Nach Baliye 7 31st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nach Baliye 7 31st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithvik and Karan welcome the judges Preity Zinta, Chetan Bhagat, and Marzi Pestonji on Nach Baliye season 7. The Nach is going to be too much as the show have 7 jodis to compete for the coveted NACH title. All the jodis will enact on a story. Rithvik and Karan welcome the first jodi.

1. Arpit and Nidhi:

They dance on the song Rakta Charitra from the film Rakta Charitra. Nidhi acts as Devi and Arpit as Dev.

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says it was spectacular act. He liked it.

Marzi says Nidhi was looking beautiful. Nice act. Nice presentation. You people were not dancers, but justified well.

Preity says you have become performer and asks them to maintain the performance. Well done.

Scores: Chetan – 8, Preity – 9, Marzi – 8 = Total 25

2. Sharad and Mrunal:

They dance on the song Lahu Muh Lag gaya…….and Mohe Ang Laga De Re………from Ram Leela.

Judges” Comments:

Marzi says the performance is good. He liked it.

Preity says she felt something in her heart and asks Tripathi ji (Sharad’s father) to agree for their marriage.

Chetan says I hope Sanjay Bansali would be happy seeing your performance. Well done.

Scores: Marzi – 8, Preity – 9, Chetan – 9. Total 26.

Mrunal’s father clipping is shown. He asks Mrunal not to think about marriage and rather concentrate on career. Her mum says you have to marry with our choice. Mrunal gets sad.

Rithvik jokes with Preity and asks her to take him in her cricket team. Preity jokes that she will kill him.

3. Rohit and Aishwarya:

They dance on medley songs Bhagam Bhagam, Oh Baby Dol…..Kya Dekhti Hai Rabba…..Soni Ke Nakhra Sone Lag De….Nayak Nahi Khalnayak Hun…….Husn Hain Suhana……Goriya Chura Na Mera Jiya…….Rithvik says superb performance.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says I swear you are looking like a hollywood comedian.

Preity says it was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know that you will blend hollywood movie into your act.

Chetan says congratulations for innovation, great act.

Scores: Marzi – 9, Chetan – 9, Preity – 10. Total 28.

Karan asks about their love story. Aishwarya says she had Tuberculosis and it was medicine resistant, but Rohit used to take her to hospital daily for administering injection. Rohit says I thought she will die. She said twice that she won’t marry me. Karan says you proved that true love failed even a disease.

Two comedians come and bring laughter on the set with their comic treat.

4. Rashmi and Nandish:

They dance on the song Yeh Ishq Haaye, Nagada Baja………Tum Se Hi………Mauja Hi Mauja from the film JAB WE MET. They enacted the story of Jab We Met in their dance act.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says your lifts were not right. It is just a bad day.

Preity says she didn’t have fun, you are out of sync. She wants to see coordination in next act.

Chetan says I liked your act. I think the audience loved and enjoyed it. Paisa wasool performance.

Scores: Marzi – 8, Preity – 7, Chetan – 9. Total 24.

Nandish says because of Nach, they got a second chance. Their relation is getting better and they have realized their mistake. He says he loves her very much and fills her maang with sindoor. Rashmi gets emotional.

Karan tells that Marzi and his wife had a fight because of you people. He says Marzi said he is ready to accept Rashmi if Nandish allows him. Rashmi says she has something to say. Nandish says he can’t let her go. Rashmi ties rakhi on Marzi’s hand. Marzi blesses them and asks them to be together.

5. Upen and Karishma:

Karishma dances on the song Muskaan Jhoti Hai from the film…. Jise Dhunta Hun Main Kahin………….. Upen joins her and dances with her on the song Hasti Rahe Toh Hasti Rahe…….Banke Titli Dil Udaa Udaa……Pyaar Mat Karna….Sajde Me Yuhi Jhukta Hun…Khuda Jaane Yeh Ke….. They enact a story of a prince and a princess on the medley songs.

Judges’ Comments:

Marzi says I loved the presentatuon,. Nice concept. I totally enjoyed it. I liked Karishma wicked and sweet role.

Chetan says I think both of you are fabulous and performed well.

Preity says I liked your dayan attitude, you were looking like a stage’s malika. It was overall fabulous performance.

Scores: Marzi – 8, Preity – 8, Chetan – 9= Total 25

Upen says he wants to say something and asks her to close eyes. He then asks her to open the eyes. Karishma gets emotional seeing audience holding marry me board. Upen asks Karishma’s mum and sister to come on stage. Upen’s family are shown on video cam. His mum congratulates them and says she is so happy. Karishma gets teary eyed. Upen asks them to stay online and propose Karishma for marriage. Karishma gets happy and says yes I will. Meri Aashiqui song plays in the background. They say I love you to each other. Karishma says she loved it. Karishma’s mum says she is proud of her damad. Rithvik tells that Upen woke up early morning and brought the ring from PC jewellers. He hopes she likes it. Karan and Rithvik says Nach Ne Bana di Jodi.

6. Himanshu and Amruta:

Himanshu says their act is based on the film Bhool Bhulaiyya. He are portraying Sid and Avni’s role and are newly married. They reached their ancestral haveli and the story starts. At the end, he says Sid got his Avni and Manjulika got what she wanted.

They perform on the song Labon Ko Labon Me…..Meri Dholna Sun……from the film BHOOL BHULAIYYA

Judges’ Comments:

Chetan says Amruta will come in his dreams, but not in a good way. He says the act was energetic, have suspence, flawless, story telling was good.

Preity says you are amazing and I see your 11 years of chemistry in the act.

