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Maharana Pratap 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

DB makes paan for Rana ji. Have you thought about Pratap’s decision of going to Bijolia? He says he can think of nothing until he eats the special paan that she makes for him in the evening. She brings it for him. she repeats her question when he tries to eat it. He agrees to say whatever she wants to him to only after eating the paan. He relishes the paan while she holds his hand. I think you should say no to Pratap. US thinks otherwise but DB puts her hand over his mouth. Tell Pratap that we have no relation with Bijolia anymore.

US announces the same in his court. Pratap wants to show him something first. Ratan Singh brings a map of Mewar made using sand. US says I know how Mewar looks. Pratap nods. You know how the collective Mewar looks like. He divides Mewar in many pieces using his sword. This is how our Mewar will look if we don’t try to hold it back together. Bijolia speaks of rebellion today. we must see that no samant town stands up against us tomorrow. you know we have been trying to strengthen Mewar over all these years against the outside forces (Afghanis, Mughals). But if Mewar loses peace, faith and strong support of its own state then what will we do by protecting our borders? I know our personal matters with Bijolia are not on the right front. Even I have no inclination to rekindle them but I am going to Bijolia to understand the problem of its people. I share no personal relation with any single person from Bijolia. Rawat ji supports Pratap. Bijolia is an important town of Mewar. Even we cannot rule this out. If the situation is not good there then we must go and find out the crux of the problem. There is no other suitable person for this except Pratap. Pratap promises his father that he wont meet or even hear about any special person (Ajabde) there. Raj dharma is of utmost priority for me and it will be like that only. US allows him to go. DB is really nervous. Rawat ji dismisses the court. DB tells Rawat ji that she doesn’t like it when he goes against Rana ji. Rawat ji is hurt by his words. He simply takes the cue and greets them before leaving. US stands there lost in his own thoughts. He was about to say something when DB tells him that it is his time to take some rest. He stands helplessly.

Pratap and Chakrapani don a very simple attire to go to Bijolia. Chakrapani remarks that he couldn’t identify him in this look then how will Ajabde be able to recognize him. Pratap replies that he was and will be a stranger for her. They both leave on their horses for Bijolia.

On the other hand, Ajabde too leaves for Chittor. It is time to tell Chittor that we are not some stranger for them.

Chakrapani cannot understand why they had to rush to attend to Bijolia’s problem. Hope you are not feeling some bond for that stranger (Ajabde). Pratap teases him that he is still the same. You still talk silly stuff. We left asap as we need someone to enter in Bijolia. Pratap notices a horse in the jungle.

Fatta is trying to hunt so he can quench his hunger. He aims but misses it. pratap catches hold of all his other arrows. Fatta notices that all his arrows are gone now. Pratap comes there. Fatta mistakes him to be the same guy whom he had met at the stable. Pratap nods. I wont let you kill innocent animals on this land. Fatta says he is hungry since so long. Bijolia comes in the borderline states of Chittor. How can you stop me from hunting then? Pratap says its all under their motherland, Mewar. Fatta refuses to eat anything that belongs to Mewar. I will eat only what I will hunt down. Pratap wishes him luck. He invites Fatta for a delicious lunch. Fatta is tempted.

Ajabde and her daasi are on her way. She has chosen the shortest route to reach to Chittor. Ajabde refuses to rest. Daasi knows Fatta loses his cool real soon but he is sensible enough to hide till the time we reach there. Ajabde is not too sure about it.

Fatta is happy after eating the food. Chakrapani has to share his sweets as Pratap nods at him to do it. Fatta takes their leave. Your king has not even helped us this much in all these years. You have done more than him. you saved me from those soldiers and now have fed me so well. If your king gets to know that you act so nice with ordinary people then he might as well call you a traitor. Pratap too is scared to lose his job. Fatta gets concerned for him. how will you run your house then? Chakrapani starts coughing. Fatta gives him water and then turns to talk to Pratap. You should return to your job. He even calls him his friend. Pratap wants to go to Bijolia with him. I too am against Mewar’s king and his acts. Fatta is especially against Pratap which again makes Chakrapani cough wildly. Pratap assures that he will join him in his war against Pratap too. Fatta cannot take him to Bijolia with. We don’t trust strangers. We were meant to be together till here only. I thank you for what all you have done for me. pratap and Chakrapani see him leaving on his horse. Chakrapani wonders what they will do now. you wanted to enter Bijolia through him but he is gone now. Pratap knows that Fatta cannot go anywhere against his wish.

Ajabde reaches near a lake. She closes her eyes. I can feel it that I have reached Chittor. On the other hand, Pratap too feel something. He closes his eyes as well. Chakrapani asks him about it. pratap says the winds are bringing some long lost and old memories with it.

Soldiers confirm that Ajabde is right. Her daasi is surprised. You remembered a route like this? Ajabde tells them to focus on Fatta first. My brother needs me. we have to save him at any cost. They all start again. ajabde recalls her wedding and all the incidents that had happened afterwards. She covers her face with a veil. Epi ends on the split screen of Ajabde and Pratap.

Precap: Pratap and Fatta engage in a sword fight. Ajabde reaches there along with her troop of people. They feel that Chittor has announced death penalty for him. Ajabde tells them all to surround the hill while she decides to fight with the killer (Pratap) all by herself.

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