Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, roopan sees the cousins together, seeing roopan all leave but roopan holds nishas hand n then hugs jwala n says jwala im sorry i never thought bad for u n today i got scared n all this wat i was doing was just to protect u, jwala says its ok mom, roopan says sorry nisha , nisha says its ok, i never mind after all we are family, roopan says thanku.
Kirti is sitting alone n crying, ritesh comes n says wat happened no one is receiving phone,anyways i will go n give gifts to all,ritesh says kirti wats wrong u don’t look normal plz tell me wats wrong, kirti says jwalas teacher tried assaulting jwala but nisha saved her, ritesh says only nisha could do this, kirti says this is wat is problem im so selfish, ritesh says no kirti ur a very nice person trust me n hugs her. Ritesh feels something n backs of saying i shall go now u plz distribute my gifts this teddy specially for nisha, kirti says but nisha doesn’t like all this, ritesh says n u, oh no i shd leave now.
Mohan n ramesh comes n tells kirti that they filed n FIR,mohan asks kirti to spend time with jwala to bring her back to normal, kirti says i will,ramesh sees mohan is lost ,ramesh asks wats wrong, mohan says this is all bcoz of me my daughter is suffering i could never support her like a friend as u do, i could neither be a good father nor a good brother, im sorry ramesh i got scared n so i diverted all the direction on u n now i will talk to dad abt u, ramesh says its all past forget it , its diwali now lets all celebrate now.
Nisha goes to laxmi whose in kitchen, nisha says mom wats wrong, laxmi says i don’t wish to talk to u, u don’t like ur mom right, nisha says im sorry mom just listen to me, laxmi hands her a glass of milk n says finish it right now, nisha says first u have a sip n then i shall, both share the milk, laxmi says i always thought i never understood u but in actual u don’t understand urself n i think u shd quit the decision of marriage,nisha says im just going by dadajis decision n so plz calm, laxmi says nisha the counsellor also sayed u shd drop the idea of marriage, nisha says mom how did u consult a doctor without asking me, laxmi says its bcoz of that i got the strength to talk to u, ramesh says wats going ladies, nisha says a competition who will finsh the milk, ramesh says i will n finishes it n says nisha u made me so proud today n laxmi thanku for giving me such wonderful daughter n leaves, nisha says mom plz don’t tell dad abt the past, laxmi says he is ur dad he has the right to know, suku says mom nisha doesn’t love dad or care for him, otherwise she would have rejected ritesh, u know mom nisha said yes to ritesh just bcoz dadaji shd allow dad back to shop, nisha says mom sukus talking senseless don’t pay attention to him, suku says yes im senseless don’t pay attention n leaves.
Nisha goes to terrace with diyas for diwali n lights them, laxmi joins morning laxmi goes dadis room n in tension she gives her empty cup, dadi says wats wrong laxmi, laxmi says nothing serious, dadi says whatever tell me, laxmi closes the door n says its about nisha, im scared abt her marriage decision, why does a girl have to go through all this marriage thinh when she doesn’t want to, dadi says its fine laxmi ur just getting over protective nisha is very good girl n she will handle herself, dadi says i also know this isn’t wat is troubling u tell me, laxmi starts crying, laxmi says its a childhood story.

Dadi says to laxmi I promise u laxmi nisha wouldn’t have to marry ritesh against her wish,n the engagement will be aborted.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I wish d same lyk dadi said
    Tanaya thanks.U r g8!

  2. Thank u for fast updates.i realy like ths show bz its new youngstrs masti and emotions with message

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