Sinhasan Battisi 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,chitralekha comes to fake samrat she tells him tat she has asked the sculpture maker to build samrats idol so tat it can be placed in the temples and the people would consider him their god here after and then she leaves while the fake samrat says to himself tat he should not trust her and then appoints two soldiers to keep an eye on her Real samrat is seen praying tolord hanumanas idol to appear to help him and says tat he needs his help the way he always helped lord rama and requests to appear while chitralekha is seen trying to hide and meet real samrat and then she gets to know tat there are two people who are following her and then after some walking she stops and sits to take rest seeing this the two soldiers also stop and wen they indulge in talking wit each other she grabs the opportunity and hide behind the bushes and the soldiers then see tat she is not their and go searching for her After the soldiers are gone Maharani chitralekha comes out of the bushes and say tat vivekshilta works for sure and then she goes then real samrat is seen along with varhamirji and other villagers praying for god hanumana’s idol the prayers then reach god hanumana and then hanuman says tat these people are praying for lord rama with all their heart and then he decides to go help them then chitralekha too joins the prayers with samrat and the prayers get over the real samrat then asks varhamirji tat y has hanuman not arrived yet varhamirji then tells tat he has heard tat god hanuman comes last and in some different avtar then samrat reminds tat the last man he met was the old man and he then decides to go and find him but varhamirji says this wont work then the real samrat decides tat he will pray until he comes in front of him and then samrat asks chitralekha to go back to palace as the fake samrat may doubt her and then asks her tat tomorrow she should bring the fake samrat to a tree vatvruksha and he would be killed there The fake samrat is then seen scolding the soldiers on how did chitralekha vanished just like tat and he then declares tat he will kill them and then arrives chitralekha and then fake samrat asks soldiers to leave and asks chitralekha tat where was she and she then tells tat she went to meet a Brahmin to ask wat can she do to increase the life of her husband and he told her to do anushthan by going to do a pooja of a vatvriksha but then fake samrat is seen doubting her then chitralekha says tat she will not do it if he doesnot want it but then fake samrat agrees and tells her tat they wil go tomorrow and chitralekha leaves and while going towards her room she says tat tomorrow near vatvriksha u will be killed and there is no such pooja for ur long life u fake samrat and leaves smiling While the same night the fake samrat talks to bhadraka where bhadraka tells him tat chitralekha is the real samrats wife and she will do anything to save him and she is playing with u as she has planned to kill u the next morning u go with her then the fake samrat says tat now he will show wat he is and the the fake samrat goes to chitralekhas room where chitralekha finishes her preperations for her tomorrows pooja and sees tat samrat has enterd her room she then asks y is he here now he tells tat he has brought some ornaments for her and he wants to help her wear it while he comes forward to place a necklace the beads break down and vanishes while chitralekha feels releaf and then the fake samrat decides to put sindur in her forehead now chitralkha is scared and prays god to help her but then samrat take the kum-kum in her hand is about to put it in her forehead he hears a voice tat is warning him to not to do this as if he did this he will get burnt into ashes listening this the fake samrat gets scared and leaves chitralekha then feel relaxed now The real samrat is then seen doing prayers in a hanuman temple after the prayers get over he sees the same last person as yesterday samrat recognises him and catches hisfeet and prays him tat please come in front as hanuman and bless as he needs his help the old man then says tat he is no gos he is also the bahkt of hanuman but the real samrat doesnot listens to him and holds his feet and says tat he wont leave until he appears as hanuman then the old man who actually is god hanuman decides tat he is a genuine bhakt and then appears as god hanuman in front of him.

Precap: Real samrat sees from where did the fake samrat get his powers he then decides to close this and gets these powers in to him and fake samrat and chitralekha are seen doing pooja of the vatvruksha

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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