Doli Armaanon Ki 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Marriage Registrar’s Office
The registrar asks sanaya to sign now. samrat waits with bated breaths, to realise his dream, as sanaya gets to signing. A voice asks her to stop. Samrat turns around and is shocked to find urmi standing there. she progressively comes to them, while sanaya is surprised, and samrat is shell shocked, as he faces her. sanaya gets tensed. urmi eyes him with consternation. sanaya asks how is she here. urmi says that she isnt getting married, and tries to take her out. Samrat stops her. Sanaya asks if they know each other. urmi asks samrat to leave her hand, and jerks it free. She warns him not to even dare befool her best friend. sanaya asks if she has gone mad. urmi drags her out. Samrat asks sanaya not to listen to this fraud woman, and hastens her to get married. urmi asks how could she marry this fraud. He too starts saying that she is a fraud woman. He says that he doesnt know her, and tries to take sanaya inside. Sanaya asks urmi, if she knows samrat. But before she can answer, he grabs sanaya by her hand, and decides that he cant give her time to think, and takes her inside. urmi shouts that her Sam, is her own ex-husband Samrat Singh rathore. She is shocked, while samrat fumes with rage. sanaya says that he is unmarried, and thats impossible. urmi says that samrat isnt just a married man, but shaurya’s father too, and narrates all that samrat did. sanaya goes into a state of shock. samrat says that this is all a lie, and instead urmi ruined his life. He shuts her, and tells sanaya, not to pay attention to what she says. Sanaya asks whatever she is, and asks why did he lie, and how can he out all blame on urmi, and proving her wrong. He apologises profusely, and says that he just lied, and asks her to look at the love and hence didnt want to lose her. Urmi is disgusted, while samrat pulls out all guns, pointing out how she made life hell for him, and how she took away his son too. He asks her to get married. urmi asks her to come to senses, and that he was in jail, and asks her to confirm, as he just wants to marry her for money and nothing else. samrat shouts at her to shut up. urmi shouts back at samrat, telling sanaya what he thinks of women. Sanaya is disheartened, as she finds that she is being used. He asks her not to speak anymore. Urmi asks how low has he fallen, that he is taking advantage of a woman, to live her life. He asks sanay to look in his eyes, and ignore urmi, and asks if she thinks he can betray her. sanaya is boggled. She starts leaning in towards him, while he professes his love and asks urmi to get lost. sanaya slaps him tight across his face, and warns him that he shouldnt try his moves on her, and asks her to get lost, as she knows how to deal with such men. urmi asks him to get lost, or else she says that she wont shy away from sending him back to jail. He says that he wont spare her, and begins to strangulate her, while sanaya tries to keep them away. urmi releases herself somehow, and he ius thrown away. he gets up and is about to lash at her, when he is shocked to find her already prepared with an iron rod. She aims the rod at him, and says that she isnt the urmi that he saw, who bore through what he did, and reminds him of his jail tenure. He is shocked to see such rage, and is taken aback. She asks sanaya to come along, and takes her away. He lashes back at her, saying that she ruined him, and he too shall reciprocate, as a revenge.

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Scene 2:
Location: Goa hotel
While samrat is trying to checkout from a hotel, he has a bill of 2,60,000 and lies about not having used the amenities that they have charged him for. The manager tries to say that he would have to pay, while he refuses to believ and keeps insisting that he didnt use these things. samrat gets into a verbal heated arguement, and the manager calls in the waiter. samrat says that thats no proof of his usge, as the waiter must have used it, but charged it on his head. The waiter says that nothing like this has happened. when samrat tries to glaot, and threaten that he would sue them, the receptionist fumbles, and asks him tp pay whatever he thinks is right. He pays 2 lakhs, and then takes his chance to reprimand the manager, who bear silently. samrat continues to taunt him about his meagre job.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
As all eat awkwardly, while ishaan tries to break the silence by asking if anyone has any news of tani. damini says that tani called her, and informed about her safety. He hurriedly asks whats the matter, and where is she. she says that tani is in goa with her friends, as it would change her mood. He says that its good, and relieving too. Sandhya continues to put fuel into fire. Her husband asks her to shut up. But she lashes back. Her husband asks if tani told when would she return. damini says that she didnt say anything like that. sandhya taunts him, how come he is having breakfast with them. He says that he doesnt have a hearing, and henc thought he would spend time with his family. She says that he is either busy in cases or in his hotels. Damini tries to hint her to be quiet. rati tries to distract her, but she doesnt fall prey. Ishaan tries to socialise with his father, and he responds rudely. ishaan asks him to try and see from his perspective, and tries to defend urmi, but anirudh shuts him, saying that he wont have any discussions, as his descision is final, and his arguements wont be justified, as he wont change his descision. ALL are tensed, while damini and sandhya are happy. Ishaan is tensed.

