Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ramesh and Mohan are drinking. They try to cheer Virender. Ramesh apologises him and Virender finally gets convinced. They say they worry for Dolly too and everything will be fine. Ramesh and Mohan talk nonsense and Virender leaves two alone. Ramesh and Mohan continue. Mohan says Kabir also didn’t do right..he’s leaving Nisha. Ramesh says and that Viraj too, he still loves Nisha and person lost in love is very dangerous. Ramesh says who else would know it better than him. He goes and brings their youth photos. Both laugh recalling old memories. Ramesh’s laugh stops all of a sudden when he sees photo of a lady. Other hand, a lady arrives in Jaipur who has old relationship with the city. She says destiny is very where she decided not to come, circumstances again brought her there. She calls someone named Jojo, but no answer.

Nisha is sleeping. Kabir lies down besides her and glares her. He recalls their sweet memories and goes closer to Nisha. Nisha turns to his side in her sleep. He smiles. He says in his mind that he used to say there is nothing like love in this world, he used to think all that filmy, but then he met her and started liking her slowly slowly. And she stood up for him when everyone was against him. That feeling inside him is love. He then gets up and checks his phone. He got an email from London School of Dance informing today is last day to fill up final registration form. In any case, you’re not able to mail, we will call you shortly to confirm the registration. He gets sad. Nisha wakes up and asks him what happened. Kabir tells her about the email. Nisha also becomes sad, but she controls her emotions and says, “great, so fill out the form”. Kabir says yes and tells her to go and get ready. Nisha gets up and wipes her tears.

Laxmi, Ramesh, and Suketu are having discussion. Laxmi says Kabir truly loves Nisha. Suketu says then he wouldn’t be leaving her like this. Nisha has done so much for him. Ramesh says it was Nisha’s love, but if Kabir stays here by thinking it as favour then that would be wrong too. Relationship becomes strong based on love. Laxmi says she saw that love in his eyes. Suketu disagrees. Laxmi asks then why he would take all blame on him. She says they have to save Nisha’s marriage and asks Ramesh to talk to Kabir at least. Suketu says she will take Nisha outside and he can talk to him. Ramesh says ok.

The lady is still trying to call Jojo. Her car stops. She tells her driver to check.

Ramesh and Suketu arrive at Kabir’s house. Ramesh is nervous not knowing what to say. Suketu tells him Kabir will understand and listen to him. Kabir welcomes them and says they will get company for breakfast. Suketu asks him he’s making breakfast? Ramesh says that we can tell from his face. Kabir remembers he has something on gas and rushes to kitchen. Ramesh helps him. Kabir says, thanks papa. Ramesh tells him to either say thanks or say papa. He says papa. Ramesh asks since when he became a chef. Kabir says until Nisha doesn’t recover, he will do all housework. He planned to make roti, but failed. Now he will have to make bread jam. Suketu gives him breakfast that Laxmi gave. Kabir asks why she had to do that. He’s there to take care of Nisha. Ramesh looks at him emotionally.

Kabir hears some noise and runs. He slips and falls down with flour on him. He asks Nisha if she’s alright. She says she was just getting that iron. He says she should have told him. She asks he would iron her clothes? He says yes he would. He told her he would do all her work till she recovers. She says she is alright. Kabir scolds her and says she won’t do any work. Ramesh and Suketu smile seeing their argument. Nisha gets surprised seeing Ramesh and Suketu. She complains how much Kabir scolds her. Ramesh says he’s absolutely right. Stubborn girl like her should be scolded. Nisha says, you too, papa? Ramesh hugs her and asks how she is. Nisha says fighting fit. Kabir tells her to look at her first. She tells him to look at his face, he looks like a chimpanzee. They again argue. Kabir has pressed her clothes and gives it to her. Nisha says in her mind, don’t care for me this much else I will get used to you. He tells her to get ready, he will bring breakfast and then she has to go to hospital. She says it’s obvious..whoever eats breakfast made by him will have to go to hospital. Kabir says, very funny! Ramesh tells them they are crazy. Suketu says he will take Nisha to hospital. Ramesh says he also has some work from Kabir. Nisha asks what? Ramesh says some work Dadaji gave.

Driver is trying to fix the car. The lady (Basundra) is getting impatient. She then calls her hotel and complains to manager and asks for a new car. He says it will take too much time and tells her that her booking is from tomorrow. She asks him to prepone and he says no room is available but he will check and let her know. She is annoyed and says she shouldn’t have come to Jaipur.

Kabir returns factory keys to Ramesh saying he is not interested in all that. He just wants to become a world class choreographer. Ramesh says so you won’t come to store now? He says no. Ramesh says he can’t understand him. Little while back, he was taking so much care of Nisha and now he’s going away from his responsibilities. Kabir says it’s not like that. Ramesh says he knows he wants to become a world class choreographer and for that he has to go to London. And 3 months are over anyway. They sadly look at each other. Kabir gets call from dance school to confirm his admission. Kabir says to cancel his admission, he will try next year. He hangs and says, now I can’t separate myself from you.

Precap: Basundra calls Jojo (Kabir). Kabir says he will talk later and hangs. Ramesh hears it.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  5. Todays epi
    kabir cals nd says to cancel his admission. Ramesh hears it nd says r u hpy.he urges him to say wats the matr since he considers him as his son. Kabir gets emotional and hugs ramesh.kabir says to ramesh tat he loves nisha very much. He says tat he thought gng to london clg ws his dream bt now the luv hd changed his life.nisha nd suku argues fr icecream nd they fights. Icecream falls on kabirs moms face. She gets asthama attack.Kabirs mom health gets upset. Nisha nd suku takes her into the car. Nisha cals sumone nd asks wat to do at tat tym. She asks suku to bring coffee. Kabirs mom regains her health. Both give their intro.kabirs mom says thank u to nishu nishu says tat she wl drop her wherever she requires.both smiles. Kabir dadaji nd his sons discuss abt their buisness.kabir says to dadaji that first he wants to win the heart of nisha. He returns the keys of factory to dadaji. Nisha brings kabirs mom to her house nd asks her to rest. Kabirs mom calls jojo nd asks him to speak. Kabir says to his mom tat he is jogging nd nw is in library. He says that he is very angry wid her nd cuts the call.

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