Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha says after yesterday dadi had a panic attack,vijendra says n ur informing this to me now, umesh says we spoke to doctor n gave dadi medicine n she felt better n so we didn’t wake anyone, kirti says n we were there besides dadi the whole night,nisha says wat is important is for dadis health u three brothers need to be back to normal n have the morning tea with dadi, umesh hands over the tray with tea to vijendra n ramesh mohan n vijendra go to dadis room, vijendra calls dadi , dadi opens her eyes n says u three together, ramesh smiles n nodes, dadi says i hope im not dreaming, vijendra says no u aren’t but wat happened to u, dadi says nothing much its just bcoz im aging n grandkids looked after me very well n calls kirti nisha umesh n asks them to sit beside her, vijendra says umesh why didn’t u wake me up, umesh says we had spoken to doctor n we were lucky that nisha was there with dadi n she called us, kirti says n when we gave dadi medicines her blood pressure got normal,mohan says how did u new abt blood pressure, nisha says i had learned it in scout n so could take care of dadi, dadi says vijendra n ramesh wat had happened yesterday, mohan says nothing it was just a little dispute due to shop work, dadi says look at ur kids even they quarrel but never keep it going they resolve it n always stand for eavhother u shd learn this from ur kids , im just worried that this dispute between u three doesn’t lead to breaking of my family, umesh says dadi we kids will never let this happen, kirti says whatever my be the outside condition but from heart we love eachother n cant spend a minute without eachother, nisha says n from the behave of our parents we cousins assure that we wont let this family separate, umesh takes ramesh mohan n vijendras hand n keeps them together,vijendra n mohan take their hands off n saymom we have to go to shop n leave, ramesh says mom im sorry this is all bcoz of me ur going through all this, dadi says no ramesh its just ur imagining things in that way u aren’t responsible for all this now go n get ready for shop, umesh says dadi even i will take a leave, kirti says me too n umesh n kirti leave asking dadi to take care of herself.

Nisha says dad ii will get u breakfast, dadi says wait u know wat i dreamt abt ur mr right, nisha says dadi ur impossible i don’t want to talk abt this topic, dadi says if u don’t speak i will go sick again, nisha says dadi pz no emotional black mail, dadi says i have learnt it from u people now listen,dadi asks nisha to fetch a glass of water n a packet n says this is the way to may dream n asks nisha to empty the packet into the glass n nisha n dadi look at that glass, nisha finds herself in front of a guy playing drum,he walks towards nisha n both have a romantic dance, but dadi n nisha couldn’t see the guys face, nisha says this may be bcoz u weren’t wearing ur specks, dadi says very funny see im telling u destiny will bring u two together, u know when i was small i dreamt abt a guy n in two days i met ur dadaji, nisha says wow dadi does that mean we are gonna have a new dadaji, dadi says enough of the jokes nisha.

nisha says we will discuss all this later why didn’t dadaji come yet, in mean while dadaji comes home while dadaji gets off his car, ritesh comes with doctor, dadaji asks doctor why are u here, doctor says yesterday sooraj mams(dadis) health was little bad i had spoken to umesh but this ritesh in the morning was at my door steps n forced me to come here n check dadi for safety, dadaji says surprising no one informed me, good ritesh u called the doctor come lets go, they go to dadis room, ritesh says dad ii have called the doctor just to check u ones, nisha sees doctor n while she walks towards dadi ritesh goes n sits near dadi n says its ok nisha i will take care u go get juice for dadi, dadaji says ramesh why didn’t u inform me, dadi says oh its fine nisha n other kids took care of me the whole night im fine, doctor says ur fine dadi but just take rest for few days, doctor says ritesh ur new here, dadaji says yes he is we have choosen him for nisha, doctor says oh nice ritesh is a very responsible guy good n now i shall take a leave. Ritesh says dadji thanku for allowing me to stay here but now i have to shift to hotel n i hope u didn’t feel bad abt calling doctor without ur permission, dadji oh no infact that was very kind of u, ritesh leave n while leaving winks at nisha.
Dadaji says to dadi riteshs parents have arrived in jaipur n today in the evening they will be here for nisha n ritesh,nisha turns to ramesh n says dad not now it may tense dadi n thats not good we will see abt this when riteshs parents come, dadaji asks nisha wat hapeend , nisha says nothing i was just asking dad to get ready as he has to leave for shop, dadi says yes nisha is right ramesh u shd get ready, ramesh looks towards dadaji , dadi asks wat happened, ramesh says it just that u aren’t well so im not feeling like leaving, dadi says i will be fine u leave i wouldn’t like it if u are caleed irresponsible bcoz of me, ramesh says don’t worry mom i will never let u down, dadaji n ramesh leave the room but nisha finds something fishy.
Ritesh tells his mom on the phone that he is at nishas place will reach in few minutes, kirti comes from behind n says so rites hi hope ur ready for the evening meet but wwhy are u looking sad,ritesh says im just tensed that nisha doesn’t misbehave in front of my parents, kirti says ritesh nisha knows to respect elders she wont misbehave but only when she gets respect n u shd know this, ritesh says yes i know that n thats why im scared , kirti says oh common she is asked to do something she doesn’t want to n so she is angry thst doesn’t mean u keep a watch on her, ritesh says ok but help me wat shd i wear, kirti says i think u shd go for Indian wear u look good in it, ritesh says ok n i just hope this doesn’t turn out to be a big mistake, kirti says mistakes always teach us, ritesh says nice thought n leaves.
Roopan talks to a tutor for jwala so that he helps jwala crack IIT, the tutor agrees to teach jwala whule leaving he meets nisha smiles at her n leaves, roopan comes n sees nisha n says he is jwalas new tutor he is the costliest tutorn u know my jwala is very lucky to have him as a teacher, nisha says aunty verma sir is good as well, roopan says jwala is trying for IIT n its very difficult to crack it but u wont understand, nisha says i think shd talk to mom(laxmi) ones, roopan says i would but for that ur mom has to be here n i don’t understand have u always interfere u have ur own 50 problem i think u shd concentrate on it n ritesh parents will be here in the evening go little dress up urself n look better n leaves.
Nisha kirti n umesh buy a new phone for dadi n take it to dadi n surprise her, dadi says its wonderful but where did u manage the money for this smart phone, cousins say quiker n online website.
Vijendra n mohan say to ramesh we think u shd stay at home till the matter calms down a bit.

PRECAP:dadaji says to ramesh i asked to stay at home for few days, ramesh says i know im here so that mom doesn’t get to know abt this, dadaji says along with being ur father i have to look after this shop as well n so u shdnt be here go home.nisha listens to all this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. I am sick and tired of the derogatory treatment and sneaky games of the two brothers against Ramesh and his family. Same dialogues and same humiliation for Ramesh and family every single day. Why are they so eager to be the sacrificial lambs all the time? Keeping peace and being nice does not mean that you can not state the facts and inform the elders of the truth all the time. In fact it will bring to light how everyone makes mistakes all the time. Why is Ramesh and family hell bent on protecting others from Dadaji all the time? Bored of same dialogues about cousins’ bonding all the time.

  2. really realky tired…..oh Ramesh !!!!! why don’t U protest ???

  3. yeah sumtym its irritate me to watch same diffrentiation btw d brothers n their respective families

  4. n why nisha’s character emotional all d tym….i thought her charctr is most interesting bt found her most boring among all

  5. n plz makers dnt show ritesh so evil yar he is soo handsome

  6. Tayana where is todays update.
    Please get something from amena. She is doing well in her job

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