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Mukta has come to meet Meethi. Meethi wonders why she came here when she was ill. You could have called me. Mukta asks about Rani. Meethi assures her that she is completely fine. She notices the worried faces of Mukta and Vishnu. Mukta begins telling her and Gomti stops at a distance to hear it too. It isn’t easy to handle her. meethi says I know everything and what you are trying to say. Mukta continues to say that she has no idea whose daughter Rani is. Ekadish ji will create a big drama if she gets to know about it. don’t know what will she say to you. Gomti is sure something is really wrong in here. Mukta continues, there is no problem in our house as there are only two of us. Meethi knows Mukta wants to talk about her mom. She has told me everything about herself and her mom too. Mukta and Vishnu are taken aback. Meethi assures Mukta that she will handle Rani. No one here will get to know of anything. I am very happy since she has come here. Her innocence, her anger, her fights, I love everything. Mukta is still worried but Meethi assures her that no one will get to know anything. In case they do, I am here to take care of things. Rani is my responsibility now. I wont let anything happen to her. I couldn’t become a mom but I can give her a mother’s love.

Vishnu is happy that he was right. Meethi is Iccha ji’s daughter. She has accepted Rani so easily. Meethi knows Rani is not at fault in this. don’t know what has compelled her mother to do all this! she is innocent. Rani comes downstairs and they all are unaware of it. meethi asks about Rani’s Ma. She misses her a lot. When will she come? Rani is excited to see them but Mukta’s reply shocks / confuses her. I don’t think she will ever come back. I too couldn’t understand anything in the beginning. First she gave me money to keep them with me then she gave me her daughter. Maybe she gave me money so that we are not burdened with her daughter. Gomti likes the story. I will use it at the right time. Meethi is shocked. Rani misses her mother a lot. How can she do this? Mukta says this is the truth. Maybe her life is at stake or for some reason she is trying to separate her daughter from herself for life. This is why she left Rani with me for forever. rani wants to look for Chameli. She cannot leave me like this.

Malvika calls Ambika. You have to give a heir to this family. The doors of this house will open for you only then. Did you do tests? Ambika says she has been busy. Malvika hears the noise of a baby crying. She is confused. Ambika says this is my baby. You have become a grandmother. It was decided that I will return to Sankrant’s house with all due respect and a baby. It turns out to be a baby doll. Ambika throws it away. I was rehearsing with the doll. Malvika is relieved. Ambika assures her that there is nothing to worry about. I will become a mother and you will become grandmother. I have my reports with me. I am pregnant. Malvika is thrilled at the news. Earlier I had done a drama of being pregnant but this time it is for real. No one can prove me wrong this time. I only will give that family a heir and make Meethi lose in her own game.

Malvika looks at her and Rathore’s photo. I was also pregnant once, just like Ambika is today. you ruined my life but you ruined Ambika’s life too? She went to jail and you just sat back and watched? Just like you watched me while I was on fire? Flashback is shown where Malvika had set fire to herself. You will continue to look for me in Dubai while I will break your family here by becoming one of them.

Rani comes to her room and is in tears. She recalls Chameli’s last words to her. It means Chameli knew she was leaving me here. She will never come back. It cannot be! She cannot leave me. she loves me a lot. I will call her and ask her to take me from here.

Chameli (her face covered with a veil) meets a tea vendor. She had asked him to call Naina here. He says she must be coming. She sits on his stall as she waits for Naina. She cannot use her mobile. What if Ratna’s men catch me? just then his phone rings. He puts it on silent, gives tea to Chameli and excuses himself for a minute. He tells someone that Chameli is here.

Ratna’s men walk up to Chameli. Chameli looks angrily at the tea vendor who apologizes. I have to work here only and cannot get into trouble. She angrily throws the tea on one of the guy’s face and runs off. They run after her to catch her.

Meethi is thinking about Rani and how much she misses her mom. I wont let her miss her mom ever. I will love her like anything. I know what it is to grow up without a mother’s love. she wipes her tears. I will keep her happy. I will be her mother. Why hasn’t she come down yet? She must be playing in her room. She goes to call Rani. Meethi comes to Rani’s room asking her to come downstairs for breakfast but Rani is nowhere to be seen. Rani is running in some jungle with her doll.

Akash gets to know that Rani is not at home. Meethi is really worried for him. she asks him to come over asap. He agrees. Rani too reaches the same area where her mother is. She prays to Lord to make her meet her Chameli once. I will offer you prashad. She turns to go.

Meethi and Akash reach the same place. A chant plays. Rani decides to call Chameli. She wont lie to me. A lady (Chameli) pushes Meethi as she runs for cover. Meethi is taken aback to see two men following her. rani gets inside the PCO to call Chameli. Chameli hides from Ratna’s men. Chameli and Rani are just a few feet away from each other. Rani dials Chameli’s number but it is unavailable. She is finally able to reach someone (kajal, maybe from the brothel only). Why is your phone off? I too will stop breathing if your phone goes off. Chameli tells her not to talk like this. Meethi comes to the same place where Rani had earlier prayed. Akash calms her.

Rani continues talking to Kajal. I miss you a lot. Take me from here. Chameli knows it too well. I know she (Rani) will miss me but Rani is my daughter she will listen to me. Rani shouts against it. take me from here, now! Chameli says cannot do it. Rani cries to Kajal didi. Take me from here or I will run away. Chameli asks Naina to talk to Kajal. If she gets to talk to Rani then she can explain it to her. I cannot talk to her. goons are after me. Naina tells Kajal about Rani’s call. Kajal tells her to call back Chameli asap. Rani was crying like anything.

Akash finally finds Rani. He knows at the window of the PCO. He points out the same to Meethi. Chameli observes a couple waiting patiently outside the PCO. She gets a call just when Rani leaves with Akash and Meethi. She is not able to see Rani though. The call is from NAina only. She tells her about Rani’s call. Chameli suddenly realises that it was Rani. She is happy to see Rani with nice people.

Precap: Malvika suggests Meethi and everyone to talk to Rani’s mother once. We should know when she is coming after all. Ekadish too suggests Meethi to call Rani’s mother in tomorrow’s Dusshehra puja. Rani hears it too. You are thinking of calling my mother? Meethi looks worried.

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