Muh Boli Shaadi 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol looking at Nikhil’s hall ticket on the ground. She gets worried. Nidhi comes there. She tells her that they have to do something. She asks Nidhi to bring her bag and scooty keys. Nikhil is going on his bike and sees Anmol everywhere. He thinks it is enough now. She is coming in my imagination now. He thinks she is mad, and I can’t get bad. Anmol’s mother asks her to drop her at the parlour. Anmol lies to her and goes on her scooty. She thinks where is Nikhil and looks around. She sees Nikhil’s scooter and calls him. Nikhil turns and sees her. He thinks he is seeing her everywhere. He speeds up his scooter while Anmol follows him. She comes infront of his scooter. Nikhil gets surprised to see her there. He asks do you want to kill me. Anmol says I was shouting you to stop. She asks him why you are shouting. Nikhil asks her to stay at home. She touches his scooter. Nikhil says no one can touch my scooter. Only my niece and bua can sit on it.

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Anmol says I don’t have any interest to sit on your scooter. Nikhil asks her to go and says it is about his career now. Anmol says you said right. I lied to my family and risked my life to give your hall ticket. She gives hall ticket to him. Nikhil stares her. Anmol leaves from her while he continues to look at her. Anmol’s mother asks about her friend. Anmol says she is idiot, didn’t tell me thank you. I saved her, but she didn’t say thanks to me. Anmol’s mum doesn’t understand her talk. Her chachi says she is talking like my friend. Ashok and his son come back home and sees garbage infront of their house. He says he will curse them. His son says what you will ask him. He goes to call the garbage collector.

Anmol is irked with Nikhil. Guruji comes. Nidhi and Anmol greet him. He asks what were you talking about? Anmol says I saved my friend, but she got angry on me instead of thanking me. Guruji asks her to take out her anger in the dance. Nidhi asks Anmol, what you will do now. Anmol says he bursted on me for touching his scooter. She says she will insult him. Nidhi says he can’t come as everyone is here. Ratan Singh tells Pratap that everyone shall know about their family. Akhil hears it and misunderstands. He informs Ashok that they are going to blast their house. Ashok says he will burn everything with his anger. Anmol looks from the balcony and thinks she will make Nikhil yearn for her.

Nikhil comes on his bike and looks at Anmol. He looks at Ratan Singh and Pratap. He smiles and tries to talk to Anmol. Anmol smiles silently and thinks he will thank her. Ashok comes holding the iron stick. Nikhil runs behind him. Ashok blames Ratan for talking about blasting his house. Pratap says papa was talking about luxurious party. Ratan Singh asks him not to dare insult him. Anmol and Nikhil take their respective fathers. Seema massages Ashok’s leg. He says it seems my leg is broken. I am paying for my son’s mistakes. Nikhil misses Anmol and looks for her in the window. He says he would not have given the exams without Anmol’s help. Seema comes and asks Nikhil about his exam. She asks why didn’t you have anything. Nikhil says he needs advice. Sahil says he can give good advice. Akhil asks him not to take advice from him. Sahil asks Seema to handle kitchen. Nikhil says he don’t need his advice. Akhil tells Seema that aunty called her for getting mehendi on her hand. He asks her to share money with him. She agrees. Nikhil thinks he has scolded Anmol and thinks how to thank her.

Anmol holds the umbrella and asks Nikhil to go inside the exam center. Nidhi comes in auto and asks Anmol to come. Nidhi shivers because of rain water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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