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Maharana Pratap 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

DB meets Dhaman Singh on her way. He has got a good news to share. She is curious to know it.

US is upset with Pratap for always putting him in some trouble, you both mother son do the same always. Dhaman Singh comes there. He shares it with him that Akbar has returned to his hometown while Pratap is returning home along with his army. US smiles in relief. He thanks Lord for blessing them. He gives his ring to Dhaman Singh for sharing this news with him. you have made this worst day a good day. US gives him the task of finding JB. Bring her back with all due respect. She might not have gone too far. Dhaman Singh takes his leave. DB waits impatiently outside for Dhaman Singh. She praises him and knows that he respects her. he tells her about what Rana ji has told him to do. DB tells him to follow Rana ji’s order but you don’t have to be successful in this mission. He is taken aback. She knows that Rana ji might demote him but I will make up for it. he nods solemnly.

Mamrak ji is thinking about Mehmood Shah’s words on his way to Chittor. He meets his soldier who tells him about Akbar returning back to him land. Pratap is completely fine. He will reach Chittor very soon. Mamrak ji praises Ajabde. She is lucky for Chittor. Nothing can go wrong there. He sends his soldiers to Bijolia and goes to meet Ajabde.

DB fills US’s mind against Ajabde. She has just stepped in this palace but she thinks she has all the rights that she even sent her husband in the warzone all alone. She even sent jija somewhere with her stuff. I am here since so many years but I haven’t dared to do something like this or have forced jija this way. Tell me when fate elevates people then they become so undisciplined? So much happened in one night itself! You made that ordinary girl Pratap’s wife. She sent our loving son on the wrong path. It is because of our love and blessings that he is coming back all safe and sound or Ajabde’s karmas might have affected him wrongly. Actually she is not to be blamed. Her fate is such. I suggest you to send her back to Bijolia. He is not so keen on it but she insists. Since the talks of alliance have begun some or the other problem has been popping up. But since she has come here things have gone out of hand. Akbar has come till our door. Jija left us all. He cannot do it as Pratap loves Ajabde. She knows but right now we should focus on one step at a time. Call Mamrak ji and send Ajabde with him without citing any reason. she anyways has to go in a few days time. If she and Pratap will stay apart till their Gauna then we can free Pratap from Ajabde’s spell. She takes her hand in his. We have seen the highs and lows of life. Give me one chance to find a way out of this problem. Let me try once. She is in deep thoughts.

Pratap is on his way to Chittor.

VB requests DB to let her tell the truth to Rana ji. She recalls her own harsh words to JB. Jija left because of me, not Ajabde. DB asks about the consequences. Will Jija come back? No, but you will surely be thrown out of this palace. It can also happen that your family will not be spared. You know Rana ji’s anger! VB talks about Ajabde. It will be injustice with her. she is not to be blamed in any of this. DB tells her not to be emotional. Ajabde anyways had to go back to her parents’ house. She has to stay there till her Gauna. She will be back in a few years time and till then Rana ji will also cool down. But you wont do it right if you tell your truth. Don’t you want a life where you get all the respect, luxuries and the honour of being Mewar’s King’s wife? You want to leave all this for your emotions? By telling him the truth you will be shunned for life. He will surely give you death penalty and to your family too. Do you want that? VB shakes her head in fear. DB’s task is done. I promise you that if you keep quiet then I will get you respect, luxuries and Rana ji’s love but you wont come in my way. I promise I wont let anyone come in between you two as well. You will rule, I promise. VB agrees reluctantly.

Mamrak ji reaches Mewar’s palace.

DB is taking Ajabde with her. I knew that you will bring misfortune and be inauspicious for our family. I shouldn’t have brought you here but I am Pratap’s mother after all. I had no option but to agree. Ajabde says I had told you. You agreed to tell it to Rani Ma when I told you about it. why dint you do it? DB wonders if she is trying to say that I hid it intentionally from jija. Don’t blame me to hide your mistakes. You might as well blame me for making jija leave, I wrote that letter and I also sent Pratap for that war. Ajabde agrees that she can do it. you are capable enough for it. US calls out for Ajabde angrily. Till now I was in a fix if we should send you back. I was coming to tell DB to postpone it for a while but now I have seen your daring act and I guess it is the right decision. You compelled JB to leave this palace first and now you are blaming DB for it. Ajabde tries to explain but he regrets making her marry to Pratap. I had forgotten that its all about people. Your wishes / desires are trying to reach up for the skies. I had forgotten that my wish of making an ordinary girl the pride of Mewar can never turn out to be true. It remained my imagination only. Mamrak ji has heard everything and gets angry. Ajabde is shocked to see him there.

Pratap is happy as he heads back home. He finds a beautiful area where so many pretty flowers are blooming. He tells his soldiers to resume their course.

Mamrak jis questions US’s behaviour. How can you insult my daughter like this? US tells him to take Ajabde from here. Her Gauna wont happen till I send you a message for the same. Mamrak ji is in for a shock. Why did you get her here if you wanted to insult her only? US regrets his mistake. I will have to pay for it for life. My wife, Mewar’s Maharani, left this palace because of your daughter only. VB interrupts them. you are wrong. DB tells her to be quiet. I don’t want another samant’s daughter to make mockery of our traditions. Ajabde walks up to her father. She requests him to return to Bijolia for now or the situation might worsen. he says that has already happened. I will go to Bijolia but with Ajabde. Go pack your bags. She tells him against it. Let Pratap come. Wait for a while. He is not in any mood to wait. If I wait any more than I will die. Ajabde gives in. VB feels guilty.

Pratap plucks a few flowers for Ajabde. He recalls when he was thinking about giving a gift to Ajabde and what Chakrapani and his Rani Ma had suggested him.

Ajabde recalls US’s words as she comes out of the palace. She is really hurt by his words. Even Mamrak ji is angry at what has happened in the palace. She walks towards her daata in trance / tears. Meanwhile, Pratap is happy as he knows that Ajabde must be waiting for him at the palace. It is such a good feeling. I cannot even put it into words.

Precap: Pratap sees his Rani Ma in a temple. She shuts the doors on his face while he requests her to open them. he blames Ajabde for it. I have started to hate you. She tells him to continue doing that but she will continue to love him only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. To all RACHNA(kalpi of ek mutti aasmwn fame) fans:
    She is back in telly lndust

    1. To all RACHNA(kalpi of ek mutti aasman fame) fans:
      She is back in telly lndustry replacing ajabde inAHARANAPR

  2. To all RACHNA(kalpi of ek mutti aasman fame) fans:
    RACHNA is back in telly lndustry replacing ajabde in MAHA RANAPRATAP paired opposite to SHARAD MALHOTRA who replaces faisal khan who enacts the role of rana pratap

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