and does not want to fight against him. This battle will ruin everyone and they have been under a big trap. Turkan gets up and says Nasir is a traitor and wants to kill Sultan to become sultan. Qutub slaps her and asks her dare not to badmouth about her son. Turkan starts acting again and writhes in pain. Dumb sultan takes turkan to bed and asks Qutub to get out from here before he forgets their relationship. Nasir enters and says until he is alive, he will never let his mother down and takes out his sword. altamash shouts. Nasir asks him to stop shouting and asks how dare he is to insult his mother in front of pr*stitute. Qutub asks him to behave with his father. Nasir says neither altamash is father nor husband, but a lover of pr*stitute. Sultan takes out his swords and asks him to control his tongue.

Precap: Althunia tries to kiss Razia when Razia sees Nasir’s eagle and runs towards it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thanks for a quick update…?
    Altunia and razia simply amazing… No words for them…?

  2. What kind of king is this that he can’t see anything beyond Turkan and her ploys?very disappointing.

  3. Damn! Razia and Altunia! *__* Bt hw come he did not realize that She is Shehzadi Razia!??

  4. Thank you H Hasan for acting upon my comment I.e to write everything in detail .. Rakshitha when altunia will know that she is only that Shezaadi who he remembers everyday he will first hug her. And will ask that how that komal soft shezaadi became such a fierce warrior.


  5. AlRaz rockzzz the small screen….


    1. Good name kashish… AlRaz… Love it. ?

  6. AlRaz rockzzz the small screen…. ☺


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