Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , nisha says I cant dance I cant do it,nisha has flashes of dollys wedding lehnga drama and how she failed,team lakshya is been announced to be on stage,the owner of dream team says lakshya team will fail and I will win,gayatri says sure u will.viraj asks cousins not to force nisha and says nisha u have done a lot for the academy and no one will force you its fine we will find a new solution don’t be upset u are already a winner u have tried to work against all ur odds and ur hear but now its time u shd fight for urself, sourabh informs authorities they need medical help,judges ask laksha team to come in 2 min or they will be disquailified, nisha says I will go and perform.viraj says nisha im very proud of you and u made me really good I don’t know what will be the result but u are winner once again as always and u know even I was scared during my first shoot but I thought of the person who inspired me and it was my mom I hope this helps you, all the best.
Judges announce 5mins time when they hear about injury and says but u have to be quick,the other team performs meanwhile and kirti helps nisha get ready for the performance,nisha gets dressedup , suku and sourabh get shocked seeing nisha and ask her to come soon on the stage.

Dolly and aman check all the things aman needs for the wedding, laxmi comes and aman gets emotional seeing her moms wedding outfit and says my mom wanted me to wear this in my wedding I really miss my mom and dad,laxmi says don’t get upset we are there for u.
Vimla and roopan are with dadi,dadi says vimla do u remember ur mom had given u the saree she wanted umesh wife to wear ot during his wedding go get it,vimla gets it and shows it to dadi,roopan says its so beautiful I really miss mom,vimla says mom really wanted to be for umesh wedding and so this will make the wedding very special,dadi says go give it to aman she will be very happy.
Dolly says you should wear this outfit and u wont miss ur mom.kirti says nisha u are looking very beautiful in this outfit, nisha says jwala go get a parcel from the post office near our house,nisha says ok,suku comes and announces we are ready for the performance, nisha comes on the stage looking very pretty,but nisha is very nervous,judges ask which academy are u representing and be loud,nisha says lakshya academy,judges says tell me about ur academy,nisha shivering says its an academy which helps girls live their dreams through shooting, audience show a thumbs down, judges say looks like audience doesn’t like u, it looks like u have byhearted these answers,nisha says mam ur so successful and u know in our country girls are not given the opportunity to dream and also shooting is losing its fame and we are working for it,judges say that’s good but do u have any example about lakshya academy life changing experience,nisha says yes I do and she is standing here on the path of exploring her dream and that’s me,audience clap for nisha,judges say team lakshya that great and now ur performance plz, nisha looks at viraj and thinks abt his inspiring words and closes her eyes, and begins her performance on manwa lage, while dancing nisha imagins viraj dancing along with her, and soon realizes it was a dream and starts dancing very badly.

Kirti sees the girl who misguided her taking money from gayatri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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