Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ritesh brings along with him lots of food n party arrangements for suku, nisha gets angry seeing ritesh n leaves the room, ramesh says ritesh u didn’t need to do this, ritesh says i thought i will bring a small gift then thought shd do a surprise thing for suku but wait let me first convince nisha, ritesh goes to nisha n says so u must be angry now, nisha says not realy but since u have worked hard to get here do finish ur cake, suku enters the room n praises riteshs decoration n gifts nisha doesn’t like all this, umesh asks nisha is she ok, nisha says y aim though i didn’t want ritesh he made sukus day so its fine n im happy for suku, all the family members join sukus bash, ritesh gets a call from summit, ritesh says hey summit i know u called for the kiss challenge just be patient, dolly listens summits chat n nisha riteshs, dolly says summit how can u do this with nisha bcoz of this u n ur brother are spoiling my family members day n summit n dolly get into quarrel.
Ritesh starts irritating nisha, but nisha soon realises its her imagination, bunty says nisha i don’t think suku will look at our gifts n cake he is busy in riteshs gift, ramesh n laxmi feel bad as well as suku keeps showing riteshs gift, suku goes n thanks ritesh for the wrist watch he gifted, ritesh says i always do special things for people i love, nisha says mom let me n dad have sukus cake, laxmi says no its sukus day he will have it first.
Roopan says to vimla look at laxmi shes so upset bcoz of nisha n suku n now lets see whose cake will suku pic nishas or riteshs, vimla says stop all this talk wats wrong with u, roopan says im upset with the fact the ritesh was choosen for nisha n not kirti where as kirti is very better than nisha, kirti comes n says mom plz stop this thing of pairing me n rites hi know i will have a better than ritesh.ritesh comes n calls kirti n all for cutting the cake , kirti finds this very attractive.
Ritesh looks at laxmis sweet dish n says oh i liked it in childhood but to maintain my physic i gave it up, nisha says plz keep ur rubbish things with u, ritesh says nisha atleast for some time act normal n oh u must be upset abt the fact that suku will chose my cake but don’t worry i will ask him to cut urs as well, nisha says we will see. Suku chooses ritesh cake, everyone praises ritesh arrangements, everyone except the cousins leave, nisha asks suku to go n meet mom, but ritesh stops him n plays music n takes suku along with him to dance with him, ramesh says to laxmi he is having fun dancing we will give him our gifts later let kids enjoy, while leaving ritesh asks ramesh how was the cake, ramesh says u in did organised a good party but ur interference is not welcomed n ramesh n laxmi leave. Nisha takes her cake to suku n ask when will he cut her cake suku says soon n by mistake the cake falls down nisha feels very bad about it, nisha picks the cake n while throwing it on suku it hits ritesh n sourabh clicks a pic n uploads it the cousins start throwing cake at eachother.
Ramesh asks laxmi to cheer up n asks her to go tobed, laxmi says she is fine n she isn’t sleepy, laxmi shows ramesh cake fight n asks ramesh to go to vijendra as he had called him, ritesh gets a call from summit n summits starts laughing, ritesh asks wat, summit tells abt the pic, ritesh says its all bcoz of nisha n she will have to repay for it, summit asks ritesh to control himself n talk little neatly with nisha.

Ritesh sees sourabh n nisha cleaning the room, ritesh says i have to teach this sourabh a lesson now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Nisha ritrsh not right for u.
    He is so egoistic and arrogant.

  2. jafffzzzzzzzzzzz

    Bt i lyk dat cute little guy(RITESH). I’m impateint fr 2dys ep……. Bt i wndr why nishu doesnt wanna marry?????????????

  3. Yr Ritesh call Nisha as Nisha nt Neesha… Seriously he s sooo idiot :-\

  4. Please update asap…its not up till almost 4 hrs…pls update this also promptly like yhm…thanks

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