Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says if you win all three things are yours. Prem says in heart i will win this bet anyhow.
Simar starts the dance of silsila yeh chahaat. Prem takes the cards from Rajveer. They start the game, simar is dancing. Prem wins ye first game, Rajveer returns him the papers. Simar continues her dance.
Rajveer starts the other game. he smiles. Simar dances if front of temple and sits there. Prem wins the second game as well. Rajveer says i am enjoying this game no matter of i am losing. I wont deceive you Prem. Prem gets a call from simar, He picks the call. simar says where are you? the pooja has started. prem says i will be back home with our happiness. She says i dont get you. He says i will talk to you once i get home.

Rajveer says don’t you think this is injustice with me. I am betting something important like maani, you should risk something precious too. Prem says you want me to bet on business and property papers. Rajveer says no i am talking about precious things only. Something that is your life, you can’t imagine to lose. the one without which your life would be incomplete, like Simar. Prem is taken aback.

Simar waits for prem. Everyone else start the pooja. all the husbands make their wives eat. Roli says in heart how can i eat when simar didi hasn’t. jhanvi is alone as well. Sid is coming to roli, he sees mausi ji and stops. sid says i can’t go what should i do. Jhanvi goes to sid and says aryan’s really mad today right? go to the roof roli bhabhi i waiting for you there. i will handle mausi ji.
Mrs. Verma keeps mausi ji indulged in talks. Simar says in heart i am worried for prem. take care of him God.

Sid comes to rooftop, he is making roli eat. She puts a whole sweet in his mouth.
roli makes him eat slowly then and eats herself. he says you are hungry as well. Roli says if i can fast for you, cant you make me eat?and you cant fast as well? he says it used to be my dialogue. Roli says i know you must not eaten something as well. he says how could i eat without you.

Prem throttles Rajveer and says how dare you to say that. Rajveer says you can decide if maani is more important or simar. prem says i dont need you to tell me what simar means to me. rajveer says clam down if you win it. prem says i am not interested in playing any game. i dont let anyone make fun of my family. you can keep the business and property papers. Rajveer says dont make a mistake in emotions. prem says i am ready to do this mistake. Rajverr says prem.. prem says enough.

Precap-Prem makes simar eat, they are both in tears. she stands up and kisses her forehead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. He will lose simar to rajveer.

  2. Why u update too slow… Nyways prem wil lose simar right??? Ramayana ended 2 months ago now mahabharatha getting started.. So nw it’s time for simar and perms crap cvs ssk has..alternately these two pairs get seperated for 2 months… Think something innovative and logical.. Not need to show always crap.. But u guys won’t change.. So mostly upcoming story will b from Quran or bible…!!!! Need to file complaint against u people

    1. Really jay really -_- its just a show calm down…

  3. Love this serial!! Love premar, love Rosid just love everything!!! The way this serial is progressing…I like it….the stories are also NYC……. 🙂

  4. well its nice that prem didn’t accept that

  5. Nice chemistry between prem and simar , sid and roli.

  6. i think…. rajveer main aim to spoil simar’s name.. he thinks they cant do anythng.. he thought that roli cant do anythng because now sid and simar also with him… but rosim with presid will do somethng and gets simar respect and property mani and business bak.. rosim will win… i think mj also forget about roli that she thinks already roli’s life hell because sid cant recognize her.. but nothing like that happend and they win… simar ki taakath roli ….

  7. in mahabarat first pandava’s will lose the game and droupadi vastraharan will happend but last in khurukshetra yuddh pandava’s will won and kaurava’s will lose… same like that first prem lose the game and simar also… last he will get his simar back with the help of roli and sid and some family members…. just hill guys.. they reunite after this track… but plz cvs end this track as soon as possible.. want to see rosid premar happily for some days…

  8. In Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka, Simar (Dipika Samson) and Roli (Avika Gor) will soon come to know about Prem and Rajveer’s game deal.

    Prem will win everything back but lose Simar in the bargain.

    Rajveer had made a deal that if Prem doesn’t win the Mani from him then he will lose Simar.

    And so it happened, but Simar decided not to let that affect her self respect.

    Rajveer will go about spoiling Simar’s name that he and she have a relationship.

    Although nothing like that exists, and Rajveer is not interested in Simar, he has told that to put Simar to shame.

    It has to be seen if Simar can prove her purity

  9. Nice episode

  10. I watch this serial but For some days I dint any1 can tell me what happened

    1. Hii prads!!

    2. Nothing much iz going on……..till where did you watch this serial??

  11. Can any one tell for which song simar danced???i dnt watch tat days episode….

    1. Silsila yeh chahat

  12. when rajveer and mj track comes to an end and when rosim comes to know kushi’s evil intensions ??? when this track ends….

  13. ssk spoiler:
    simar slaps prem after knowing that putting her at stake. she asks how did she do this. we have written about prem and rajveer dice game. similar to mahabharat and losing simar. simar gets angry on him and says her mangalstutra was her pride, which became a neck rope now. prem feels her anger is justified as he has ended her trust and love. simar says she is not anything to put at stake. prem apolizes to her and admits his mistake. simar does not forgive him and ends ties with him..

  14. rosid romance is really cute & nice…love rosid keep goin…wen will rajveer track cums to end anyone knws?

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