Damini finds ishaan tensed in his room, and comes and sits beside him. She says that she understands, being his mother, but asks him to understand, that marriage and blind love are two different things, as marriage is for lifetime, and even if he marries urmi, there would be complications ahead, and asks why is he hell bent on ruining his life, and its better to stop now, than regret later. He again advocates for urmi, as he loves her for years, and he respects her. she says that respecting and marrying someone is different, as a woman who was someone else’s wife, cant be his too, as that would carry an extra baggage, which atleast she isnt prepared for, even if he is. He asks her not to talk like this about urmi. she gets angry. He says that he knows urmi more than her, as she has gone through a lot, and still composed her, and hence he looks upto her. She says that they all along with him, might bear this, and questions instead about her eleven year old, and asks if he expects them to adapt him as their grandson now, as they arent this big hearted. he says that love doesnt see barriers or baggages, and wonders why she cant get that. she says that she is an ordinary woman, and abides by the societal rules. She asks why is he not willing to understand. Ishaan is advised by his mother, if he has ever thought about his two younger sisters. she asks if he ever thought what kind of impact would this descision of him, have on them and their future. He asks why isnt she understanding, that he doesnt care for the society. he says that he isnt doing anything wrong, as he loves urmi and wants to marry her, and is waiting for her permission, as she wants him to share his happiness. He says that urmi is a nice girl, and thats enough for him. she says that asks him to swear on her, that he would forget urmi, and get rid of the thought of marrying her forever, and promise that he wont ever go against her. he eyes her tensedly, while she anxiously waits for his reply. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Samrat gets a call, and thinks that its the mobile company, asking for payment of the bill, and frustratedly picks it up, saying that he shall pay it soon, and they can stop bothering him. He is however shocked to find that its a call from one of the men’s from anna, the moneylender, reminding him that his countdown of the payment has begun, and he has just ten days. samrat is very tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Thank you for ONCE not repeating the same old drama like Samrat getting married to Sanaya as what he did to Urmi. Looks more interesting episode can been seen.

    1. now samrat for sure will trap tani….whos in goa..will see

    2. fan of the show

      I think so too – spoiler says samRat marries Ishan’s sister.
      Maybe this will help his mom see that Urmi was right to divorce samRat,, not that Urmi as a failure and a bad wife but a brutally victimized wife who is lucky to get out from under all samRat’s evil baggage

  2. Samrat can never change.Urmi you need to move on with your life.

    1. fan of the show

      Don’t you think she has moved on?

  3. I am so happy that urmi stop samrat from sanaaya
    Now she will see who he really is

  4. samrat will be married to ishaan’s sis

  5. samrat should get married to trisha so she could teach him a thing or two about respecting a woman

    1. fan of the show

      Why bother? He won’t change after all he’s been through, why would he listen to anyone now?

  6. this samrat urmi shit needs to come to a stop writers end this soap now it has no substance at all zero ratings

    1. gloia keiller – she wanna keel da soap – 21 to 2 in da ratings – ain’t gonna hapen

  7. Nice epi. I think samrat should marry ishaan sister And become her slave. Tani should treat him as he did with urmi

    1. fan of the show

      The sweetest succss in NOT revenge. It is moving on with your successful life without any abuser.

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