Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadaji says if ur stories are over u all shd get back to ur works, laxmi says I will get kabir medicine, mohan and virendra say we have to do calls, cousins leave, vimla roopan go for dinner preparation.kabir asks ramesh, uncle why did everyone go away seeing this old man, ramesh says this happens here all the time, dadi says kabir u saved my son may god bless u, kabir says dadi plz don’t be formal and congratualtions on having a missile in ur house,dadi laughs and says u mean nisha. Suku says to cousins don’t u think he is showing off,umesh says he is a hero after all u know if u where in this place u would say bhabhiji let me make my hair and then we shall fight, cousins laugh at this comment.
Aman sees dolly tensed take her to side and says dolly di what is this don’t be tensed, dolly says what to do aman only we both know that kabir,laxmi comes and asks what dolly says nothing we are fine. Laxmi asks bunty to get water,bunty gets water,laxmi gives kabir medicines, virendra is keeping an eye on kabir,mohan asks what are u doing,virendra says he is very smart he scared me with gun then ate all samosas and now see enjoying all the attention.mohan says common he is a kid what are u being jealous,virendra says its ime for revenge now u see mohan.

Virendra goes to kabir and says oh u look so injured mohan call doctor and ask him to get injecton as well,kabir hearing injection says no im fine I should leave now and walks but sees dadaji at the door and comes and sits back and says as u wish.kabir getting injection and shouts with pain, virendra says to cousins congratulations he was in pain,doctor says he needed injection good u called me and he needs to take care, nisha says now I think he should leave, ramesh says are u mad he will stay until he is fine. Dadaji says oh ramesh now u will make decisions in this house. Dadi says he had asked me and now abt to ask u.
Dadaji says nisha ask ur mom to make staying arrangements for kabir,kabir says no im fine I will leave now, dadaji looks at kabir ,kabir says no I will stay im not fine, dadaji says this boy has injured himself for good cause and so will stay here until he gets well,kabir says ok as u say.kabir sees ramesh tensed and says relax uncle u atleast have ur dad. Vimla says to virendra ask him what he will have,kabir says aunty don’t take tension I eat everything specially samosas,virendra says dare anyone gets samosas and guns in this house and leaves.nisha says to kabir u are guest here be like one, kabir says ok wify wheres my room.
Jwala kirti see dolly tensed and make fun of her,dolly says nishas husband is here and u people,kirti jwala say what husband, aman says quite, virendra comes and says what are u doing,dolly says nothing,virendra leaves,aman tells jwala and kirti abt nisha and kabir,kirti says how exciting, dolly says lets talk to laxmi chichi abt it,aman says it wont work, kirti says but why serious it was just to save chandu right.laxmi asks nisha what to give kabir,nisha says give anything that fool will eat,laxmi says have some manners he is guest. Nisha says whatever,dolly aman kirti jwala stop nisha and ask what next,nisha says dolly di relax it was just a fun, ok I know its not that funny but forget abt it.
Viraj gayatri and kiara are having food, kiara asks viraj hows the food,viraj says its good,kiara says if its not good tell me I will make something else,viraj says no its good,gayatri says kiara thanks for helping viraj getting over his pain he needed a friend and u are helping him that’s so good of u, kiara says I will get soup, gayatri says oh she cares for u,viraj says im fine,gayatri says I know we aren’t doing good but trust me I feel for u and listen to me u need a friend like kiara and staying alone is not a joke ask me how it feels and so get married,viraj says plz stop showing mercy im alone but I need no one not even kiara, viraj sees kiara and walks off.
Laxmi is arranging the cupboard, ramesh comes and says u wont talk to me,laxmi says I read the note it said everything, just one thing u didn’t tell me what to do with kids, and this is what they will learn to runaway, laxmi says ramesh leaving house what kind of decision was it, ramesh says plz forgive ,me im sorry I was trapped in al the relations and problems and the ramesh in me wanted sometime alone,laxmi says ramesh u shd have atleast spoken to me, ramesh says I know my way was wrong plz forgive me, laxmi says how will u deal with babuji, ramesh says I don’t know he doesn’t even look at me.
Nisha arranging room for kabir says god knows why did they allow him to stay, kabir comes laughing and says its not easy to forget me what to do,nisha hits him and says idiot,kabir puts blanket on nisha and says I didn’t knew u would take marriage think so seriously but trust me I did it for ur goodness, nisha says shutup what do u mean, kabir says who would marry u other than me, ok now get me tea and so bad is this bedsheet, nisha says u,kabir shows her the marriage slip and tease her, while fighting to get it , the slip falls in roopans foot, kabir says hello vimla aunty, roopan says its roopan,kabir says oh sorry, roopan says nisha if this room is done go,nisha says the bedsheet,roopan says be quick.roopan goes to kabir and says oh so what do u do,kabir says everything that gives me money others happiness but wait a minute don’t move and kabir clicks a picture, roopan says oh thanku so much no ne ever clicked such a good pic, kabir says that what I do I am a photographer,kabir says by the way aunty u will look good in blue, roopan says oh thanku so lets meet tomorrow with blue color,kabir says sure and roopan leaves.
Next rukhma comes and picks the slip and looks at nisha and kabir.

