Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, suku says to gayatri meeting viraj sir is just an reason actually im here for u, gayatri says really anyways viraj is busy, suku says what if the invitation is for u.umesh invites viraj n says sir plz don’t deny actually what u have done for aman is what is hould have done n I couldn’t even say thanku, viraj says umesh plz don’t embarrass all this I did was for my sister n about nishas party I don’t know im finding it little weird, who all be attending party.suku says to gayatri all my friends boys will be attending the party, they are little less handsome but they will love to meet u.viraj says to umesh I think nisha should enjoy with her family n me coming is not a good idea, umesh says sir we all would like if u attend the party, viraj says see umesh I have schedules n I don’t eat outside food, umesh says sir aman will be cooking the food.
Suku tells gayatri we have organized dj, dance floor, mocktails, cocktails, food French Italian, u know. Sourabh requests viraj to say yes, umesh says nishas best bday gift it would be if u attend the party, viraj says ur whole family I guess is stubborn like nisha, ok I will attend the party, gayatri enters with suku n says I will join u as well, viraj says aunty really are u sure, gayatri says why not yes I will accompany u.
Nisha sting alone n thinking about, what dadi n ramesh told her last night about viraj n love, ramesh enters n sees nisha upset, he walks away, mohan sees ramesh n says I have to talk to u, ramesh asks what is it, mohan says I saw umesh n that new girl last night together, ramesh says u saw it n what u saw is the truth but for now u keep it with u I will explain u later, mohan says I knew something is fishy what are u people doing what if dadaji knows it, ramesh says now just keep it with u n don’t tell, mohan sees umesh n calls him n says ramesh let me talk to him don’t come in middle, mohan says umesh do u know that girl, umesh says uncle that’s amanpreet I had no option, mohan says she is nice girl, umesh gets relaxed n hugs mohan n says but plz don’t tell roopan aunty, mohan says ok n leaves, ramesh scolds umesh n asks him to be careful, umesh says sorry n we have invited viraj n his aunty for party, ramesh says that’s ok but nisha is refusing to agree she likes him but I think she does.
Aman goes running to nishas room crying n says viraj bhai is downstairs for ur party but he is injured as he met with an accident, nisha ask where is he n runs to viraj, she enters the room n sees cousins encircled him, she pushes them n finds sourabh sitting there, all clap n sourabh says so cousins did u see how nisha loves her viru, n ran to see her crush, nisha holds sourabhs collar n says u guys find it funny, dolly says u are hiding ur feelings from cousins, nisha tries to leave but aman stops her, sourabh says I can prove nisha likes viraj, see nishas eyes cousins u can see it in her eyes, , nisha walks away.umesh says oh no she got emotional, aman says dolly di I think nisha is hurt u go talk to her, surabh gets message viraj is at door.
Suku n umesh welcome viraj n gayatri, gaytri says suku ur looking very handsome but where is red carpet, suku says oh forget all that may I n takes her inside, umesh thanks viraj for coming n says sir one more think plz call aman as poonam, viraj says ok u go ahead I left nishas gift in car.
Dolly says nisha u cant tell ur feelings to ur cousins, nisha says its not easy, dolly says no one finds it easy its just that u felt it little late u know we cousins are connected by heart n so we know whats going on but u have never let urself connected, u know nisha liking someone isn’t bad, nisha says I know but im scared, dolly says everyone does get scared but that doesn’t meab u should stop living ur life, tell the truth to urself n u will no more be scared, cousins encourage nisha to speak the truth, laxmi sees what is happening, nisha says yes I love viraj siri don’t know how did it happen n I don’t know whether he likes me but the truth is I love viraj n says dolly di ur right by accepting the truth im feeling good, very nice n I want to tell the truth, dolly says go ahead nisha, nisha shouts I like viraj singh rathore. Viraj hears it, so does umesh n thinks I hope viraj didn’t listen to it

Umesh goes to ramesh n says uncle I guess viraj heard nisha accepting that she loves him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Try to update fast plz

  2. hope viraj also falls inlove with nisha soon

  3. Nyc precap bt i hope gayatri doesnt creates any trouble at nisha’s home!
    Hope to see some niraj moments

  4. oh super excited for next episode…

  5. Zara zara zara sa khoya hasta hua ye roya,
    Pagal hua dil zara sa,
    Jaga jaga jaga soyaa,
    Sota hue jaga dil,
    Iss dil ko jaane hai hua kya,
    Rukte ho to pairo ruk jati hoon main,

    Doobe doobe doobe Ab khud main Dhoobe boode,
    Mujhe kya ho gya ab koi to bata,
    Ye jaane bujhe raste hai,
    Sare mujhpe haste,
    Kyun aksar ho jati hu lapta…..
    Guyzz…words of song jab nisha viraj ke bare me sochti he….

    1. Thanks

    2. thank you thank you so much @zaku……………………………..

  6. Guys hold on yourself otherwiz u will gong to fly bcz nisha n vraj r gong to dance in bday party

  7. Omg this has literally got me excited. Its like everyday i watch the epoisodes the more i get all attached to it. The question is? Did he really hear nisha when she said that she likes him? Someone help

  8. Woah! Like seriously bulbul?
    Then I can’t wait

  9. nisha and viraj will have a paper folding dance…

  10. dil thoda naadaan hai, thoda sayaana hai rehta pareshaan khwamakaab… apne hi baaton ka dushman he rabton ka dil hai ki chodega yeh meri jaan behta hua behakta hua anjaan sa yeh dil khud ban gaya khud keliye dil yeh badi hi mushkil. rukti ho toh tehro ruk jaati hun mein, chalti ho chalti hi chalie jaati hun mein doobi doobi doobi ab khud mein doobi mujhe ho gaya hai kya koi toh bataa…

    1. thanks @sree you are too good………………………………

    2. which movie sng

  11. par yaar ye oh my my ( buaa ) viru ke saath kyun aai hai ……………………………………. kahi ye my my nisha ke party na karab kar de………………….and thank god nisha ne apne dil ki baat kah di ………………..i am proud of you nisha ………………………….ab bas jaldi se viru bhi appne dil ki baat kah de ……………………………and precap was really wonderful …………………………………………love you niraj ………………..

  12. wowww…what a episode yaar….can’t wait for today’s episode

  13. yes anousha i also cant wait

  14. thnkz SS

  15. kismat,i don’t know whibh film’s song is this.i think this is serial’s song…

  16. Welcome @bulbul & Ss

    Guyzzzz i am super excited to see today episode……………..n admin plzzzz update fast………….we r waiting for it……..

  17. I love this show very much spl niraj

  18. @kismat u can download the song
    i did it i too love that song

  19. buaji ko toh sukku manage karenga,just hope ki nishu ki dil na toote.

  20. jaante ho maane abhi SBS me dekha ki vo dono paper dance kar rahe hai…………………………. i am so exited for today’s episode …………………………

  21. bas jaldi se 8.30 hojaaye…

  22. Sree i feel that too
    Kay jaldi 8.30 hojaaye

  23. time ke saat saat meri excitement bhi badh rahe hai…

  24. oh…jab nishu ne confess kiya tab viru was looking here and there in a pathetic condition…

  25. nishu aur viru ke jodi toh best jodi honge…

  26. Yeah but something is going to mess it up. Like kuch toh galat hoyaga in the party

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