Maharana Pratap 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

BM proposes HK to be a part of the biggest army of the world. Hakim Khan tells Beer Mohammad about Pratap coming here to extend a hand of friendship towards them. Beer Mohammad (BM) gets happy hearing that HK declined Pratap’s offer. Shehanshah will be happy to hear it. There is no good in being friends with Rajputs. Only Mughals and Afghans can be friends. We have the say customs and God. Rajput have been and will always be our enemies. You saw you mercilessly Pratap killed Badshah Khan? HK talks against Badshah Khan. He dint love his people and was not faithful to anyone. he got what he deserved. BM continues to talk against Rajputs. They think we are outsiders. This time again HK supports Rajputs. They atleast abide by their promises like us. We both love and respect our motherland a lot. In that case, you (Mughals) only are the outsider here. You only believe in extending borders and killing innocent people. BM laughs at him. this isn’t you but Pratap talking. Anyways, Shehanshah likes you a lot. He allows a very limited number of people to come in the Mughal land. He has sent me especially to be friends with you. Join us and then we can relax. He puts a hand on HK’s shoulder. HK tells him to remove his hand but BM continues talking in over confidence. HK twists his hand and he screams in pain. All the soldiers (Mughal and Afghans) take their positions. HK warns them not to do anything if they want BM safe. Leave from here asap. I am just explaining to you right now; if you don’t understand it then my cannons will explain to you. BM gets himself freed from HK’s grip. I cannot go back empty handed. I have come with all the preps. Mughal soldiers kill a few Afghan soldiers which infuriate HK.

This time BM holds HK’s gun. The Afghan soldiers back out as he commands them to. He turns to HK. You are stretching the topic for no reason. it will be good if you stay calm. People rarely get chances of promotion and success. Cooperate or I will have to kill all of your people. I also know about the hiding place of the women and kids of you people. You can do this much for them or my one signal can do anything.

Someone (Pratap) shoots many arrows at the Mughal soldiers because of which they die. HK and BM are taken aback to see him there. What is the problem of you Mughals that you show your manliness on women and kids only? BM challenges Pratap. I have 2k soldiers with me whereas you are alone. I agree you defeated Afghans singlehandedly but this army before you is the selected part of Akbar’s great army. How will you face us alone? Pratap asks him if he thinks he has come alone. BM laughs. I wonder how this guy is so famous. He is useless. He is standing alone at the mountain but he is acting as if he has thousands of soldiers with him. BM and HK are surprised to notice many torches surfacing up around the whole area. This is a warning. You should understand that I have the upper hand here as I am on the top of a mountain. Your army will not be alive by the time they try to reach out for me. BM praises Mughal (arrow) shooters. They aim many arrows at Pratap but he wards them off. There is a counter attack from his side now wherein many Mughal soldiers lose their lives. BM challenges Pratap to attack on him. HK tells BM that his cannon can kill him right now and his 2k pieces will scatter around in the very next minute. Pratap adds that BM’s 2k soldiers can then pick a piece each and take it back to your home. BM gets afraid that Shehanshah will kill him otherwise. Pratap and HK give him a choice. BM finally tells his soldiers to drop their weapons. They oblige. BM announces his departure. He tells HK that even Pratap dint come here to become his friend as friends don’t bring along such a big army with them. think about it. he leaves with his soldiers. BM is sure he has created rift between HK and Pratap.

HK agrees with BM in his mind. No one brings such a big army with them if they want to be friends with someone. He aims the cannon at Pratap’s army. Pratap jumps from above and starts walking towards HK. He throws his torch away. You trust BM’s words or do you doubt my intentions? Before launching the cannonballs wont you meet my army once? HK is amazed seeing all those people as they too come closer. Pratap says these are common people. Most of them are shepherds. They haven’t picked up any weapon other than a normal stick in their life. HK asks about the arrows. Pratap calls out for Patta who comes there pushing a wooden thing from which you can shoot multiple arrows at once. Pratap tells him how he saw the Mughal army approaching Sasaram when he was heading back to Chittor. I understood seeing that giant army that they dint intend to be your friend but would actually want you to surrender in front of them. I did what all I could in this much time. He thanks all the people for supporting him, for trusting him. The danger is over now. You can go back to your homes. They leave. HK looks at him in amazement. This time he stops Pratap and accepts his mistake. I couldn’t understand your intentions. I accept your friendship. Pratap says I did all this for you not to make you agree for our friendship. It was a duty of a Rajput. I will fight if that Mughal tries to snatch someone’s motherland from them. I wont sit quietly and watch the drama. But yes, we can never be friends. You refused my proposal of friendship. You dint think me worthy enough to be your friend and today I too think the same about you. I wish you, your people, your supporters luck. HK stops him once again. I regret my behaviour. I couldn’t understand you. Please forgive me. I assure you that you wont regret being friends with me. this is the promise of a Pathan. Pratap seeks his apology as he has made up his mind already. HK is shocked.

Precap: DB comes up with the idea of killing Ajabde. She will only return here if she is alive. She gives poison to VB to mix in the laddoo. Maan sees them doing this. She tells everything to Pratap but he isn’t ready to believe any of it. don’t say anything against my Ma. DB is glad that Pratap himself will make Ajabde eat this. pratap looks at Ajabde adorably while she eats the laddoo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Todays episode was too good.
    I loved the expression of Pratap when he was standing on the mountain . He was a little proud , a little happy and little angry at the Mughals . The way he was watching hakim khan tackling the beer Mohammad was too good.
    Anyways, thanks for the update Pooja

  2. I think db will lose..pratap will get to know about the poison plan…yehhh

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