Dil Dosti Dance 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sara and Rey talk to each other, in the fields. Sharon brings Swayam into the field, putting her hand on his mouth. Swayam asks what will people think about them. Sharon says we will do what other’s won’t. Swayam says this place isn’t safe. She says who wants safe, she likes wild. He says there is a snake there. She shouts, while he puts his hand on her mouth. Swayam says that romance is an art, where time and place are all fine. Rey tells Sara that this place isn’t safe, he hopes Swayam and Sharon are safe. Sara says she gave him her company at this time of night, and he isn’t concentrating. She asks he doesn’t trust anyone. He says he trusts all of his friends. She says she will test it, takes a big stone and tells him that she will throw it up; he won’t look up and will trust her that she will save him. He couldn’t believe, but she do that. As the stone was coming down, she pushes Rey and fells on him. When they get up, he looks at the bruise on her arm. He bandages it, and says she is mad and heads to go. She thinks she is mad at him.

Huma comes to the crying Ishika. She says Raghv doesn’t mean what he said. Ishika says he means, what he says. Ishika says would she help him, she wants to be the type of girl he likes. Huma promises to help her.

Rey peeks into the boy’s room, they were all asleep. Sara asks did he watched it all to be safe. He says yes, and tells her to go as he wants to sit here for some time. She says he is still not feeling sleepy, and asks him to give him a head massage. He is soon asleep, on her lap.

In the morning, Rey wakes up when a car stops by him. A suited man comes to tell him that he is the owner of this property. He is staying here without permission. He must vacate this place in 7 days, else he is a bad man. The men leave.

Sharon says to the juniors that they haven’t given them a special welcome. Ishika says Raghv did her ragging as well. Ishika reminds him about the dance classes and her mobile incidents. Raghv is annoyed, and says he doesn’t like it that someone recalls his mistakes. Ishika says she thanked him even, for making her realize that dance is so important for them. Swayam says they will have to go through ragging today, and asks them for face off. Huma says she doesn’t want to dance with Karma, while Ishkia denies dancing with Raghv. Swayam and Sharon dance together. Swayam tells her there should be no HP. They hug.

Ishika was crying, Huma asks did she mind it. Ishika says what he thinks of her. Huma says it is time, we should start the mission of changing herself. Ishika says they must leave it, as he dislikes her. Huma says that he owns her this way, because some way he also loves her. Huma says it isn’t good to think a lot about love. Doesn’t she want Raghv to act on her orders, like a puppy. She imagines Raghv that way. They both laugh. Huma says now all that she wants will happen. She says that some times, to get into someone’s heart, you must use brain. You must get him in next five days. She tells Ishika to ignore Raghv, for now; due to reverse psychology.

Rey was worried, that these people are very dangerous. He can’t put his friend’s life in danger. Sara thinks she must do something for Rey. Rey thinks how to make them understand about it. Sara thinks if she asks them for chilling out, he won’t agree. Rey thinks he will talk to them all clearly, that he will stay here. Sara thinks about taking everyone to Rey to cheer him up.

Ishika comes into Raghv’s room, he asks her to pass water. She heads to the tank, then stops. He asks her to pass water, but she leaves. Outside, she says she is sorry but has to do this. Raghv thinks she must have mind the morning incident.

The D3 discuss whose car is there. Rey says it is the villain’s car. Swayam asks why he came here. Rey says he is the same builder, Lakhan mentioned. He says they must all go home, as there is a great danger here. They argue, that they haven’t taken a single step there. Rey says he can’t take further risk, as the man seems to be real dangerous. Swayam says they won’t leave him anyway.

PRECAP: Rey tells Swayam to think how to propose Sharon. Swayam wakes Sharon up, and tells her Vishnumitra ended his Tapassya. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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