Maharana Pratap 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap walks inside just when Ajabde serves food to US. Pratap stops in his tracks seeing US. He hides behind a wall to hear his father’s voice. US misses Pratap. It would have been great if he was here. He eats the food and praises Ajabde’s cooking. I haven’t eaten such tasty food since years. Ajabde suggests him not to talk while eating, just like my mother says. He nods and eats everything hurriedly. I haven’t eaten since days and this food is just too good. He coughs because of eating fastly. Pratap is concerned. Ajabde pats his back once while she gets water for him but then backs off. He feels better after drinking water. US tells Ajabde that she reminded him of his mother today. He washes his hands and thanks Ajabde for the delicious food. Please tell Pratap to return to the palace. Ajabde apologizes to him for being selfish. I am not doing it for myself but for him. I cannot say this to him. I have never seen him this happy. I cannot snatch his happiness from him. Honestly speaking, I have seen him all calm and peaceful here more than he was in the palace. I cannot ask him to return but I can ask you to stay here with all due respect and love. You can stay here as a father. US sadly wishes that it would have been great if Mewar’s king had a right to live his other personal relations as well. This cannot happen in reality. I can understand how Lord Ram would have felt when he would have sent Sita Ma one exile. The real exile would have been Lord Ram’s actually. I can stay here for your love but the people of Chittor are already restless without Pratap. The situation will worsen if I stay here too. It can be US’s personal decision to stay here but Rana US cannot stay back for he has no such right! I am bound by my duties. Ajabde is sad to hear him thus. US gets up to go. Pratap turns to go away but collides with a rack. The utensils make noise as they fall. US gets alert. He takes out his sword to see who it is when he notices Pratap’s hand (clothes). He lies to Ajabde that there is no one. He immediately walks out of the house. Ajabde comes out and notices Pratap. Why dint you meet father if you were here only? Pratap stands there quietly.

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Akbar suddenly calls his courtesans. Bairam Khan asks him the reason for it. Akbar wants to make a special announcement. You all know that we are taking Jizya tax (a per capita tax levied on a section of an Islamic state’s non-Muslim subjects, who meet certain criteria) since years. I have decided to put an end to it. Bairam Khan is shocked while Akbar thinks of the mask that he has to wear in front of his people. There will be no discrimination amongst the citizens living under our rule. They will be free to pray to whoever they want to. Salima smiles while no one else is able to understand any of it.

US returns to palace. DB says Pratap dint come with you, right? He is stubborn just like jija (JB). You too are feeling lonely without him. a son left you while you have put your other son in the jail on your own. I only want to say that Jagmal is young. He made a mistake. But Pratap is mature. He should have respected your feelings. He insulted you by not coming here with you. US says you have so many venom inside you against Pratap. I always thought that you loved him more than me but today I have realised that it was just an illusion in my head. Thanks for reminding me about Jagmal. He orders a soldier to inform Rawat ji to make arrangements for Jagmal’s gibbet asap. She is stunned. DB touches US’s feet, begging him to free Jagmal. He has made a mistake. You can never make a mistake. I would have made a mistake. I said everything in anger. I love Pratap a lot. I will bring Pratap back. I am his mother, he wont say no to me. He orders her to do so then. As far as I know him, he wont come back ever. Go and try! DB repeats that Pratap will agree with her. Don’t penalize Jagmal. She leaves.

DB is about to trip when Pratap holds her. be careful Rani Ma. She says I know you have helped me whenever I was in trouble. They go inside Chakrapani’s house. Ajabde greets her and offers her a seat. DB orders Pratap to come back with her. He apologizes to her for he wont be able to do it. you can ask me anything else if you want to. DB requests him again. I have come to take you back with me. I made a mistake. Please forgive whatever has happened and come with me. Pratap wants to know why she did that. My head was not meant to wear the crown of the king. It was there to bend down in your feet. Why did you do it then? you could have told me once. I would have given my everything to you. you could have just told me once! You never considered me your own. I have got no answer till date. I was tagged as a criminal yet you kept quiet. Father gave me death penalty yet you were quiet. Please give me the answer behind your silence. She replies that she went blind in her motherly love. I dint see anything beyond Jagmal. I could only see him and wanted to save him. it doesn’t meant that I don’t love you. Pratap deduces that she lied to him n number of times then, that he is everything for her. you called me your son and I used to call you Rani Ma always. Why did you do it then? The most painful and hurtful thing that happened was that I forgot my duties towards my motherland. He folds his hands before her. I only want to live a peaceful life now. She is in tears. Rana ji will announce death penalty for Jagmal. You are my only hope. Only you can save him now! He tells her that nothing will happen to Jagmal. I had requested father and I hope he will respect it. just remind him of the same if you need to. Nothing will happen to your son Jagmal. He turns to the other side while DB leaves.

DB tells US that she tried / requested a lot but Pratap clearly refused to come back. US knew it already. You had asked for one last chance but you failed. Jagmal will have to die now. DB holds his feet. Please pardon him for his mistake. He is your son too. Forgive him for me if for no one else. US stays put. My decision is always the last decision. DB remembers Pratap’s words and reminds US too. he had made one last request to you before leaving from here. You can do that much for Pratap. US agrees. What’s the point of killing an already dead person anyways! I allow him to live again but he wont have any luxuries or rights of being Mewar’s prince. He will have to leave this palace and live with servants of the palace like them only. No one will help him, especially you! He will have to learn to live on his own. DB accepts all his terms. I only wanted you to spare Jagmal’s life. US adds that the amount that was spent on Jagmal’s necessities every month will go to Dhaman Singh’s family from now onwards. I don’t want to see your wicked son from today onwards. Make sure of it! hope you would have understood by now who is your good son and who is the evil one.

Precap: Salima appreciates Akbar’s move of cancelling Jizya. The news will spread like wildfire in the entire India and especially Rajputana. Chakrapani’s father is impressed by the news. Pratap senses some hidden motive behind it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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