Kabir requests cosuisn to take him to holly , he has never played holly in india,nisha says u wont go,kabir says someone plz tell her,nisha says ok will go but on one condition we will go but not with kabir.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    1. Yes!!!
      63% people voted for niraj afterall they r they best
      kabir is so annoying n his way of solving problem is just wierd viraj is sensible enough the way he solved problem of kirti aman and also made dadaji give permission for nisha doing shooting was fantastic
      by just a new entry of kabir I am amused seeing people who once said only niraj is tge best now demand niraj to be out and kabir to be lead forming nibir
      I agree there seems age gap btw nisha n viraj but afterall nisha loves viraj not kabir if given a chance she will choose viraj only
      n even if for once we think nisha tries to take revenge or to make him jealous decides to choose kabir
      they both are brothers after truth will be out they both will live in a same place
      do u guys really think nisha will be able to forget her first love
      If u think rationally it is veryyyy difficult
      So let’s not make judgements by looks but what the story needs n is realistic enough for us to believe

      1. Wel said.viraj is best

      2. yes mh… you exactly said it ryt… all r blindly voting for kabir…. finally viraj realised dat he loves nishu… soon der vll be a chance for NIRAJ moments… hope so… 🙂

      3. Viraj might be an amazing guy but he totally doesn’t suit Nisha’s character. Nisha is a fun loving and carefree person. Much like Kabir. Viraj is very matured and sensible. He is too serious for Nisha. Kabir and Nisha will always make the better pair.

      4. Also in such a short time Kabir was able to win soooooo many hearts. Almost as many as Viraj. If he stays on for longer or if he had appeared earlier he will definetly be more loved than Viraj.

      5. What Nisha feels for Viraj could be interpreted as hero worship. A huge silly crush. It can’t be love. She didn’t even know the guy well then.

  1. swati gontia

    i hate nibir it is only niraj the best jodi

  2. swati gontia

    i only love niraj and hate nibir niraj is one of the best onscreen couple just like rishbala two best onscreen couples niraj and rishbala

  3. Kabir is best jodi fr nisha …..and they looking so cute as a pair

  4. nibir is best.

  5. After so many days its good to see Cousins together joking and teasing.Tauji’s dialogue was so funny ” Mubarak Ho dard Hua hai”. Lol……….

  6. where is saurabh

    1. I also want 2 see him

  7. Guys if kabir exit then how wil viraj get jelous seeing them together?
    How wil kabir find out that he is a younger bro of viraj?
    Tel me guys

  8. I agree with you but you know that hindi serials mein kuch bhi hosakta hai!
    Its gud to have both kabir n viraj!

  9. kabir already got over viraj on desi tv votes. now he is again almost near in tellytadka. he will race him there too. he has come just few weeks and see his fans voting and look at viraj’s votes.its just that if kabir was paired first at the beginning all would go for kabir without the craze for viraj.

    1. U r right… with kabir the show will b nice n funny… I hope he n nisha r paired not niraj

  10. I agree!
    I dnt want kabir to leave d show!kabisha r gud yar!

  11. nibir is cute.

