Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun telling Tanu to tell everyone that she is not pregnant. Tanu asks why, as your lover is here and she is getting hurt, and you can’t see her hurt, she thought she got good work and see she is organizing our party, she has very bad fate. He says its enough. He asks him to tell the truth but think about the guests here, when they hear we don’t have any relation, your family will be insulted, and your dad, can he bear all this. Arjun says dad is fine now. Tanu says he is fine now, but don’t you know once heart attack comes, anything can hurt him and he can die. She blackmails him and asks him to tell everyone if he does not care for his dad. Arjun goes.

Tanu smiles and says husband, I know you will never tell anyone, its fine, I will say it, its my benefit in this. Tanu comes in the stage and says she wants to tell something to everyone, a truth. She says its such truth which they did not think till now, she and Arjun does not have any love between them. Everyone is shocked. She says yes, we don’t have any love between us. She says we have much more than this, as he has given me a little Arjun, which is biggest happiness of my life, thanks Arjun. They all clap. Poorvi cries.

Tanu comes to Arjun and taunts him. She says I know you don’t want people to know the truth. She takes him for dance. She dances around him. Mai jahaan rahoon……………..plays…………….. Poorvi cries and stands far. Everyone clap for them and smile. The man asks them to enjoy the party, and then they will be seeing a dancers performance. Tanu smiles and meets the dancer. She says you won’t perform and gives her money, asking her not to perform. She makes the girl leave and asks Poorvi’s boss to get some dancer, if their event gets bad, then she will make his event company shut.

She asks him to say Poorvi to perform. Neelima and Lakshya come there and are shocked. Tanu scolds the man. The man asks Poorvi to dance as he has read she took part in college cultural events, she has to save the company. She refuses. He says you have to dance, else find any other job. She thinks she can’t dance infront of them, but she can’t lose the job. She says this job is everything for me. She says she decided she will dance. The boss says go and get ready fast. Neelima and Lakshya come to her. She asks what are they doing here.

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Lakshya asks how can she do this. Poorvi says I don’t have any option. Neelima says leave this job, will you dance and entertain them. Poorvi says I don’t have money to give them, I know Tanu can shut the company, Kumar Sir trusted me when I was not getting job anywhere, I have to do this for him. She goes. Poorvi dances infront of everyone. Arjun is shocked seeing her as the dancer. Tanu smiles. Bachcha Singh tells Bhanu to see Poorvi’s fate, she now knows her right status, she wanted to become my bahu, and see what she became, a cheap dancer.

Tere ishq me hui mai…………..plays………………Bachcha Singh, Bhanu and others join Poorvi. Arjun looks at her and drinks. Neelima and Lakshya are shocked. Arjun’s good self asks Arjun to stop this, and tell everyone the truth, he has been quiet and seen the insult. He says yes, I could not tell everyone, just for Poorvi, as I want them to be safe, I don’t want anything to happen to them. He says you are a coward. Arjun says I m not coward and his good self laughs on him, asking him to prove it.

Arjun comes to Poorvi in drunk state. He says he will tell everything true today. She says she won’t talk to him. He holds her hand. She says how dare you touch me. He says what you saw here was all lie, this party is fake, Tanu is lying, she is not pregnant, there is no child, we don’t have anything between us. He folds hands and apologizes to her that she has been insulted because of him. He says he still loves her a lot, and will always do. He says he did not love anyone like he loves her, more than his life. He says I know how I m living, I die every day without her, no one sees this, and the truth is he can’t live without her. He holds her and she looks at him puzzled. He says I can’t live without you and hugs her. She is stunned.

She pushes him and slaps. Arjun is shocked. She cries and says what do you think about you and me, you wish to get me, and then leave me, you are a cheap man, are you not human, your wife is pregnant and you came to get me, I thought when a person’s wife is pregnant, he supports his wife, but I was wrong, Tanu has always insulted me, but today I have pity on her, that she married you, I m very happy, I got cheated in love and got saved from him. She says he should be ashamed of himself. She scolds him a lot and leaves crying. Arjun cries. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays…………..

Arjun thinks he will expose Tanu. Tanu thinks Arjun played well, but his plan will get wrong. The doctor says its misunderstanding, Tanu is not pregnant. Everyone is shocked.

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