Marzi gives standing ovation. He says full credit to Himanshu. I loved the way you had given the fall. You did a fabulous job and deserves to be in the show.

Scores: Preity – 10, Marzi – 10, Chetan – 10. Total 30.

They get standing ovation from all the jodis.

Rithvik says everyone will see Karan Patel’s wife on the set. Karan asks if she is here. Anita Hasnandani comes. Karan says she is not his wife. He says he got scared like Marzi. Rithvik calls lets call his second wife, Divyanka Tripathi comes. Rithvik asks Karan is better with whom. Divyanka says he is better with her, Shagun says he feels comfortable with her as they know each other since long.

Rithvik says lets call his real wife. Ankita comes and says hello to everyone. Karan says he has real heart. He has three wives on the same stage. Rithvik asks them to dance. They dance on the song Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali………….Preity says we wish you all the best for your married life.

Rithvik tells about Dance plus audition in Guwahati and asks the interested people to contact on the numbers.

7. Payal and Sangram:

They performed the act on the film Lagaan…and start with song Chale Chalo…….Waltz for a Romance…….O Re Chhori……..Ghanan Ghanan.

Rithvik praises Sangram and asks how did you feel to roam with two girls. Sangram says it is tough in this world because of inflation.

Judges’ Comments:

Preity says energy was good. Fab act.

Marzi says dance wise, this is your best performance upto date. He says your dance is purely good.

Chetan says you have won my heart today. It is my favorite episode today. He says Payal was looking good. Sangram says he wants to dedicate their dance to all the sportsmen. Sangram asks all the sportsmen not to give up and have strength.

Scores: Marzi – 9, Preity – 9, Chetan – 10. Total 28.

Sangram reads his poetry written on Nach Baliye Daily Panchnama. Chetan says today is the saddest day as Marzi became a girl’s brother. Preity says he will get a kick now.

Marzi asks Rithvik to perform. Rithvik dances on the song action reaction sensation munchfication from Sushat Singh Rajput’s Munch Ad.

Karan says Himanshu and Amruta are winning jodi this week, gives them dinner set and a gift cheque. He asks Upen and Karishma to come on stage. Karan gives them 25000 Rs cheque for their performance. Rithvik says Karishma and Upen are lowest scorer today. He asks Arpit – Nidhi, and Upen – Karishma to come on stage for a face off competition.

They dance on the song Aa Dekhe Zara………Arpit and Nidhi dance on the same song.

Marzi announces that Arpit and Nidhi have to leave this stage today. Preity says she is feeling bad. Arpit says he is thankful and had a good journey for all these 5 weeks. Karan says 6 jodis are left now and the competition will be tough now.

Nach Baliye Daily Panchnama is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. boriiiinggg

  2. Very boring this season is…. First of all throw the three judges out of the show.. They are disgusting and their judgements are utter crap..

  3. Congrates krishma open……

  4. I love you Amruta and Himanshu ?
    I love ur books ? Chetan sir and ofcourse you too ?

  5. sharad mrunal zindabad.///..yo.himanshu n amruta rock …

  6. I have a doubt if upen karishma and arpit niddhi had same scores den why did arpit niddhi leave????

  7. Sanaya : because they had to face a challenge the two jodis danced on the song “ah dekhe zara” and upen and karishma danced better than Arpit Nidhi so arpit nidhi had to quit the show.. I hope I helped you 🙂

  8. 1 of mah favs left tday

  9. Good arpit and nidhi left the show.

    1. I totally agree with you. in the daily show Nidihi mentioned that Sangram is not a gud dancer. This result has showed who is more deserving. Himanshu n Amruta r awesome (Y)

  10. Rajkalanagarajan


  11. This is not nach baliye too much it’s tatti much because all lovely dance show turned in politics first they eliminated jay Pooja a cute couple of this show. Now again they eliminated arpit nidhi with big allegation made by mrunal but is it really true if they sho us allegations on arpit a d make the show like bigg boss then audience wants proof of that allegations against arpit.
    And I want to tell three-of judges that I think this show is made for you because only you watch contestants you like or dislike contestants and you judge the contestants and what audience likes and dislikes. Then why you onair this show you see yourself and judge it.
    If you make this show like bigger boss then we want to know on which basis three of judge giving their judgement. And who make these foolish judge.
    We want to see a dance because its nach baliye not pach baliye for panchayat

  12. nice episode

  13. Bakwaas judge ment….what is Chetan doing as a judge there?? Jo ji may aata hain marks dete hain. ..naach ka kya samjh hain une. ..o ek bahat ache writer hain bt Iha pata nahi Kuan judge bane he?

  14. Pls throw out chetan… Books s only gud for u chetan. How can u ever think of judging a dance show. Disgusting.

  15. Himmanshu and Amruta gave a lovely performance…may god bless you both. And really yaar, change the judges…please

  16. I really love Amruta-Himanshoo ,Karishma-Upen and Nandish-Rashmi. Sangram ji is too cute yaar…

  17. It was so good to see arpit and nidhi fail becuz of overconfidence and saying it tasted like poison when she had food by sharad very mean shows her true colours

  18. Amruta himanshoo have to win this they are way better than everybody there

  19. I cant understand one thing…isnt rashami n nandhish the low scorers??? They got 24 for crying out loud!!!!

    1. They have d nach power! So dey are saved

  20. Chetan Bhagat is a writer by profession and has zero understanding about dance and judges people with nonsense comments. One of his comment was that he likes story telling and the performance also had story telling so it was good!what nonsense!!! More than Chetan Bhagat marzi is a better judge as he has knowledge of dance and doesn’t judge with silly comments. Amruta and Himanshu u guys r going too gud! Keep up d gud work!!! ?

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