  12. i thiank kabir is bwtter. he so cute . love to watch nibir

  13. Pls vote 4 kabir in all sites and let him lead male and pair with dumbo.pls show mercy on viraj.he doesnt deserves a sh already married irritating problomatic girl

  14. hello Tanaya ,first of all Happy Holi,
    thanks for the update,,,,

  15. NIBIR best… not NIRAJ..
    nisha kabir r best jodi not nisha viraj.. I know that viraj was nisha’s first love but he left nisha heartbroken n sad… it is Kabir who make nisha happy after breakup plus labor makes the serial nice n interesting with his jokes, also I think nisha already has got feelings for him only that she is hiding them. Note that Viraj first love was Kaira NOT Nisha.. Also if niraj bcom a couple the serial will become BORING..

  16. nisha and kabir are best…they are awesum

  17. Nibir best not niraj kabir is funny n entertaining not viraj…0 stars niraj 5 stars nibir .. n guy vote for nibir they r the BEST

  18. nisha and kabeer are best not viraj can marry kaira

    1. ashmitha kulatunga

      yeah viraj n kaira will be a s*xy couple n as usual kabir n nisha is the best

  19. nisha kabir pair is too good and I dont like viraj he is lack in acting , If viraj and nisha pairs i will get rid off this show

  20. kabir is so cute nd now they are husband nd wife…so nisha nd kabir must join as a family

  21. nisha is a good girl.she does nt change her husband like other borring seriels

  22. its good ya….

  23. Guys guys…. i also had been niraj fan but after all what viraj did to nisha was not fair…. If he loved arti truly then why did he broke her heart… whatever nisha or someone why did he hated her after he got to know her real identity… its not fair if they unite…and now we come to kabir he is the best character nd also correct person for nisha…. The one who heal the heart when it’s broken is the true love… if kabir unite wit nisha he’ll always support her nd make her smile when she is sad…..

  24. yeh I lik viraj bt he is nit match for nisha.kabir is best match

  25. i hate viraj. always grumpy . kabir is cute ,naughty and just the right match for nisha.luv u kabir.

  26. yes kabir is really a funny and a naughty character who gives some light moments in he show……..

  27. ashmitha kulatunga

    yeah khabir is the perfect match for nisha!!so the serial shld be continue with both of them

  28. Guys, checkout the timeline of Star plus (
    Niraj Fans are totally crazy!! plz do something Nibir fanss 🙁

    1. Iss mein niraj fans ki koi ghalati nahi hai.afterall niraj is the best.

  29. Plz some one tell abt todays episode.i didn’t see it.

    Viraj & Kabir to fight amid Holi festival

    Star Plus’s popular show Nisha Aur Uske Cousins is leaving no stone unturned to grab the eyeballs of the audiences with its interesting twists and turns.

    Recently it was seen that Kabir (Mishkat Varma) and Nisha (Aneri Vajani) get married to each other because of a tricky situation.

    In the upcoming episodes of the show, there will be Holi celebrations and it will be Kabir’s first Holi with the Gangwal family.

    However, a major twist will come about during the celebrations as Viraj (Taher Shabbir) and Kabir will finally come face to face with each other.

    There will be a dance sequence and Viraj, Kabir, Nisha and Kaira will be seen dancing on a Holi song.

    However, a fight sequence between Viraj and Kabir will also take place. Let’s wait and see how Nisha reacts in this situation.

  31. Guyz Continue voting for Kabir in tellytadka!! KABIR ROCKS!!!!! Let him win!!

  32. hw 2 vote

  33. please give today’s update soon.

  34. Viraj nd mishap luks gr8 nd saurabh nd kirti..

  35. Today’s (5 march) episode is bakwas. Viraj will tell Kaira that he loves nisha n of her 🙁 0 stars.. if he really loved nisha he wouldn’t had hurt her.plz I don’t want nisha n viraj together I want nisha n labor together

  36. Viraj will tell kaira he loves nisha not her..I dislike todays episode

  37. HAPPY HOLI to all ofyou my friendsand the telly updates team

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