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The Episode starts with Ishwar taking the phone from Chakor and talking to Kasturi. He asks what they decided about coming to Lucknow. She says Bbhuvan does not have courage, but I have, I m ready to come to Lucknow. She cries and says she will come to Chakor. Ishwar says its good news, I will send money order, talk to Chakor. Chakor asks Kasturi to come today itself. Kasturi says we all will come to you very soon. She says Ishwar Babu is really like Ishwar, else who does this for poor people, I won’t forget this favor. Bhuvan comes there and shouts Kasturi. She gets tensed and drops the phone. He asks how dare you come here and asks postman how did he call them. He says I called them as she insisted. Bhuvan says come now.

The post man says I m saved that I did not marry. Tejaswini asks Girja to take Suraj and Ragini to market and get their favorite firecrackers. Bhaiya ji comes to her and says I hope our Diwali does not go in darkness. Tejaswini says I wish no Diwali goes in darkness. He says he is worried as the goons can speak up. She says don’t worry, Manohar is pressurizing Prabhakar. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to come home and drags her. She says leave me, are you drunk. She says what did I do what you are getting angry. He says this can’t happen, we are bonded labor, we are born to be slaves, Bhaiya ji is our Anyadaata. She says he is devil. He says fire can burn our house.

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She says we are burning even now., we want to get freed from this hell. Abha tells Ishwar that she has sent food to Prabhakar’s room. She says dad’s mood is not well. He says he taught me the principles and now asking me to forget it, its not possible. They see Chakor sitting quietly. Abha asks what is she thinking. Chakor says give leave to the maid, I will do all the work. Ishwar asks but why. Chakor says you are spending on me and my parents, and I want to return that money by work, my mum said she can’t return this favor, and I will return it. She says my parents can’t give money, as what they earn goes in food. Ishwar gets tears in his eyes.

Chakor says I can do all the work, as I did in haveli. She says she can show the work. Ishwar stops her and says no need. Abha says the haveli people made her do this works, devils. Ishwar says yes, and dad wants to send her back to devils. Ishwar says its elder’s work and asks Chakor to play with Aditya. Aditya says yes, my Diwali holiday started, lets go. Abha says she is such a small girl and talks great words. Ishwar says I did not see self esteem in such little girls, what will we do of the favors. He laughs.

Kasturi says its better to go there than being slaves to Bhaiya ji. Bhuvan says anyone can know who has sent us money, what will we tell them. She says I don’t know. He says we won’t talk at home about this. Ranjana comes to Vivaan and does hair massage. She asks him to be away from Chakor and Manohar, and happiness will come to him, as she is saying this for his betterment. Vivaan thinks. Chakor plays with Aditya and wins. Aditya asks her to learn their language. Abha and Ishwar smile seeing them. Abha asks Aditya not to tease Chakor and let her talk as she wants. Aditya says sorry Chakor.

Chakor says I don’t feel of friends and says as he said. They are surprised as she spoke well. She asks can he speak like her. Ishwar says we can. She asks him to say a line in her way. They get puzzled. Kasturi is restless and wakes up. She says Bhuvan, I m trying to sleep but can’t, I know even you are not able to sleep. She misses Chakor and cries. She says I m your wife, I know, you stopped me, but your heart is not stopping right, try to understand. She says sometimes a fruit gets ripen and does not fall, we have to extend hand and take it. He says the fruit is in sky and our hand can’t reach there, I have to think how to stop money order. She wipes her tears.

Suraj shows the firecrackers to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says you won’t burn them, I know you, ask Lakhan to burn it for you, I hope you don’t do anything to make me ashamed. Tejaswini asks Suraj to go. Suraj leaves. Bhaiya ji says I don’t want to bend infront of Prabhakar. Tejaswini says who told you that, you just give him the warning. Bhaiya ji calls Prabhakar. Prabhakar is tensed seeing Kamal Narayan on the phone screen. He takes the call and Bhaiya ji asks about his health. Prabhakar says I m fine, I was thinking to call you and send Diwali sweets. Bhaiya ji says leave the sweets, first do my work. Prabhakar says he is trying. Bhaiya ji says this words does not suit you, get them bailed out, its good for both of us. He gives Diwali greetings and ends the call.

Abha tries to talk like Chakor. Chakor says wrong. Ishwar says say it again. Abha says again. Chakor says wrong again. Ishwar says no, I think she told it right. Chakor says no and says whats wrong. They smile. They all say it again laughing and Chakor jumps clapping. Ishwar asks Aditya not to try to change Chakor. Prabhakar tells his wife about Bhaiya ji and hears Chakor laughing. He says her laugh will one day make all of us cry.

Prabhakar tells his wife that he will inform Bhaiya ji that Ishwar is trying to get Chakor’s family here. She stops him. He says sometimes we have to go against our family to save our family, and calls Bhaiya ji.

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