Tum Aise Hi Rehna 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pinky comes to Ria’s comes and sits in her lap. She asks her to play carrom with them. Ria says not today. I am not in a mood. Pinky insists so she agrees. Kailash comes home with Rakesh and Shanti. Rukmani greets them and asks why did not you come for Abhi’s wedding. They apologize. Rukmani tells them that bahu will settle down soon in her family. Shanti says I will come with you to Abhi’s room. Ria is playing carrom with Kiran, Dev and Pinky. Kiran compliments Ria and says you are looking like a daughter of this house. Ria says she wants to become daughter and not daughter in law. Rukmani and Shanti comes to Abhi’s room and wonders where is Ria. They come out and see Ria playing carrom with kids. Rukmani gets angry and calls her. Ria gets tensed. Rukmani asks what did you wear? Shanti taunts Rukmani about Ria and says she has become childish with kids.

Rukmani introduces Shanti to Ria. Ria greets her and recalls Abhi’s words that she has to wear saree for few days. Shanti asks it seems you don’t wear saree. Rukmani tells her that Ria wears saree. Ria nods. Rukmani asks Dev to take Shanti to the hall. They leave. Rukmani scolds Ria and reminds her that she is daughter in law of this house. She asks her not to try to become daughter of this house. Ria comes to her room and cries. Abhi comes. Ria hugs him and cries. Abhi asks what have happened? Ria says I was missing you. Abhi insists her to tell. Ria says nothing. Abhi says you promised me not to cry. She tells him about Shanti taunting her. Ria tells him that she didn’t do anything intentionally. She tells everything. Abhi makes her sit and asks her not to cry. Ria says I made dalya in the morning for Papa, so what mistake I did? Abhi says nothing. She says she wants to settle down and take up her responsibility. She asks him to take permission from Rukmani so that she can wear salwar kameez. Abhi says he will talk to her.

Rukmani tells her family that Shanti will tell everyone about Ria wearing saree. Raman says guests will come to see her. Abhi comes there. Kailash says do you wants to say anything? Abhi says Ria changed her clothes with my permission. She was feeling uncomfortable so she changed her dress for sometime. Kailash says it is ok. We have to forget it. Rukmani asks if she didn’t wear saree before. Abhi says no. Rukmani calls Sheetal and asks her did you wear saree before your marriage. Sheetal says no. Rukmani questions did you wear salwar kameez after your marriage. Sheetal says no. Rukmani asks her to go. She tells Abhi that woman has to change. When Sheetal can change then why not Ria. She eyes him angrily.

Didi says you did not fix the date for pagphera rasam. Lata tells Didi that Vishesh said it is Ria’s home and they don’t need a date to invite her home. Didi says you don’t know Rukmani and have to go according to customs. Rukmani tells everyone that they taught the customs to Kiran since many years. It seems Ria’s parents didn’t teach her anything. She blames Abhi, says you knows her well since a year and couldn’t change. Rukmani makes him understand to make Ria understand about Maheshwari family’s customs. Abhi nods and goes to his room. Ria is taking out her earrings and feels pain. Abhi thinks Ria will be hopeless if he tells her everything. He needs some time to make his mum understand. He says sorry as he is going to lie. He tells Ria that Maa doesn’t have any objection with you wearing salwar kameez.

Ria gets happy. Abhi helps Ria in taking out the earring. He adores her and tells her that Maa asked her to wear saree for few days as relatives would come to see her. Ria agrees with him. Abhi says if you do this then all relatives will accept you. He says you looks very hot in saree. Ria says but you saw me in suit. Abhi says I would have marry you within a month. He holds her romantically and says you have to impress mom. You have to go for work after 1 month. Ria says she wants to win Maa ji’s heart. She promises to wear saree for 1 month. Everything will be fine when Rukmani accepts her. She hugs Abhi.

Rukmani asks Abhi about his age. Abhi says 26 years. Rukmani says it looks like you are 12 years old kid, the way she is calling you Abhi Abhi.

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